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I signed up so I could join Everfree Northwest's writing contest! I love to write!


Maud Pie takes a few things in her life very seriously; rocks, her education, and her relationship with her fillyfriends, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie. But when it seems like her fillyfriends have forgotten her big doctoral defense coming up, Maud Pie will have to figure out how to balance her education versus her two fillyfriends, and manage one of the biggest days of her scholastic career all by herself!

Written for the StarTrixMaud contest, this was my very first attempt at writing a trio! They're very cute together, and while the relationships are romantic, there's only SFW material in here. I would call this a slice of life romance, with an established trio who love each other very much!

Contest: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/957718/startrixmaud-shipping-contest-24-july-31-august-2021

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Awww, they're cute. Surprised Maud moved out of her cave, though, it was big enough for all of them.


MareLA? Really?

thanks so much for the story! looking forward to this one!

I bet she keeps it as a research room! Some people go to coffee shops to study, Maud goes to a cave!

Really! :rainbowlaugh: I would have kept MLA, but then how would people know it stood for Mare?!

Wow, you found it fast! Thank you! :heart:

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