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Dark Horse

Don't you ever want to read the stories that don't make it? Don't you realize that there's a world beyond the box at the top of the screen? The light will shine down on you here.

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My head is broken, this broke me, please accept the embodiment of my emotions in JPG form.


Thank you. I was getting tired of these stories as well. :ajbemused:

A short, but funny story. Keep this up! :twilightsmile:


Yeah, people need to know when to give it a rest. Spread the word!


Ohai Corejo.

Someone had to say it.


No, no, I will not love and tolerate that. Read the story.

Welp, it's come full-circle now.

Sweet! I seriously lol'd! Especially at this part:
“Luna Uses a Toothbrush.” “Luna Discovers Crabgrass.” “Luna Eats Her First Fluffernutter.” She appeared to be a subject of choice. It was odd, but when in Rome... And with a dead horse, no less.
Those all sound like the fics about Luna that normally appear on here.

By the way, I loved how she beat a dead horse...err ponies. :rainbowlaugh: And that ending! Delightfully cliche! :yay:

I wonder if this will end up in the feature box? It has the potential! :pinkiehappy:

Can't say I was expecting that.... but it was cool nonetheless.

Well, someone had to do it eventually.

Is further proof needed that Princess Luna is best pony? I think not.

That was unexpectedly awesome for different conflicting reasons. and they're right. someone had to say it. but still, what's wrong with sticking with what works? :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you. That was not only entertaining, but also managed to coax a rather nice tune out of my piano while I was reading.

ooh that's good


That was pretty funny, and I am glad it managed to be the subtle, clever kind of meta. Nice work.

I wanted to post the South Park clip where Jared is beating a dead horse, but I'll opt for this one instead:

Liked that bit of meta-ception at the end. Bravo on a silly first entry, good sir. I look forward to more:pinkiehappy:

Heh. This was funny, and says something that needed to be said. Finally started posting, Dark Horse? Good on ya! Look forward to MOAR (hehe).

"Why don’t you try self-referential humor? You know, like a story about you writing a story about you writing a story? Ponies seem to go crazy for those, too.”

This story was fun, and really spot on, I like it! ...But I get this creeping feeling I'm kind of being made fun of. ...And now I'm all confused.

Carry on. :derpytongue2:

Satire is mediocre and transparent, though it makes a good point. The comedy is lost on me, but others seem to find it funny. Grammar and style are all incredibly clean, as expected. My only concern is that the content is entirely lacking for just about... well every aspect of the story. It never really goes into depth or anything beyond skimming the surface of what happens.

A gust of fresh air in a sealed chamber. Thank you.

Hm... funny I think. Mostly because I just find the idea of Luna writing about herself beating dead horses hilarious and the fact that Twilight actually gave her the idea. I understand its meant to be somewhat satirical but its most amusing to me on its face value.

The down side of this, you know people are going to start writing fics about Luna actually beating dead horses now, right?

I just wondering abou this too. "Luna Takes A Shower". "Luna Does Something Average" And now "Luna Beats A Dead Horse".

Why is everyone crazy for Luna? Is it because she's dark and mysterious, yet somewhat awkward and vulnerable?

Thank God my prediction was correct.

So it begins.

This is kind of trippy. Dumb minds think alike?

Oh. My. Celestia. :trollestia:

No words can describe my feelings right now...

*planks on a bench in the park*
*Luna passes by for no apparent reason*
*Luna takes a baseball bat out of her saddlebag and beats me for half an hour*

XD gotta love a good, hilarious time paradox.:twilightsheepish:

this is serious awesome. well done.

Makes sense to me. Not that I know what a fluffernutter is, but what the hay.

Write on! :twilightsmile:

This is adorable. I love stories in which the Drama Queen of the Night tries to do something ordinary -- even satires of them, evidently!

1212193 Lovely and subtle way of spinning folks off course by the way.

Author Interviewer

Fukkin' solid, mate. XD

How about this one ?


(it's ok, it is safe for Woona)


*Slow Clap* You have just breathed warmth into this old withered heart tonight. Well done.

Oh good.

Nice to know that your heart didn't seize at the sight of the thumbnail :trollestia:

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