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This story is a sequel to Brighter Horizons

Adopted from infancy, Flash Skies has sworn to serve and protect the ponies who took him in, by becoming a member of Equestria's Royal Guard. But when allegations of a tribe of marauding, massively mandibled mares mauling a pony comes to Celestia's attention, Equestria's adopted son is sent to investigate. Will he discover the truth behind the tales? Or will he end up on the menu?

Inspired by the Legend of the Mares of Diomedes, the carnivorous horses captured by Hercules. Adventure and amusement await! (Wow, featured on 9/8/22, thanks FimFic!)

(A spin-off of Brighter Horizons, join Flash and friends on a new adventure!)

Edited by Venerable Ro

Cover art 'Dark Forest' by CA34CB

Chapters (13)
Comments ( 132 )

A fanfic about one of my favorite mythological equines. This should be very interesting.

I hope so, thanks for the comment!

Great fun working on this, adventure awaits!

Kelpies/each uisges should also appear in the marshes and bogs... :fluttershbad:

That it does, thanks for all your help mate!
(Wow, that game takes me way back:rainbowlaugh:

So here's my read:
"Star Captain Flash Skies of Clan Wolverine, I, Khan of Clan Hell's Horses, call a Trial of Possession for a gourmet meal, a fight to the death in hoof-to-hoof combat to determine who shall be eaten. Should you be victorious in this trial, you may do as you see fit with your adversary's carcass. Should you fail, you shall be consumed raw."
(Granted you and I are more akin to Taurians than House Steiner, but you get the idea.)

What an interesting thought, I had not considered this...
(So good to see you again btw!)

I'm doing my best, so glad you like it!

Don't know much about GOT, but this was still hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Alondro deleted Sep 10th, 2022
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Let's keep the comments clean my friend.

While I appreciate comments very much, I must ask that the comments be clean, thank you for your understanding.

Oh but Lumen, you've got just the manecolor for Prench braids! That lovely platinum silver really does show off the style to its best effect.

Admittedly, the cursing does somewhat detract, as does the pyromania.

Rose Dust would certainly agree with you :rainbowlaugh:

Too bad Rarity couldn't see this.....:rainbowlaugh:
Wait, does anyone keep a Polaroid?

Oh, you know the bat took pictures of her work haha

Beware, sailor. Here there be mermaids.


And these ones won't waste time with singing, they'll come to you.

Slipstream had better hope they're amiable to flattery.

Or that they don't like the taste of bird ponies?

Nice to see you here!

Finally got around to this, and it's a chilling start already. But really, "Celestia's Monsters" is a fitting name for whatever squad Flash leads; the dissonance found in a reasonably caring leader having "monsters" in her military employ has a surreal kick to it. Of course, I don't think the tribal ponies are more than what Post Haste (or even Celestia) make them out to be, but we'll see.

Looking forward to the rest!

Well, that was a fast trip to the deadly mares already. It'd be funny if he actually manages to seduce one of them, complete with a table on the beachside with wine and Roamane pasta, but that's a far-fetched idea.

Woo hoo! Glad to have you here!

Yeah, that nick-name might stick around, we'll see.:raritywink:

He's going to need a lot more than pasta.:rainbowlaugh:

A canteen full of blood is certainly a novel diplomatic maneuver, but it's gotten him in the proverbial door.

It was a pleasure to help with the editing, as always.

Maybe white wine shrimp Alfredo and a side of breadsticks, coupled with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc?

So how long before Frowny loses control? :ajsmug:


Poor guy's doing his best, imagine trying a sip of your buddy's soft drink only for it to turn out to be one of those hypercaffineated energy drinks.

That or you expect the taste of Jim Beam, but you get Eagle Rare instead.

Flash thinks on his feet that's for sure.

You're the best!:twilightsmile:

Now that's more like it, at least there's meat now.:ajsmug:

Ooh, I love me some Eagle Rare.:moustache:

Before even getting into this story, I feel like I have to say LOOKS LIKE MEAT'S BACK ON THE MENU, BOYS!

"You bargain like freebirth sibkos!"

(Chaser, I'm sure this sounds like gibberish, but a lot oldschool Battletech books are worth reading; we'll talk on it).

She truly was an impressive looking mare, lovely even, if Flash could say so

This transition threw me. I thought he was still talking about his teammate, but then it seemed like his teammate was going to eat him, and then I realized we were back to talking about his opponent. Technically, the previous line made that clear, but it wasn't super obvious. When you have, say, two different females (or two different males) you're talking about back to back, it's good to reestablish who's the object of the first sentence of the new paragraph.


That's a line worth remembering.

So much for "Hippity hoppity, get off my property".

And that's assuming you can even find the original copies anymore! All I have is a post-Invasion fan written book from the 90s. The rest I picked up from Sarna and Tex of the Black Pants Legion.

Yawn, it's another Tuesday in the Free Worlds League.

Well, at least I hope Slipstream's doing fine through all this! But it was good to see Flash and crew back at it again. And, sure, the ponies are carnivorous, but to the point of being excited by drinking blood alone? Though I guess these ponies usually have, well, eat something else along with the blood.

Ah, and the islanders confirm that they don't exactly have the best of histories with Equestria. We shall see if Flash can mend this heavily sour spot...

Either way, thanks for the update on this! Looking forward to more, Destiny!

They are cousins to the thestrals, so they prefer fresh meat, but are fine with just blood if it is fresh.

Thanks for the patronage! More to come soon!

There's always a bigger fish eh wot?

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