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Hey! I writer anything with my favorite characters, Spike, Ember, Smolder, Discord, Fizzle, Garble...that is most of works and coming works.

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Threesome, Straight and Gay Sex, Slight Incest, Anal, Rimming, etc.
Oh, man. This is a mixed bag of things that I am, and am not interested in reading.

Garble...a drake with a gang all his own, able to bed any dragonesses he pleases

Wait, what!?
Come on! I'll believe Garble being a semi-incestuous bisexual before I believe that! Fan fiction indeed!

Okay. Now I need to see how this plays out. :unsuresweetie:

Well it isn't 100% Show accurate. None of my stories are that accurate which is why I have the AU tag. We are writing him a bit better then the show does, in our opinion.

Wow, here I thought no one write an incest fiction of garble and smoldering but me...

It isn’t too much of a focus but may come in I play later on.


Wow, here I thought no one write an incest fiction of garble and smoldering but me...


This chapter was amazing and the pacing was on point. Great work as always Master~.

Excellent chapter. Give Me MORE:flutterrage:

poor garble, should've blindfolded spike

this story is great I really hope it continues soon!

It for sure will. We have two more chapters in the works. :pinkiehappy:

Really nice descriptions

Wonder what other stories you plan on making next after this one is done? :0

Looking forward to see what will they be \ovo/

Great chapter. I loved it. To be honest, I feel sorry for Garble. He knows what he wants, but keeps finging himself into the closet. I hope Spike can help him. And maybe have a wonder three way again. Great job here. Thanks for the update.

Great job here. I love it here. I know this sounds wierd, but I would love for another story, such as ember. And ember gets 2 males and 1 female to help.... negotiate her into a hoard.

We had considered a one shot, or another story with Ember involved in Spike's hoard but haven't fully fleshed it out. But one day we might.

Basically Garble this entire chapter:

Managed to finally finish reading the remaining chapters.
Really nice read.

Wonder what other stories you might do in the future?

Have some ideas but I have no idea how to go about implementing them, as we can't seem to agree on a path or anything to get them done.

Looking forward on seeing what comes up next :0

Wonder if there is any ideas with Luna in the future?

Hope things go well for you and such :0

this is extremely cute and sexy...it also hits the nail on the head (pun intended) to a bisexual like me hue hue

Oh man what a read I really love the way it narrates everything especially the emotional parts, loved the sex parts as well, this really is one of my favorites clopfics I've ever read and really hope to see some more of these guys...especially the sub Garble that I never knew I'd end up loving lol

10/10 👌:moustache:👌

Trust me, we didn't expect to enjoy this as much as we did either. Tried to write it in a way that made his transition more natural. Involved some time skipping and just assuming people can put 2 and 2 together. But it seems to have worked :pinkiehappy:

That's what I really loved about this story that it had a good character arc not just "oh he sucked dick and now can't stop won't stop" hahahah it really came together perfectly :heart:

Thank you so much! I hope others find just as much enjoyment in it as you did!

Not a fan of Spike bottoming to Garble in any manner and it soured this chapter and nearly made me quit the entire story but I came back due o there basically being no other Spike-topping-Garble stories that aren't weird.

It has been a while since I wrote this chapter, but I don't recall Spike bottoming in this. If he did it must have been very minor for me to have forgotten.

Would be the BJ at the beginning, I got worried it'd lead to Spike remaining in a bottom role.

The story as a whole is enjoyable, despite how I heavily dislike smolder interacting with Spike. Good work for an old story.

A little too single minded imo, as this is about all three of them not just Spike and Garble. That is a big part of this story...

And who cares if Spike gave Garble a BJ, top or bottom it doesn't really matter. of course their a preference in porn here and there but it shouldn't "ruin" the entire story with that one little part.

I didn't mean to say it ruined it, I just got worried. As I said, I've seen a lot of stories turn Spike into a turbo buttslut.

I meant to say that despite the fact that I don't like Smolder interacting with Spike, I found myself enjoying this story, Smolder parts included. I think it has to do with you keeping her character consistent instead of the weird flipflop josh haber would do where she's nasty like garble one moment then "magically" like ember the next, instead of having the personality she has when she's with the student 6.

So kudos on the work.

Having officially read all the chapters, this was very fun and covered a lot of bases i was happy to see addressed. Nice work.

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