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Side note, The janitor was going to be revealed as Thunderlane. With him needing to clean up their little mess on the floor. But since this one leaned so heavily on romance I saw no reason to go beyond the final scene... plus I ran out of time.

Cue the romantic Lion King music.

Since you're asking for it.

Pretty enjoyable

Very nice chapter, loved it.


Well, at least he's not dead this time.

Because your constant joke with Thunderlane feels like Kenny from South Park. Am I wrong? :duck: :unsuresweetie:

darkman #6 · May 21st · · 4 ·

Terrible story, it so dam fast, and just wrong.
I do not support the shipping, which I mean how it came to be.
Iy's so dam rushed, I get it's porn but COME ON!!!
It was done in such a tactless manner, could set it a few days or a week after the break up, but now you have Spike who shattered get F%# right after it.

Makes look like Smolder was taking advantage of the situation.

That all i got to say.


Makes look like Smolder was taking advantage of the situation.

The aim was more toward them both giving into their primal emotions. Taking advantage was never the goal, hence Spike made the first move with the kiss.

Terrible story, it so dam fast, and just wrong.

And that's your opinion. Yes, I did rush this one, why?

I do not support the shipping, which I mean how it came to be.

Plot twist. I've never been a fan of this ship either. SmolderXSpike has always felt like one of the necessity ships. "They are both roughly the same height... also they might be the same age... also they are both dragons ergo ship, ship, ship."

Shipping based on character design alone is boring to me, especially with the idea that they are the same species. At least with Ember, I can have more of a comedic beat in general, whether through her domination of Spike or her casual face forgetting. I can get more comedy with her over Smolder when it comes to shipping and thus clop-related fics.

I'm sorry this one didn't come out so good. I already decided I won't be returning to this ship. However, I do employ you to read my previous take on SmolderxSpike with a heavy comedic vibe rather than romantic.

[Adult story embed hidden]

Well... Thunderlane is meant to be my Kenny. That is what I'm referencing every time I brutally kill him.

That was just...

That was just okay.
Not sure what I expected, not up voting or down voting, but I'll say I can see the potential.
Also, sorry but like, mid ship.

I like it, sweet and to the point plus a ship I actually like


Also, sorry but like, mid ship.

No, no, completely understandable. I don't like this ship either, I just did it to check it off my list. I thought I would enjoy it better once I got to writing stuff down about them, but no. I still don't enjoy these two together.

Thank you. I'm glad this ship has some fans. I just wish I could see all the fun ideas you people get out of this one. Frankly, it was hard to finish.

It's not that easy making a whole situation that allows the two to get together that quickly. The reason you had worked well enough in my opinion, breakup emotions and confession running wild... Just a bit... I don't want to say jarring, but certain things don't really line up too well... Like how their character personalities don't really come through: none of their actions are specific to how their character would act... and could the ponies hear Spike? And if they couldn't, why did Smolder ONLY realize that it was a dragon specific wail after she went into the closet with him? It was on the back of my mind while reading it.

Regardless, it is a decent enough start to their relationship, and a decent enough short clopfic

My logic was dragons know dragon stuff. The idea was, Smolder sensed Spike's fragile emotional state and came to his aid. This led to both of them confessing hidden feelings and thus the plot of the story. Yeah, I know, my most rushed one of them all. Obviously, I didn't enjoy writing these two together anyway. Just did it to check it off my list.

Thank you for favoring it though. I am glad some people enjoyed this little one shot.

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