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This story is a sequel to Supernova

What else is there to say? Sometimes, all you can do isn’t enough.

CONTENT WARNING: This fic discusses suicide. Please seek help if you’re thinking of harming yourself. You are loved, you matter.

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English author A. A. Milne once said in his famous work, Winnie the Pooh, "How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

This story shows what it's like to say goodbye to someone you love. Sunset has to say goodbye, parted forever from her lover by situations completely out of her control. Wallflower is torn away from her in the worst way possible, a way that did not dissipate her sorrows with her death but translated them onto those still living.

Those left on Earth are burdened with having to accept their loved one's death and move on at the same time. Like waves caused by a stone thrown into a pond, the pain and sorrow caused by suicide propagate through the mass, rippling through people's hearts. Wallflower's death was a tsunami to those close to her, especially to Sunset, and it tore her heart asunder.

Wallflower's death was the supernova that decimated Sunset's heart, and where Wallflower once stood now remains a void, a black hole that would suck everything into its endless pit of sorrows.

It was ironic how much people seemed to care once it didn’t matter anymore.

Too true. And the ending had me in tears

Viscerally uncomfortable and expertly crafted. Like the prequel, this was genuinely painful to read.

Hmm how dare you make a comment so eloquent? Hah but thanks for real. You pretty much explained it all in a prettier way than I ever could. so honestly thank you for that comment.

l love bringing people to tears. Thanks for the comment!

Ah thanks. I wanted it to feel just a little bit off, but also hurt, so I’m goad that pretty much worked out

Goes over well-trodden ground but still does it well. Quite poignant.

Hey well you know what they say, nobody will write the same thing exactly the same way you do. Thanks for the comment :)

Damn. An excellent sequel. And I liked the metaphors of supernova and black hole - it fits the events of the two stories perfectly. Nice job.

Thank you very much. I’m glad the motifs were cohesive :>

Damm. That's all I can say. Wallflower's neglectful parents are just the icing on top.

Just, wow. Now excuse me while I go cry over there... somewhere

I’ve seen a lot of stories with Wallflower where they have her erase herself from her parents memories, thus eliminating any sort of interaction with them that may be meaningful and instead rely on Wallflower to tell us (in an obviously biased way) how her parents were. I wanted to do something different, I didn’t want her to go down the Hermione Granger route of Oblivio-ing herself from her parents life. I wanted to explore that parent daughter relationship in the midst of crisis.

I hope you brough some tissues with you! Crying can be quite annoying without a way to dry up.

I'm going to need to read a comedy or three to fix the sadness your excellently heart-ripping writing has caused.

I would like to argue one point with Sunset, at least in that sometimes when a person says they are sorry for the loss, they DO mean it, at least as far as it is possible. Of course they can't 120% "GET" how it actually feels, and they may forget about it in due time, but at the time, they want to try to help even if only by the smallest margins. Thinking back over the story, I get the feeling that even if Wallflower's mom and dad had been more vocal about "I love you" Wallflower would have had that nasty voice in her head saying "they're just saying that" or similar such ideas, even Sunset wasn't safe from Wallflower's chronic depression/self-loathing/other such issues.

Heart ripping? Yeah I hear that a lot lol

I get exactly what you mean, and you’re right. About everything you said. It’s hard to reason and believe what people say though, especially if you’re in a spot like the one Sunset is in, where it’s hard to even believe anyone cared. But yeah, maybe Wallflower’s parents coulda been a little more open about their love. It is easy to get dragged down by someone’s depression though, even if you’re trying to help them fight it.

Thanks for the comment and I hope you find some funny stories to read :P

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