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I actually feel sad that the changeling was so driven by guilt and self-loathing that they chose to give up their "self" to become "Pinkie Pie" instead of telling the truth about the fact they killed the "Real" Pinkie Pie. They became a carbon copy of her instead. I want a sequel where the changeling's personality returns and they finally tell the truth and accept their consequence for killing the "Real" Pinkie Pie

That was going to be the original ending, some kind of awkward truce, acceptance or alliance of convenience for the good of everyone but then I decided that I really wanted to drive home the tragedy of lonely uniqueness versus happiness and fitting in.

At some point while I was writing, I realized that I could have approached the story from the opposite end. I could have had 'Pinkie Pie' spiral into that catastrophic identity crisis and discover through nightmares of her own death, repressed memory flashbacks or inexplicable changeling instincts culminating in her dragging the truth out of Maud who gives her a journal or secret letter to herself and then maybe it all comes out and it upends a LOT of things but everyone ultimately decides she's tortured herself enough and abundantly proven her desire to help so they can deal with it. Perhaps THAT is the sequel.

i understand but i'm not a fan of losing what makes You "you" for the sake of others. I'd prefer the changeling stay who they were and deal with the consequences of your choice not give up who "You" are to avoid them. But then I'm too honest and willing to own up to my choices and deal with the fallout that follows

That sounds like it would make an interesting sequel story to this one. Imagine years have passed, at this point the mane six have known "Pinkie Pie" for far longer than they have know the actual Pinkie Pie. Then they find out the truth that the friend besides them for years was a changeling, one that brainwashed themselves into believing being the real Pinkie Pie after killing the original one.
I'd read it.


I will remember you said that.

*insert telltale games meme here*

Hmm, it does go into a question of is ignorance bliss? If not-Pinkie thought she was Pinkie would she be happier? I'd think she'd still have imposter syndrome afterwards, just not so literally like she does now.

I love the added question of the affair, what was Pinkie up to before her death? How did the mare who wanted to make everyone happy square being the other woman?

Neat story.

I keep forgetting what the weird font is name but Ive always wanted to use it in one of my stories. Great story though.


I don't know if it has a different name but I know it as "Zalgo" text. You can paste it into a translator and see what it says.

I feel very sad for the changeling. He was pushed to a corner and had to do what he had to do. Kill or be killed or at least that's what he thought. Then, he has to imitate the pony that he killed who was very very different from him, who also has a family and a lot of friends which he didn't have. That didn't help his guilt of fooling Pinkie's friends. In the end, he folded and sacrificed his very identity, no longer able to bear his crushing guilt. Now, the Pinkie Pie that's roaming Ponyville isn't the changeling and isn't the real Pinkie Pie. Merely a copy like the mirror pool clones. A tragic end for the changeling, unless something caused the relapse to happen which I really hope did happen(possible sequel?).

Anyway, brilliant story.

Thanks. I'd say the possibly of a sequel is at roughly 70%

This was a really interesting take, I've seen a lot of stories where the changeling just to magically gets all their memories or whatever and it never made a lot of sense to me.

I was listening in text to speech mode by the way and that last paragraph was absolutely terrifying.


I was listening in text to speech mode by the way and that last paragraph was absolutely terrifying.

LOL. This possibility didn't even occur to me. That's amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

Can you point me to a translator web page? None that I found could translate that. I promise I won't spoil the message. D:

I wonder how long this situation could actually last, considering that the affair could cause the impostor to end up pregnant with an egg, one that would come a lot sooner than a little pony foal. I could imagine fears of losing her child would give way to shock, horror, and confusion as she looks back to see the perfectly formed changeling egg she just laid.

If I make a sequel, that might be something I address. It would definitely up the drama ante... on multiple levels.

Thanks, that works!

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