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An unassuming author whose writing comes slowly. Loves romance, humor, and Spike; dislikes darkness, despair, and character-bashing. If you come away from his stories smiling, he's done his job.


Fluttershy has something very important to tell Applejack, if her traitorous voice will cooperate with her.

Written for the MLPchan Thanksgiving Writeoff, which had the prompt "Words That We Couldn't Say".

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I'm extremely honored and flattered that anyone wanted to do a reading of my little story. Thank you both so much!

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Interesting, will surely read this tomorrow ^^

EDIT: Now that I've read this, all I can say is, I love it! Just.....yay


Shipfics. There are a lot of them so they're usually swept to the side and every once in a while you find a shipfic done right.

I could mention how high your frequency of italics for emphasis use is, or I could nudge you for the simplicity of the prose, but that'd be misplaced. Because every little thing came together to make a wonderfully, fluffy sweet little story that I did enjoy. Whatever guidelines you broke, you broke them well. Very good job, author.

Cute. I don't see that many Flutterjack stories for some reason, but I do like the pairing.

This was short and sweet. Really loved the opening line and the funny bits with the hollering Apple family. Fluttershy's narration throughout seemed very real and very "her," to me, as well.

Really captured Fluttershy. Wish I could so well.

sometimes....i really cant stand Fluttershy :flutterrage:

hahaha still a really cute story..nicely done :twilightsmile:

I can't ever get enough of AppleShy. There is so little of it. While I'd love to see a huge long AppleShy story, a competent and well-written bit like this, you won't see me saying no.

I'm not crying. I got something in my eyes. Both eyes. And I'm smiling because... I had a good dinner. Leave me along consarn it.

Fluffy and sweet and just oh so nicely done. I could read happysap like this all day.

short, sweet, simple and adorable. the perfect side to my lunch.

Very good, I like it. :3

oh, good story. They are a bunch of! :heart:

I enjoyed that greatly! :pinkiehappy:

1732523 Spot on observation there:derpytongue2:

That was a very sweet story. Think the, Fluttershy wanting to be a tree, was funny.

Yay! An adorable, fluffy AppleShy fic. Just what I've been looking for. I love Flutters' characterisation; I could easily imagine this happening with her.

We need more Appleshy.

This is the first AppleShy story I've ever even seen.:ajsmug::heart::fluttershyouch:
And very well written. Nice work!!:yay:

First off, thank you for telling the reader what Applejack smelled! I was very curious when it was first mentioned. Hay fries must be deliciously alluring. Secondly, this is adorable and sweet. Thanks for writing this.

Aww, finally an AppleShy story! And might I add, it was too adorable. :heart:

I've been carrying an AppleShy torch ever since I read Fixing Up Miss Smartypants, and this is the most d'awwriffic rendition I've seen. THANKS you!

something about the way you wrote applejack in this was just so... incredibly endearing. seriously good work!

That was nice. Liked how you handled Fluttershy. Good work!

Nicely written. Had me reading as fast as I could until the end. Flow was definitely best part about this story. I though Fluttershy initiating the kiss was a little jarring, considering she couldn't speak her mind afterwards. I'd expect full on hyperventilation with the way you worked up to it.


You write Fluttershy very well, and this was generally cute and all that. Applejack's 'answer' came a bit too quickly and easily, though. A conversation about it before the second kiss might've helped, though that would've involved Fluttershy talking a lot, so... eh, it works well enough for what you were trying to do. Thumbs-upped.

I liked the introduction, and the tree aside, but I felt like the conclusion was kind of... lacking. It just kind of... happened, and I didn't really feel it.

Still there was some really fun prose in this.

Author Interviewer

This is kind of every shipfic ever, but I really liked what you did with Apple Bloom. :)

Best Flutter-jack/Apple-shy ship fic I have ever read! Nice job!
And yes, I left smiling. This much :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

It was unexpectedly sweet. Thanks!

Pure, refined sap. Just the way I like it 😃 Not everything has to be War and Peace, and this is a great example of short and simple done well.

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