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It started out as a grift, how did it end up like this?

A common thought that slips into the head of your everyday huckster and trickster once in a while. Especially one that either finds themselves at the end of a copper's club, or knee-deep in a shallow grave. But on rare occasions, it's a thought that strikes a particularly remorseful soul that finds themselves collecting a bit too much off of a mark.

Today, Trixie Lulamoon is one such shyster. But even the most staunch of moralities—as low as a thief's may be already—there are some pots that can't be turned down.

Art done by the fantastic happypaca. Really fantastic work.

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Oh this definitely needs a sequel

Okay, that was both hot and extremely fun. I definitely wanna see the sequel!

...especially if Aria and Adagio decide to try and 'beat the game' wagering their clothes against Trixie's to determine who's "on top" at the end of the night.

Oh, I absolutely want the sequel to this.

I thought this was mostly beautiful, but Sonata suddenly for no obvious reason saying Trixie had 'won' a sex date with all three Sirens instead of a date with one might have been below the standard set by the rest. See, if your story wasn't so good, you wouldn't get these kinds of complaints.

I wrote it that way as a subversive joke since Trixie would think "Oh! I'm winning three dates with this girl? That's wild!" when it reality Sonata never said who it was with. Maybe not the most well executed, but I still think it allowed for the right delivery punch. Thank you for your critique though.


MockingBirb gets ten points knocked off their reading comprehension score. :twilightsmile: I was distracted by something when I was at that paragraph. I blame...someone other than you!

The leap from using sex appeal as bait to plotting an orgy was still a bit much for me, though. Sorry I thought your story was mostly beautiful but not perfect! :twilightsmile:

I would like to see a sequel taking place immediately afterwards. Trixie, somewhat frozen to the spot by the whole thing, then gets the double whammy of Sonata pointing out that, with her sisters on the way to pick her up, she expects the triple date to take place right now. Adagio and Aria can park up, and then the four of them can walk to that restaurant on the next corner.

Then they can have a lovely dinner together, all go back to Trixie's place, start undressing... at which point the red ball is found, rolling out of the sleeve of Trixie's discarded coat. Sonata realises she's been duped, and the three of them beat cheating Trixie to a pulp. And then steal half her stuff, just for the fun of it.

Ok, I want a second chapter.

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