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Talon and Thorn


Rainbow Dash wants to take her marefriend Fluttershy out to a nice meal on Hearths Warming Eve, she'd got something important she wants to tell her. If only she can get up the nerve to get the words out.

Written for SuperWriter2329] for Jinglemas 2022 based on the prompt I would like to have Rainbow and Fluttershy on a romantic date in Cloudsdale, not the EQG one. You can put in some funny and comedy elements in there, but not too much. Also, make it so that the two kissed at the end of their date.

Many thank's to Rixizu for suggestions.

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Also, make it so that the two kissed at the end of their date.


This was very sweet. I especially like how you incorporated the memories. It was a nice touch.

Woah that was absolutely amazing. I loved the flashbacks from the past, I wouldnt mind to see more cuddly scenes tho :yay:
Its so nice to see new Flutterdash stories nowadays, they are so rare especially well written like this one (however there were some minor grammar errors to be completely honest but i dont care really)
Thank you so much for making my day brighter.

Well, this was cute and adorable.

“Then when Grogar, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow were going to blast us”

You mean Tirek.

Very adorable story, and I like how you have it take place after the show. A lot of people think that Rainbow Dash ended up with a certain apple farmer in the end.

Also, just how many more ponies do you suppose will be planning to propose to each other?


You're right I did mean Tirek so I've fixed it now.

I'm not intending to continue this as a series of proposals but the first scene might get Vapor to propose to Sky, if they can ever get any free time around their herd of kids.

No, I mean I was making a joke that Rainbow and Flutters were doing the same thing as Big Mac and Sugar Belle as well as Lyra and Bon Bon.

It was a good fan fiction, I'm surprised that there are those who still write fan fiction about Flutterdash, which makes me glad that no one has forgotten this shipp. So thank you for that, I really appreciate it.

Ooh, something just occurred to me. Suppose that Zephyr's new marefriend is a certain Washout?


That would certainly be an 'interesting' Hearth's Warming meal.

It's not a real family get together unless there's at least one hoof fight at the dinner table.

Yeah. It would definitely show how much Rainbow Dash loves Fluttershy if she's willing to be related to those two pains in her side!:rainbowlaugh:

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