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Greenfire - True Blue Spark

Hunting for gemstones, Rarity discovers a massive hoard... and the dragon who collected it. Rarity and Greenfire quickly find themselves drawn to each other. But the question remains: How did he end up in the Everfree Forest alone?

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7. Summer Stunned

“So, darling, have you enjoyed yourself tonight?” Rarity purred.

“Are you kidding?” Greenfire blushed as a pony shushed him, and he ducked his head to continue in a quieter tone. “This’s been... amazing. So many ponies, and they’ve all been so... so nice!”

Rarity beamed happily. “I told you, didn’t I? If you gave them a chance, they’d give you one...”

Greenfire rolled his eyes, bumping his side playfully against hers. “Okay, okay, I admit it, you were right. Again.”

“I do try to make a habit of it.” Rarity bumped him back, then glanced up at the sky. “Oh, here it comes! Pay attention, now...”

The sun rose, climbing above the horizon and blanketing the Ponyville crowd in the orange hues of sunrise. Now was her moment. Rarity tossed her mane, positioning herself just so, allowing the light to accentuate and enhance her beauty. After a few moments watching the sunrise, Greenfire turned to face her—and his breath left him.

“Is something the matter, Greenfire?” she said coyly, batting her eyes at him.

“Rarity...” he whispered, staring in undisguised awe at the mare by his side. “How did I never notice before? You’re beautiful. You’re breathtaking. You’re ravishing. You’re—”

Rarity paused mid-step. “Hmm...” she mused. “I think that might not sound quite right.”

As the unicorn continued her trek up to the cave, she pondered the scenario she’d been rehearsing in her mind. Was she hoping for too much, too soon? It had taken her some time to teach Greenfire about friendship, so perhaps it was too early to bring romance into the mix. Although she had been lending him those romance novels since her first trip to the library... Well done, past Rarity!

But winning Greenfire’s heart wasn’t all Rarity had to worry about. What she really needed was to figure out her own. Spending time with Greenfire on a date... or date-like outing, at least... would help her to pin down her confusing, complicated feelings for the dragon, in a way that the past week spent thinking and dreaming and agonizing simply hadn’t. Why, in the end, she might find that he was really nothing more than a friend to her after all!

Or... she might not. And then, if she reached out to him and discovered that he felt the same... An excited squeal and giggle escaped Rarity’s lips. So caught up in her imagination was she that she almost forgot to announce her presence before trotting into her darling dragon’s cave.

“Good morning, Greenfire!” she called out cheerfully.

It was only a moment before her friend emerged. “Wow, somepony sounds happy,” Greenfire chuckled. “Good morning, Rarity. What’s up?”

“I just received some fantastic news from the mayor! May I come in?”

“Sure!” He pointed a thumb behind him. “Already got the torch burning.”

“You’re so thoughtful, darling.” Rarity followed the dragon in, smiling at his cave’s familiar interior. “Oh, have you rearranged your hoard?”

Greenfire grinned. “You noticed? Yeah, I just shuffled everything around a little. I think it looks better like this.”

“It certainly does! Once again, your aesthetic instinct is impeccable.”

His wide, unreserved smile, full of pleasure and pride, made her heart skip a beat. ‘Calm yourself,’ she commanded herself, even as he settled in next to his hoard and gestured for her to relax as well. “So what’s this good news about?” he asked.

“Oh! Yes, of course!” Rarity settled in across from him, beaming happily. “Well, you see, Ponyville is going to be hosting this year’s Summer Sun Celebration!”

Greenfire scratched his cheek. “Summer Sun Celebration? What’s that?”

“A yearly celebration of... oh, some great triumph or another in Equestria’s history. Every year, the Princess holds a ceremony in a different city, raising the sun to commemorate the summer solstice.” Rarity paused, suddenly uncertain if she’d given her lonely friend enough background. “You’ve heard of her, yes? Princess Celestia? The ruler of Equestria?”

“Hmm, the name sounds kind of familiar, but I can’t quite yes I’ve heard of Princess Celestia.”

Rarity giggled sheepishly at Greenfire’s sardonic stare. “Sorry. I’m just so excited I can’t think straight! Princess Celestia is going to be here, in Ponyville! Oh, and I haven’t even told you the best part. Guess who the mayor is graciously allowing to decorate the town hall for the ceremony!”

The dragon’s eyes widened. “No. Way.”

“Yes!” Rarity squealed. “Isn’t it wonderful?”

“Yeah, that’s fantastic! But I don’t know...” Greenfire put on a look of feigned concern that very nearly fooled her. “It sounds like a formal sorta thing. And didn’t you say Pinkie Pie usually does birthday parties? You think she’ll be—”

Greenfire.” Rarity tried her level best to sound stern, but she couldn’t keep her amusement from shining through.

He held up his claws in a pose of surrender. “Okay, okay,” he laughed. “Seriously, congratulations. Sounds like a pretty big deal.”

“Oh, it is! Princess Celestia herself will be seeing my decorations, my aesthetic instinct! Why, if she likes them, and if the Canterlot newspapers pick up on it... It could be the hoof in the door I need! The tipping point that will catapult my fashion into the public eye of high society!” She was mixing her metaphors in her excitement, and she didn’t even care.

“Wow, nice. You know how you’re gonna do it, then?”

“Of course!” Rarity responded. “I have a plan mostly laid out already! Everything from the door to the curtains. And our town hall is already so lovely as it is—completely hoof-crafted, you know. Oh, I can’t wait for you to see it! It’s going to be so—”

Greenfire’s voice stopped Rarity mid-sentence. “Wait, what?” When she looked at him, she found him staring back, brow furrowed with disbelief.


“I thought you were—I misunderstood you, that’s all.” He waved a claw dismissively. “So you’re gonna bring the photo album after it’s all done, huh?”

Of course the poor dear had assumed he wouldn’t be attending. Rarity swallowed, throat feeling a bit tight for an instant. But she was about to show him that it didn’t have to be that way. “Actually,” she said, her smile returning, “I want to extend an invitation to you. An invitation to attend the Summer Sun Celebration, as my guest.”

Greenfire’s mouth fell open, his eyes wide. But then, much to her surprise, he scowled at her. “You’re kidding, right?” he demanded, voice suddenly cold.

Taken aback, Rarity could only shake her head. “I assure you, I’ve never been more serious.”

“I think you mean you’ve never been more stupid.”

Rarity recoiled with shock—and hurt. That hadn’t been the playful teasing they’d taken to exchanging. “Greenfire, really, now!” she gasped.

“Yeah, really, now.” He stood up, giving her a withering look. “What exactly do you think would happen if I went down there? I’ll give you a hint: The same thing that happened with that brainless tin can last week.”

That was what was bothering him? Rarity smiled, eager to assuage his concerns. “Darling, you’re worrying over nothing. Ponyville is nothing like that. And of course I’ll be sure to tell everypony ahead of time—”

“So they can have the torches and pitchforks ready for me!” Greenfire snapped. “Perfect!”

No one is going to have torches or pitchforks!” She shook her head. “Greenfire, dear, I think you’re overreacting just a bit.”

The dragon eyed her, tail lashing about behind him. “Overreacting, huh. Every pony I’ve ever met either attacked me or ran screaming, and you think I’m overreacting.”

“I didn’t,” Rarity pointed out, placing a hoof on her chest.

“Maybe you didn’t scream, but you did run,” he retorted. “And if I hadn’t given you those gems, you never would’ve come back.”

Rarity bristled. Was he trying to say she only cared about him for his gem-digging? “Just what are you implying?” she demanded.

“What, am I wrong?”

In the most technical sense, he wasn’t, but she still didn’t like the implications. “That’s not the point.”

“Yeah, you’re right. The point is, I’m not going.” Greenfire sat down again, curling his tail around himself. “I’m lucky the rumors about me have never gotten any worse than they are. If Ponyville actually knew I was up here, like, really knew... I’d get driven out in a week, I just know it.”

“You most certainly would not!” Rarity insisted. “I would never let that happen!”

“What, you’d stop an entire town?”

“If I had to, yes!”

He snorted dismissively. “Yeah, right.”

He didn’t believe her! Rarity frowned fiercely. She’d never dealt with anyone so infuriatingly stubborn! “Listen, Greenfire, I don’t intend to let you wriggle out of this so easily.” She ignored his affronted growl. “I’m not just inviting you so I can show off to you! I really believe this is something you need, and if you—”

“Need? Need? Alright, that does it!” Rarity jumped as Greenfire rolled to his feet again, clawing the ground hard enough to crack the stone as he leaned forward and snarled at her. “Let’s get something straight: I don’t need anything! Not your stupid little town, not your stupid pity... Not even you!”

Rarity staggered, as if physically struck. She stared up into Greenfire’s burning eyes, unable to speak.

“I was fine out here before you ever showed up, and I’ll be fine long after you stop coming around.” His tail lashed again and he rolled his eyes, turning his head away from her. “I thought you understood that already, but I guess I have to spell it out, huh?”

Tears gathered in her eyes, but she blinked them away furiously. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing how deeply his words had cut. She’d thought that their visits had become as important to him as they were to her. She’d thought—dared to hope—that perhaps he might care for her as much as she cared for him.

Well, she certainly knew better now, didn’t she?

“So? Do you get it now?” Greenfire demanded. “I don’t need you coming in here trying to fix my life!”

Rarity gathered herself up and gave him her coldest, haughtiest look. “Oh, yes, I get it. You’ve certainly made your opinion on the matter quite clear.”

He sighed, running a claw over his spines. “Good. Look, I do hope you and the other ponies have fun and all. But if you think you're gonna drag me down there with them, you're crazy.”

“Trust me,” Rarity said, “I understand perfectly now. I hope you’ll forgive me for believing that you—”

That you enjoyed spending time with me. That you cared about me. Rarity clamped her mouth shut before any of those words could escape. She couldn’t say it out loud. That would be tantamount to admitting how much it hurt.

“...that you might wish to take a chance on something,” she finished lamely. “And I do hope that you have a pleasant evening yourself. Alone. In the dark.”

Greenfire wasn’t daunted in the slightest. “Thanks. I will.”

“Well, then!” Rarity gathered up the picnic basket that she’d never even gotten a chance to unpack. “Until we meet again, whenever that may be. I certainly won’t have time next week, considering all the preparations I’m going to be busy with.”

“Fine. Have fun.” He crossed his forelegs in front of him, scowling at her. “And don’t worry about me missing you. I got plenty to keep myself occupied.”

“Fine! Goodbye, Greenfire.” Rarity turned her back on the dragon and marched out of his cave without another word, her head held high.

Righteous fury was driving her now. How dare he treat her like she had no idea what she was talking about? Like she didn’t know Ponyville well enough to predict how they would react? Like he couldn’t even trust her?

If that was how he felt, then it was just as well he’d refused! Rarity didn’t need him any more than he needed her, and now she could stop wasting her time thinking about him. Really, a pony and a dragon? It had been a ridiculous idea from the start. She would go back to her old plan, find somepony much more noble, much better suited to her.

And this ache in her chest would vanish completely.


The moment Rarity was out of earshot, Greenfire growled and grabbed an emerald out of his food pile, chucking it at the wall. It exploded with what should have been a very satisfying crash, green shards scattering across the floor. But it didn’t improve his mood any.

“Where did all that come from?” he demanded of the empty cave. All of a sudden, that pony had just marched in and started bossing him around. Telling him what to do like she knew better! Dictating his life to him like he was a child, a little baby dragon who couldn’t decide anything for himself!

He pushed himself to his feet and started gathering the shards of emerald, popping them into his mouth. “I never should’ve told her anything,” he grumbled, mouth half-full. Just because he was alone, she’d started getting idiotic ideas about “helping” him. Well, he didn’t need her help, and he didn’t need her! Hopefully she finally understood that now.

Once the emerald pieces were all cleaned up, Greenfire reached out and closed his claw over the torch, snuffing it out. There. Alone and in the dark, just like Rarity had said. Just the way he liked it. He could see just fine anyway with the little light that filtered in. And there was no one to bother him with stupid gossip and stupider ideas.

He settled in on his hoard, still grumbling to himself. A gemstone caught under one of his scales, poking annoyingly, and he reached under himself to pull it out.

It was that flawless sapphire he’d gotten months ago. The one that looked almost exactly like a certain cutie mark.

With a snarl, Greenfire yanked it up to his mouth, jaws poised. It would only take one snap to reduce it to lunch.

He held that pose for several seconds. One of his fins twitched involuntarily.

And then he sighed and slumped down on the floor, tossing the unharmed sapphire back onto the pile. He rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling of his cave.

No one to bother him. Yeah. And no one to tell him stories, or bring him books and sweets. No one to go digging for gems with. No one to smile at him like he was more important than anything else.

No one to care.

“I really am a menace.”

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Yes , yes, yes, yes, yes.:twilightsmile: UPDATE :twilightsmile:
I'll just read it now:twilightblush:

For some reason this didn't pop up on my alerts.

Anyway, we have the timeline nailed, we are at just before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration. And we have our first lovers' spat. :raritydespair:

Though I wonder, are we going to see a shakeup in the Elements? :moustache:

Edit: Another thought. ISTM that Spike was pushing Twilight to be more social in the pilot. Is she going to be even more of an introvert without him around?

Greenfire you dun fucked up. You best get to fixing it ya big dummy.

Oh Spike....errr Greenfire, how could you be so hurtful

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So good. So short! DAMN!

Definitely worth the three month wait, and that's not something I would say about many fics. Looking forward to the next update!

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:pinkiehappy: Update :twilightsmile:

Wow, everyone is all 'Poor Rarity'.

No one seems to have realised that 'Greenfire' was entirely right. Ponyville wouldn't give him a chance at all.

For Luna's sake, this is the town that freaked the fuck out over a stampede of rabbits. And you want them to just up and accept a dragon?

Yeah, no, Rarity's an idiot here.

I didn't get one either. Weird.

3217136 3217229
Yes, she was wrong. However, he was a complete asshole about it and completely shut her out, so he's was also wrong. In short, they're both idiots. :facehoof:

3217229 Even if Greenfire's right, he chose a particularly dickish means of arguing his case. I do hope they can smooth things over.
So, the timeframe of the first episode is coming. Going to be quite interesting. Will we see how Twilight is without having had Spike in her life? Will she have a different baby dragon?
Or, perhaps there's a twist coming. Maybe someone isn't who we think he is after all. :)

3217305 Really? I don't see how.

Let's look at this. Other than Rarity, every other pony Spike has encountered has been a thief, or trying to kill him. Every creature he's ever met has fought him.

Why then, should he even consider walking into what would most likely be a trap that would get him killed.

Yes, he's very blunt about it (something we've already seen is a character trait of his), and he got too angry about it. But he was right, she's never been more stupid to think Ponyville (or any other pony city really) would just welcome him with open arms, and he was totally right when he said he would be okay without her, he's going to live a large portion of his life without her, after all. Furthermore, from his point of view, she's trying to fix what he thinks isn't broken. She's trying to change him to her ideals, when he's happy with who he is. It's the problem I've always had with Discords reformation episode, except here, Spike got angry, which is what I'd expect any real person to do in that situation. Did he get too angry? Yes. Did he say it wrong? Yes. Was he entirely right with all his points? Yes.

And was he right to say "leave now and don't come back, I never want to see you again"?

...I'm not so sure about that. :unsuresweetie:
Seems a tad like an overreaction to me, ergo the following:

However, he was a complete asshole about it and completely shut her out

As kind as Rarity's gesture was, Greenfire -though a bit harsh- was right to act the way he did. The entire village freaked out over a Zebra entering their town, if Rarity had managed to invite him, not only would he had been attacked and chased out, she would've lost credit with the rest of the pony community. No one would shop at her store, her family would suffer for her ignorance, and some would even consider her a traitor to pony kind.

Rarity should've put far more thought into the consequences of her actions, but then again, ponies have always had the habit of jumping into things without thinking things through.

The episode Dragonshy is a good example of this.

3217348 Um... he never said that. In fact, all of his words were in the effect of 'I'll be fine after you finally lose interest in me, but don't think for a second I'm letting you run my life'. He even said he wanted them all to have fun, but that she was crazy if she thought he would turn up. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he still expects to see her in two weeks.

He said one thing, and his speech has always been straightforward in this story. What he said is what he meant, nothing more. You seem to be under the impression that what Rarity takes from it is what he meant, when she's just trying to read into his words when he's never done anything to need that before. He said it wrong, like I said. But Rarity is the idiot here.

Also, to the people making guesses, comon guys, it should be pretty obvious what's going to happen here.

Without the egg cracking and dragon transforming, Twilight didn't show off nearly enough power to be taken as Celestias student and thus it will be Sunset Shimmer who turns up in Ponyville.

I mean seriously, it's been obvious from Chapter One. :derpytongue2:

That or an even more introverted Twilight who still carries around her Smarty Pants doll, never having had a replacement friend.

Or Celestia sends Shining Armor instead, both to secure the area and oversee everything because despite all her efforts Twilight is completely unprepared for any sort of social interaction and another one of her knights came back recently rambling about a dragon in the area. Not to mention, Rarity was just talking about finding a noble pony better suited to her, and who's more noble and fits in with the Canterlot crowd than the Captain of the Royal Guard? Also, a romance story isn't really complete without a romantic threat.

Hopefully we don't have to wait as long for the next chapter.

An update?!
Time to immediately abandon what I was doing and read this!!:pinkiecrazy:

After reading:
OH NOOOOO!!!:raritydespair:
Greenfire, you could have stated your side better. A LOT better! Rarity, don't give up on him!! Also, changing someone from a persistently attacked hermit to a social butterfly is harder than going on a space walk naked.

1000th summer sun celebration?!:raritystarry:
Holy SHIIIIIIT, this is going to get awesome quick when Twilight gets into town and NMM starts shit!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile:
$20 says that Rarity recruits him on the EoH recovery efforts as a guide through the Ever Free forest!
Though I wonder if Flutter Shy will be in the EoH party since she was only a friend of Twi by virtue that she followed Twi and Spike home while listening to Spike's life story.:duck: Without Spike, Twi and Shy's conversation involved Twi talking at Shy and Shy squeaking.

ok, firstly :yay:x9 a update to a sweet n sour fic :pinkiehappy: secondly, even throu greenfire was right on certain things he was a stupid jerk plain and simple :facehoof: so, hopefully they mak up sooner or later :pinkiesad2:

And we reach the customary idiotic shouting match. Damnit Greenfire and Rarity, you're both idiots!

I'm really looking forward to however you'll deal with the Summer Sun Celebration and it is so good to hear mention of other ponies and to finally have a time frame for when this takes place. Nice. I also really hope to eventually see some interaction between Greenfire and some of the others of the Mane Six, particularly Twilight, because, well, I want to see how you imagine those two will interact in this universe compared to canon.

One thing:

"It exploded with what should have been a very satisfying crash, green shards scattering across the floor." It might just be me, but I suggest "shattered" instead of "exploded", because unless you use something like "exploded into tiny shards" or something, I can't help but imagine it exploding with fire and shockwave and that's obviously not what you mean.

Looking forward to the next chapter, a lot. Go write it!

Happy writing.

Hurray! This to me is the best Rarity x Spike shipping out there and I'm glad it finally updated. Been way too long. Can't wait to see what happens next with this. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, that ending was a downer...
I haz da sad nao. :fluttershysad:

3216774 Same here. Actually several stories I've favorited had new chapters today. and none of them popped up in my unread chapters. Must be some new bug resulting from a recent update.

Also, I had a thought. I wonder if Greenfire will end up intervening to try and protect Rarity when Nightmare Moon appears and stops the sun from rising. That is if Greenfire doesn't sleep through the whole thing.

And the SS Greenity is launched, and sails straight into the pier :twilightoops:


Like most arguments the principals were talking past each other.

On Rarity's side, she is moving too fast. She doesn't appreciate the extra ground work necessary to get Ponyville used to a 'civilized' dragon. Greenfire is hearing her blow off his, in his experience, justified concerns about how the town will react to him in the flesh. Never a good thing in a relationship. She didn't address them, to Spike she just blew those concerns off.

On Greenfire's end, reacting to thinking his ideas are being summarily dismissed, is really underestimating Rarity's commitment and willingness to stand up for him in public.

Basically both sides are making mistakes from inexperience (Rarity from lack of difficult/exotic partner dating, Greenfire from lack on any relationship experience, period) and they fed back on each other in a bad way. Rarity bears the slight majority of blame in this blowup, but only because she is the more experienced. But this is something Greenfire is going to have to learn.

UPDATE! :pinkiehappy:

CLIFFHANGER! :flutterrage:

Greenfie updates! YUSS!

Well... this was certainly an eventful chapter. Rarity being a bit too brash with inviting Spike due to her feelings for him, and as Spike rather lashed out at the idea, they had a very bad argument and well, split-up basically.

Still, to know that Nightmare Moon is coming... not only will we see if Twilight appears, but I doubt the EoH group will be able to pass through the Evefree without alerting Spike.

Problem is, I'm going to have to wait several months for the next chapter. T.T


I got a notification on my list thing, but not on my favorites list. Which seems like the pattern I've been seeing so far.

Huh. That's odd. This update didn't show up in my favourites... Yay featured page for letting me know! XD Commence reading!

EDIT: Wow... Should have expected to see this coming, but still... Wow...

You just could leave well enough alone could you?! Just had to throw major conflict between them? Great, just great. Now his going to have to go to Ponyville, scare some ponies at the Summer Sun Celebration and apologize to Rarity in front of everypony, isn't he?!:ajbemused:

Couldn't have summarized it better.

Well at least Rarity implied she'll be still willing to see him later. Now that she can't visit him due to the preparations, I'm sure both of them comes to new realizations after having a break from their routine. They have been seeing each other weekly for some months until now.

Lol. the ratings are 888 to 8

I've read 6-7 of these but...This is easily one of if not the best rarity-spike story around...sweet romantic with the exact ammount of humor and cuteness sprinkled around, wonderful work. :raritystarry:

So glad to see this one update! Excellent stuff. The best romance fics address real problems that couples have. I can't wait to see where it goes next. Thanks so much for writing!

Both sides handled the situation in a less than ideal manner. However it certainly made for some interesting drama, I can't wait to see how this plays out. :twilightsheepish:

Well that went to shit fast. Thinking about romance one minute, then bam! NNNNope!


Agreed. A little too fast in my opinion actually, which is the only sticking point for me with this chapter.

It's probably just a personal thing, I'm the kind of writer that likes a bit more build up. Raise the stakes and the tension slowly to a crescendo of misplaced feelings of hurt and anger. The shock and awe approach can work well, and it's certainly believable here, but in my humble opinion it makes the chapter feel a bit rushed and short.

Other than that though, it's well done. Rarity and Spike both have valid points for their side of things, neither is "in the wrong" which is a waaay overused cliche in most romance stories when a fight breaks out. And this raises one important thought in my mind.

We're obviously approaching the Summer Sun Celebration. All other things between this and canon-verse being equal, this means Nightmare Moon is gonna show up.

Just how does one think Greenfire is going to react when he hears the home town of his friend Rarity is under attack by an insane night goddess? And that his last memory of them together might be some dumb argument?

Oh look a plot timeline... Let the games begin

Part of me wants to see Greenfire punch Nightmare Moon in the face. Of course, I'm a strong advocate of face-punching in general.

Comment posted by Saphkey deleted Sep 18th, 2013
Bico #47 · Sep 19th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Well, obviously Greenfire is going to end up emerging from his cave when Nightmare Moon comes along, will meet Fluttershy, Pinkie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash, and will, with Rarity, go on a quest to find the Elements of Harmony during which time he will befriend the rest of the ponies and become the Element of Magic. Twilight? Background pony, at best. Blueblood will probably also be involved, somehow, 'cause that's just one of those required stations of canon when dealing with a Rarity romance fic.

This is a fascinating story. I'm very curious to know how Spike got there in the Everfree and whether Twilight hatched him or not and just what she's been up to if she hasn't. I mean, how did she pass the entrance exam or is the representative someone else though, I hope it isn't. If Sunset Shimmer arrives in Ponyville to be the Element of Magic I'm going to be sick, lol. And what about Rainbow Dash and AJ? How does this new universes dynamic work with Spike not being Spike in the same way? He also seems older, but is that just a mild effect of his Dragon greed? So many questions I want to know about.

My feelsssss!!!! Oh the hurt and drama, I must read moar!

I really don't like shipping stuff... In fact, I'm squeamish about FanFics in general...
This may be one of the best stories I have ever read. I REALLY like how slowly you're taking the romance: building up reasons for them to get closer and having them follow through, letting them gradually learn about each other as they have friendly encounters. And the way you've captured Rarity's character? I can tell you thought long and hard about her. Greenfire too, but he's like an alternate Spike.

Simply brilliant. Please keep writing this!

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