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One thousand years ago the Mare in the Moon was released from her prison with the aid of the stars, precipitating a series of events that fulfilled an ancient prophecy and changed Equestria forever. Now one young filly sets out to learn the truth of what happened only to discover a secret history and a wonderful destiny of her own.

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Originally published on fanfiction.net, i thought it would do better living here (although I plan on maintaining both locations). Have two more chapters to carry over, and chapter 3 should be getting back from my beta any day now.

So, Twilight has at last met her successor. I wonder, does she see in Dayspring the same hope that Celestia saw in her a millennia previously - that this is the one who will finally allow her to rest and rejoin her beloved friends?

As for who told Twilight the story of the Alicorn Accord and his fall to become the Draconequus Discord? Well, I suspect that the old demon would have told her himself. What reason did he have to hide these truths from his little sister, especially if he knew it would cause her anguish, knowing her fate and the corruption that would forever stalk her?

This is a fascinating idea. It's been done before but this story stands out in avoiding the extraneous chatter and getting right to the heart of events.

The greatest burden of power is the fear of losing it. Only the wisest or most honest-hearted can avoid or resist it. Accord could not and it ultimately cost him his soul. We also see that there is no reward for betrayal, only punishment. Its form may change as its exact nature but it comes inevitably nonetheless.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:pinkiesad2: The last part is sooooooooo touching:heart: I love it!:raritystarry:

This story is magnificent! :pinkiesmile:You did a wonderful job! On to chapter 3!:raritywink::twilightsmile::trollestia:

:flutterrage: Make more chapters! Please?:pinkiesmile:

I thought it was Princess Celestia! :pinkiegasp:
OMG TWI IS A PRINCESS ALICORN THING!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

I give this :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: out of 5 :yay:

My beta is being slow and hasn't gotten back to me yet. Chapter 3 will be along soon, even if it means going without a beta. Promise! Anyone with spelling, grammatical, or other quibbles is welcome to pm me - they might even get fixed! :scootangel:

(Btw, so there isn't any confusion, i don't consider a prologue an actual chapter. There will also be some interludes eventually, which will also not technically be chapters. So in my head only the proper chapters are chapters :derpytongue2:, which means we currently have a prologue and 2 chapters)

Also, I *just* saw the Crystal Empire preview. Given this was conceived without any knowledge of it, and the preview's apparent historical implications conflict with my plans, I'm not totally sure yet if or how it will fit in. Fortunately I don't have to deal with it for at least several chapters, and hopefully the full episode(s) will give me more to work with. (Honestly, the more 'history' they give us, the more I despair of it making any kind of consistent sense. :twilightoops: I've already had to explain away some weirdness, I'm not sure how much more I can work in seamlessly - especially when I didn't know about it on starting.)

I have some advice of Twilight - Don't lie to Dayspring. As soon as you're sure, make sure she knows what is going to happen. Make sure that she makes an informed choice and isn't just dropped in the middle of another person's game the way Celestia did with you.

So, somehow I managed to screw up Star Swirl's name the first time around. :facehoof: Even more shocking, nopony seemed to notice. :pinkiegasp: Fixed!

First, I have a request. I could really use some people to do some grammar nitpicking. Not just this chapter but all of them. I've done some fixing already, but its always hard to see the flaws with your own writing. Feel free to PM me if you're not comfortable leaving such things in the comments.

Second, I suppose I should provide some help with terminology, since some of it is probably obscure for the average reader.

-The Puns, they are deer to me: A staggerd is a buck in its 4th year of life, not considered fully grown by medieval game standards. Possibly specific to the red deer. Hopefully the rest of them were accessible.
-Pasterns and poll joints, oh my: For all that this is based on an animated cartoon, they're still horses. I hear wikipedia has an excellent page on equine anatomy.
-Wisteria? Daphne? Heartsease? Isn't Amaranth a Nightwish song? Or a vampire ritual?: :facehoof: They're all flowers! Why flowers? Mwahahaha.

Edit: Fixed a flower name. I blame a website with a typo, but i really should have double checked...

Hopefully Twilight did more during the last thousand years than sit in an empty tower and be depressed...
If that is all that she has done then her friends Celestia and Luna would be disappointed in her. :facehoof:

intrigued by this, looking forward to the next installment.

Cryptic. Uh.. :rainbowhuh: ... would you care to elaborate? :unsuresweetie:


Leona is a warrior of the sun in league of legends

I was thinking of Discord too...

Seems like Twilight had something of a falling out with Celestia, and something happened with Luna too apparently, prior to them dying.


Yeah, if you can call Discord the "logical" choice ;)

You know... The thing that nags at me about this story is, I'm not sure if Twilight is even alive. Sometimes she seems very tangible (such as when she was writing the letter), and at other times it only makes sense for her to be a ghost, suspended between the mortal coil and the afterlife until her sun-and-moon duty can be passed on to another.

I did read another story here on FiMFiction in which Luna lingered as a ghost long after the downfall of Equestria, haunting the ruins of Castle Canterlot. It was very sad. :fluttercry:

2088739 I would call this the curse of eternity... and endless chain of heartbreak. A mournful sadness so great it strips the life from it's victim, much like a leech sucks blood. Twilight is not physically dead, but neither is she truly alive either. To live, one must have a definite end, just as a line segment must begin and end. If it did not, it is simply an existence.

That is Twilight's bane... she does not live, she simply exists. What life she had is nothing but a pale memory. A fate such as this is deserved by nopony, and noone.

And now, let us commence the continuation of the plot!

I've been waiting forever for this! I really was beginning to think it had been abandoned. :fluttershyouch:

im guessing either Cadence or Discord

I hope you have enough time and ideas to come up with the next chapter very soon :ajsmug:

So, i expected to be done with the next chapter by now. I did not expect to get knocked out by the flu for two whole days. Blech. I did get to repeatedly dream about the next chapter (and several others beside) in my feverish state, so if things go weirder than I was anticipating, I'm... sorry? :pinkiecrazy: And assuming I'm feeling well enough to be awake more than 2h at a time at some point here, there should be a chapter in the near future.

I am guessing Spike, the only non alicorn who could live so long...

Divergence from canon doesn't make for a bad fanfic, I disagree with the reforming of Discord aswell. Nevertheless, keep up the good work. I like where this is going.

This is so good. I love the way it's written...

Does this mean that Twilight is going to stick around like Discord, even when she's given up her power over the sun and moon?

All perfectly reasonable--though I do enjoy the continuation of the series and the reformation of Discord. As to why Canon!Celestia would reform Discord on the spur of the moment--I think she's lonely, and she wants another immortal in her life.

This is by far one of the best fanfics I've read.

No-pony can go to the places where Twilight has been and remain unchanged. She's an alicorn now, the avatar of universal order, it seems. Discord may be malicious, mendacious and evil but, too often, he tells the truth (usually in a way designed to hurt the most). Maybe she has become detached, perhaps too detached. Celestia took pupils to keep her bound to the mortal world. Is Twilight thinking of doing the same thing with Dayspring?

Oh, you've caught my attention. :heart: is ready, feels standing by.

This was a good chapter

In my opinion from a Twilight (Sparkle) Fan, you got her personality mostly right (a hard feat indeed) :twilightsmile:

2121393 I don't think she'll be giving up that power any time soon, but I think she will be giving up her political position though just becoming an 'ordinary citizen' in the ever changing world. How did she kill Celestia in the first place?




Okay, lets see... the power to move the sun was meant to be switched around every thousand years(which doesn't fit with the NMM timescale, but whatevs) and Twilight was designated to replace Luna and Celestia. Luna and Celestia took the power from Discord, but he retained some part of his power because of the way he held onto it, whereas Luna and Celestia died. Now Twilight is 1000 years~ old, and her replacement has found her, and she's preparing her for that position.

2246290 ok that is a strange event. but understandable yes i've read it before and you just jogged my memory on those parts and you're right... I've been reading too many fics:twilightoops:. anyway I wonder if Twilight could fins another way of being immortal after having to switch off to the new one so she doesn't have to leave her.


Every 1000 years is a rough timeline, and a reasonable presumption would be that Celestia and Luna's schism happens shortly after defeating Discord (which makes Celestia's rule a little more than a thousand years). Of course, that's not totally nailed down in story yet, but it's kind of obvious.


As I said, it was implied that Twilight is behaving similarly to Discord, and he's still around, so...


Right, but even if she became NMM the day they beat discord that would put it at a minimum of 1010~. Allowing a significant period of time for Luna to become angry, I'm saying somewhere in the neighborhood of 1050~ minimum. Personally, I would have made the time 2000 years(gives a thousand for Luna to grow discontent) and made that be the count down to the birth of the next bearer-person.

Ah, you believe Celestia's propaganda about what caused the schism. Bwahaha.

... waiting for next chapter ... :twilightsheepish::pinkiecrazy:

(Tap. Tap. Tap.) Anybody Home?:applejackunsure:

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