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Steel Quill

A pony with too much time on his hooves and too much plot to work with, in more ways than one. Porn Pope (TM). Also on FA!

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I love Longinius's art. That guy has been doing pony since forever.

Steel Quill back at it again with another banger! Pun intended

I’ve seen the cover art pic. I thought it just gave her over sized assets. I didn’t realize it made her a fat cow until I read your tags. Now it’s less attractive. :(

Comment posted by Derpmeister deleted July 5th

It has been adjusted now to avoid any issues. I hate having to touch up masterpieces like that, but, rules are rules I guess.


rakhen #7 · July 5th · · 6 ·

Sad its not have impregnation

Sic for the thick, dude is that contagious? Caus I think I caught it.

The master has returned with a new story

Who wouldn't want to stick their dick in that, though?

More cushion for the pushin'~

Brilliant writing as always, but I especially love the imagery of a thicc BBW Celestia throwing her weight around and seducing a younger stallion.

amazing work my guy!

Great story! Maybe a sequel can have a section or if ambitious enough a chapter dedicated to Lodestar and each of this new division with Celestia collimating with a final section/chapter “bang” if you catch my drift.

Edit: Matter of fact, when do commissions open? I'm thinking about it.

Damn straight. Thicc women are the best.

A very sexy story. Celestia would absolutely do all of that with a stallion if she was in the mood. Loved how she treated him through the fucking session and that last bit with her wanting a whole squad of guards to fuck her.

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