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Eh, just a lazy motherfucker who probably enjoyed mlp too much in the past. Came for the ponies, stayed for the fanfics.

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I thank you for adding Shanghai'd to your favorites! I hope you enjoy all the years of content to come!

Thanks for adding Apathy to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav :D Very much appreciated!

Thanks for the fave on Ein Sof Zealotry. :scootangel:

>check my notifications
>cool a new favourite for Researcher Twilight
>let's see what else this brony likes
>checks out Keltai's fave list
>good stuff, but wait... no Researcher Twilight
>can't be right, checks story stats
>Keltai is nowhere to be seen on the tracking list

:raritycry: Oh why, Keltai!? Why must you play with my emotions like this? :raritydespair:

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