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Cover Art credited to ZettaiDullahan

This is the first book of The Trials of the Ancients series.

After an encounter in the Everfree nearly turns deadly, Fluttershy is saved by a strange creature. When the creature collapses from its injuries she decides to take it in and nurse it back to health. There might be a lot more to this creature than the meets the eye and can she handle the consequences and reactions of everyone else?

Gore tag is for blood

Dark tag added for themes

As the tag shows this is an Alternate Universe and I wanted to say what the biggest changes are (without spoiling anything).

  • Twilight did not become the ruler of Equestria, she is still simply the Princess of Friendship
  • The Main 6 were able to defeat Discord without turning him to stone and he reformed earlier.
  • Discord didn't betray Equestria to Tirek, meaning the Golden Oaks was never destroyed and the Castle of Friendship didn't get created. Though a castle was built for Twilight eventually.
  • With no Cutie Map they never found Starlight Glimmer.
  • The magic Twilight used to hatch Spike caused him to actually age up to around her age, so he is older than canon.
  • Aside from Spike's age all characters are as they are in canon.

There are other changes but they're spoilers so you'll just have to wait to find out on those.:yay:

This is my first attempt at a fanfic (or writing in general) so all constructive criticism is welcome!

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This is a great introduction. Keep going!

Geez Red, stranger danger! :pinkiegasp:

Fluttershy decided to fly home, impatient to look at the books Spike gave her as well as not wanting to be out in the dark any longer than she had to.

Say, isn't one of her wings broken at the moment? :rainbowhuh:

I'm pretty intrigued! This is a good start and a wonderful story for someone still learning. Awesome work so far! :twilightsmile:

Hope to see more soon! :heart:

Thank you so much! :yay:

Also thank you for finding that oversight, it completely slipped my mind:twilightoops: a simple edit should fix it

Aaand that's the story of Rainbow Dash's Demise in a nutshell. Pissing off a tree god thing.

Can't wait to see what happens next :rainbowlaugh:

Welp, looks like ol' Skittles is in for a rude awakening! :raritywink:

With no Cutie Map they never found Starlight Glimmer.

Does this mean she's going to become one of the main villains later on?

Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted May 14th

Wow, she really gave it to her! Daaaayum!:pinkiegasp:

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