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Comment posted by Shadowflash deleted Dec 15th, 2012

Point out any errors. This version might be unedited. I'll edit this comment once it is.

I just wanted to get into the proper story-post times when it was posted.

Anyways, 2nd attempt at 2nd person. First at Anthro. Enjoy!

came for the picture, stayed for the story. :pinkiehappy: good job.


Glad you enjoyed!

well, it had the best of all, altho the eye colour im always alittle iffy with but thats it and im not gonna let it ruin a good story.

You did it. After so long, you finally asked. The year-or-so wait was enough for you, and you had to ask her. The look on her face; those bright, magenta eyes lit up like like stars. She showered you with kisses, bursting with joy, and even lifted the both of you with her magic. The moment was a dream come true, much like meeting the girl -- or mare, in this case -- of your dreams.

First Error Spotted.... two likes. Get rid of one of them...
and looking for more....

Comment posted by 142 with an 8 deleted Dec 15th, 2012

There is plenty of slang terms in this fic...
Anyways good story.....:twilightsmile:
Hmmm... will read again soon.....

Well this'll be featured most likely.. Lol:rainbowlaugh:


Dat author's note: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Not bad, not bad at all, have a stache or two :moustache::moustache:

Dat cover picture :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for reading this. I thought Vinyl was quite...

*Takes off glasses*

Finger lickin' good.



This story was really good though :3

Will read later.

I am not going to clop to it however.

inspired by a damn good clopfic? cover art by foxinshadow (i recongnized it at once).
You may proceed :pinkiehappy:

You obviously don't know me that well.

The story itself was fairly good.
If I can say one thing that needs absolute changing, it is that you should add a bunch more detail to the orgasm scene. A simple "cum and done" sentence like that is kind of a boner killer.

very very good!


very GOOD!


Daynum!!!! Awesome story!!

You descend down from her neck, to her chest. Realizing she still has her sweater on, you gently tug at the bottom of it, lift her arms, and slid it off. You're greeted by her black-laced bra. Her breasts were cupped in them, and you slid your hands to them. Softly, you squeezed their tenderness. Although they were small, they still felt good to play with. Besides, you were mostly an ass man. Vinyl's breasts were find as they are.

Vinyl let a few moans escape above you as your caressed her tender breasts. Slowly, you ease yourself further, sliding yourself to her stomach. You could see it rise and fall with her chest, and couldn't help but place a few tender kisses on your stomach.

I doubt he's trying to kiss his own stomach :p

Good story bro, tell it again!

There should not be any highercase letters after the ";".

However I did like this, and I hope that you will both do a sequal and add some more sex details regarding the 'end'.:pinkiesmile:

Well, never read a VS shipping story that ships her with an OC or self-insert... Dis gon b gud

Gewd... Very gewd... But, hey... Is VS in anthro form or something?


Thanks for pointing out those errors. Fixed em.

Side note to everyone else: Featured. Thanks so much! I'm so happy. :rainbowkiss:


Yeah, she is. Sorry if it didn't catch on quite well. But, she is. :rainbowkiss:


Also, thank you for commenting on my story. A Core Of An Apple was quite good, besides all the errors. I just couldn't help myself when this came to mind. I also had Vinyl Scratch's anthro form as my background for quite a while ever since I visited your page. God by damned if I don't declare that it's hot myself. :rainbowkiss:

1804065 Oh, sorry didn't notice you had mentioned her as anthro in the description. But, epic story bro! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: Have some moustaches and a brohoof!


Thanks! I enjoy you reading it. I feel so happy right now. :pinkiesmile:

1804088 Hehe! 'Course! Your story isn't one of my top favorites just yet, but if you keep stories like this up, I might just have to! :yay:


If Fox's rates weren't so damn high, I'd purchase some art off him. God damn it! :ajsleepy:

will read later, THIS I SWEAR!!

I don't ike clop, but I wanted to know why this was featured.
I read all the way the the part where he starts thinking about sex. and then stopped.

It was good up to that point, I'll say that much.
I certainly wouldn't mind reading a non-sexual story about this kind of relationship.
Erm, I'd say good job... But I still don't approve of clop. anyway bye.


It's fine to disapprove of clop. No worries. It's why I left it at the end. :pinkiesmile:

Well yeah, "2nd person fic" seems to be another thing on the list of "instant feature box" stories.


If it's wrote up well, of course!

Not exactly a requirement. I've seen some pretty "meh" 2nd-person fics get featured immediately.


Well, shoot me twice and call me a liar if my first 2nd person didn't get featured. :rainbowlaugh:

No, but, thanks for the read! :rainbowkiss:

Son, I am disappoint.

1802773 What's wrong with being a demon it's fun.:trollestia:

1802964 Her eyes' iris are magenta, you can see them in A Royal Canterlot Wedding part 2.


You've accomplished something no one else has ever done.
YOU have made me read an anthro/humanised pony story!

Cerise! Not Magenta, Cerise!

Her eye color is also revealed in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 to be Moderate cerise, the same as that of Rainbow Dash.

Taken directly from the wiki.

I make a habit of staying away from anthro fics.... because, you know... not pony... but I am so very tempted right now... and I will probably read it later...

Mkay... I am very very confused here... I'm a few paragraphs in, and I can't help but notice that you are referring to Vinyl as a pony... with hands, a mane, etc...

I'm not sure exactly, but I don't think that's how these things work...I mean... one cannot be a pony... if one has hands... I think I may need to stop there though... because if I actually need to think about things like this, my brain will explode long before I get through 5k words.

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