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If you like feeling awful, you've come to the right place.

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As everyone reading this ought to know, there's a buttload of stories about Rainbow Dash suffering permanent damage to one or more of her wings. Most of them appear to treat her as though she were any other character coping with any other disability, though everything we see indicates that flight is a major part of her identity - whether she could ever achieve a respectable quality of life without working wings is debatable. As you've acknowledged, there's a difference between "finding purpose" and actually enjoying life.

Also, it seems that Equestria's medical community here can't be bothered to develop prosthetic wings unless there's a war to be won.

Wow that was dark as fuck. Also I love the "She went Nucking Futs!" line. That was great. Also Also where the hell was Rarity?

Today I learned that Fluttershy is racist
Also this was strangely gripping. Even though I knew "the ladder only goes down" it was still a wild ride


I always found it weird how in the show they never address that elephant in the room. Unicorns basically have opposable thumbs while the rest of ponies have to interact with the world with their mouths and hooves. Earth ponies are good at growing stuff but don't they ever look at the others and wish they could do that stuff? Is everyone really nice and polite but in the back of their minds thinking wow, I'm glad I wasn't born one of those debilitated earth ponies?

Did rainbow Dash escape from the hospital because that's the only way I could think they would allow her to leave. It's obvious she should have been immediately moved to a rehab center first depending on how she was acting though they may have moved her to a psychiatric facility since she was showing signs of being mentally unstable.

Yes. She ran away. Something I'd imagine she might do while in the denial stage of grief.

That makes sense then. I loved the story by the way

I would assume that it is because all the tribes have different magic and that we never saw the earth pony type get developed as an actual ability on account of the fact that they don’t have an appendage to use it with. Thus it would be a difficult concept to grasp.
It could also because they just focus on their own culture and never had that racism thought. Ignorance is bliss, you know. It keeps them at peace. Why do you think they didn’t industrialize? Because they are content and they don’t need to.

Yeah, it was weird in gen 4, especially since I was like 1.5 seasons into the show when I wrote this. I knew they alluded to the non unicorn ponies having proficiency in their respective domains but because I couldn't physically see their magic I kind of just chalked it up to genetics. Like a fish is better at swimming than an elephant. I kind of like how they did it in gen 5 even though I'm only two episodes into that one...

congratulatios for getting a spanish video! you fanfic it´s that popular!:yay:

Thanks a lot! Now that I think about it, I should really add a link to that video in the description.

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