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Steel Quill

A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Porn Pope (TM). Also on FA!

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This needs the "Anthro" tag.

oh yeah, still looks super hot though as usual

Oh goodness, I knew I forgot something! Haha. Thank you!

Good to see you're still doing stuff.

Yep! Don’t worry, I’m still around!

Octy has a type, I guess?

Let’s gooooooooooooooo.

Love the artwork as always. But, I never get the dirty "homework" joke? Where did that even come from?

People will intentionally mislabel their porn folders in the hopes that people won't open them.



You know, they should just put those kind of folders in the closet or attic. And not just left it out in their room, and mistake it for school work.

And before you say anything, I never do this.

Yet another 10/10 story from Steel Quill. I wish I could write half as well as you. It's almost discouraging, You're just so good and impressive.

smacking was the best part to all of this... 0_0

Computer "folders". Not physical objects, and hiding them requires actual coding expertise. I'm sure it's possible to make a file only accessible through a command line interface, but I don't know how to do it and neither do most nerds.


Oh, I thought you meant actual paper folders. My bad.

Never give up! I'm only able to write like this from constantly trying and continuing to write. Keep up your craft and you'll get there! You can probably write things I'd never think to write myself.

hey this reminds me of that time i fucked my daughters cello teacher

Thanks is hard not to feel discouraged after not having written anything in a long time and likely still have the editing issues and no where as good of ideas as others before me. I’m just disappointed in my skills and don’t think I could do good enough when there is clearly better people out there.

Better I just commission or suggest stories I want I’d just screw them up!

I have told several others this because it is a truth: there is always someone out there who will be better than you. I know there are writers leagues better than me. But I don’t quit because I want to try and be as good at it as I can be. The true Master, is an eternal Student.

Keep trying at it and I am sure you can succeed and reach your goals. And that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for commissions either!

You know, i came in here expecting just a fun lil read to pass the time, did not expect to get a solid life lesson in the comments as well. From a writer who was on the verge of throwing the towel: thanks for having these words here in the comments for all to see, this just might have reignited my fighting (or well... typing) spirit!

This was good!!!!!

Gonna need the sauce for that picture bro!

Due to Fimfic rules, I cannot actually link it. However, I can tell you the artist who created the image is Hooves-art, who you can find in multiple places. This picture was edited to meet the rules of Fimfiction for publication.

should that not be armor wrapped in a cello given the context?

That might work on another story, but to my ears, “A Cello wrapped in Armor” rolled off the tongue better.

For those who want to see the uncensored version of the cover art, check out 2617173 on Derpi.


Perhaps “A Cello Stuffed With Armor” would also work.

A very hot session with Shining Armor and Octavia. The stallion that pleases the Princess of Love on the regular with a classy lady like that? Nice. I love that Shining and Cadance have an open marriage like that.

I enjoyed this a lot. It is a very unique pairing that I would have never thought I would read.

This was a nice read.
Just kinda wish it was complete infidelity instead of consensual so there's more Shining cheat/cuckquean fics to counteract all the 'Cadance cheats on/cucks Shining fics' that're on here.
Probably just me wanting that niche filled though.

Anyways. Still, well done with this one.
Good job Steel Quill.

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