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This story is a sequel to My Life as a Sonic OC Season 9

Follow Akari and her friends as they take up the mantles of Pony Guard and Mobian Guard

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Wow, great chapter, and nice one, I like this start, and Sunny now having a sibling while the others are keeping a low profile, nice job.

And now it off to the great start of the movie, and wow, I wonder if Akari will still be around for Sunny and her siblings, and things are about to get intersting, awesome job, keep up the great work

I decided to deviate from the movie though, hence why Argyle is still alive

Both Akari and Argyle are still alive but Sunny isn't aware that her mother is actually an alicorn, let alone one of the G4 era

Oh I see, now I get it, great idea. and I hope Akari will give the ponies who still think of each other bad news, and Sprout, for thinking that Twilight and her friends are fake. Because that was rude to tarnish Twilight and the others

Hey, you should check out my stories when you have the chance. They are pretty good. and you can check this one out as well.


This one is Sonic related when Sonic and his friends are in G5, you should check that out too when you can.

Just so you know, this version of Akari is not the same one from the Little Pony Legend series

Okay, thanks for the heads up.

Yeah but unlike Maggie's version, my version of Akari is immortal.... You can blame that on Shenron

Thank you for the good reviews

Amazing, looks like their adventure is on and now Izzy has joined the group, and looks like some others are coming and Hitch is following them, this should be interesting, awesome job,

Normally it would have been just Sunny and Izzy heading to Zephyr Heights but I'm deviating from that because of Akari, Argyle, Honey and the Prower twins

Wow great chapter, and nice twist on it, now they have the Pegasus Crystal, Zipp, Pipp and their family told the truth to the Pegasi, which earned a riot but stop after the roar of elders, and now they are one step further of finishing their missing, awesome job, keep up the great work

Pipp was missing though and bringing Nyx back in was a surprise as well

Heh, no kidding, and Nyx was a surprise

So that makes two alicorns in hiding but the big bad has yet to appear

The Bridlewood chapter reveals another alicorn and a pseudo alicorn

Ooohhh. This should be interesting

Yeah, I'm kinda having a bit of an issue with my co-writer,,,,

Yeah... I didn't want other characters I'm not familiar with added in

Yeah so I had to talk it out with my co-writer

Did you make up the concept of the Pony Guard?

I used the idea from somewhere else though... But the Mobian Guard was my idea

"What?!" I gasped before one of our soldiers ran in filled with fury.

Fear, not fury

The Hand Demon laughs "Wondering why I counted? Heeheeheehee! That’s how many of Urokodaki’s students I’ve eaten! I promised I’d kill every single one of them, even those who are like foxes. But you know, if all of the students, two stood out the most. One had hair that was an unusual shade of pink, and there was a scar by the right of his mouth. He was the strongest of the students I killed. The other wore a flowery kimono, small and not very strong, but awfully agile. However, the newest one, who had hair and eyes of a reddish hue, and a scar on the left of his forehead, he managed to kill me."

Of, not if.

Sumarda and her five friends were at their full strength, but their opponents were putting up quite a fight before I doubt myself facing Vetur.

Replace doubt with found.

In fact, it makes me sad to read this, as it shows how fleeting human life is.

Very cool! Keep it up guy!

Ermes grabbed the show with the sticker on it.

Shoe, not show.

But then a familiar unicorn mare showed up. "'Sup, guys!"

Viola Bayonetta’s an earth pony mare.

Bayonetta (Viola) spoke "Cheshire can sense demons. If don’t don’t take my word for it…"

First “don’t” is “you.”

Are you ever going to write a story starring your Sonic OC in the universe of Sonic the Hedgehog and just that universe?

As I said before, I could but not on here since at least one MLP character has to be seen

*look at the red bar* Ohhh, that's very big

Not much I can do about that

It’s actually…

Miraschon spoke "Nice catch. Now what are you gonna do? You’ve got eight more seconds. *As Vivian ran to the next floor* Seven… Six…"

The four of us except Miraschon knew what happened. Jolyne used Stone Ocean’s thread form to catch the ball in midair and pull it towards her hand before the door closed a few seconds ago.

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