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She was taught to fear the creaking of branches above her head. Nightmares consist of wandering through the trees in flight, pursued by a horrendous shape just out of sight that would be her end if it caught her.

Flurry Heart knows the rules of peace that keep her village a harmonious place, as well as the laws that keep them all alive:

No one is to enter the woods.
An offering will be left at the edge of the woods during every full moon, and an offering will be retrieved every new moon.
Those who enter the woods will be made forfeit to those within, and they know not the meaning of mercy.

Never has either side dared to breach this uneasy peace, and thus each continues to survive- perhaps even begin to flourish after so many dark years of struggle they had endured.
Until now.

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Well, I'm hooked.

Interesting start! Looking forward to seeing where this goes

This won’t end like “The Village” will it?

Seeing as I was disappointed as to how that ended, no.

Yeah, you are not safe, Twilight.

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