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Interesting. I look forward towards the next update!

Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Haven't read yet, beyond establishing that you can put words together well. Will be awaiting chapter 2.

More please. I need it more than Rosette needs to get rutted. This was fantastic, I love her characterization and that ineffable confidence, and I can't wait to see her as a parasite infested mess, molesting her little friends. <3

Definitely would love to see where this one goes. Keep up the great work!

so it was eggs ?

Nice nice nice

So, in my panic, I shut off the summoning spell completely. All at once. This gave the creature no opportunity to retreat into its lair. With a wet squelch, all the tentacles were instantly severed as the portal between dimensions ceased to exist, and I fell to the floor with a dull thud, two of the appendages still buried very deeply in my lower holes.

Poor tentacles. :fluttercry:

It's free sushi.

The sushi strikes back!


You don't need a doctor, you need a wizard.


Good chapter!

I love her. I love this. Thank you.


Good story so far.

I wonder if she will chase her friend and eventually submit to the tentacles too.

Aaaah I just remembered this fic and that I didn't read a complete ending to it!!

Please finish, I loved this so much, it was such a perfect dance of body horror and bulges and corruption and fun. <3


I guess I can do that. You gotta comment on the last chapter and tell me what you think when I post it though :raritywink:

Liveblog of a reread, for your pleasure. No absolute promises to do it for a next part, but I'll do my best.

Pitter and Rosette's dynamic is so cute, I love themmmm. Like, the normal old one, I mean, but the new status quo is great too. <3

I really love heat as a smut device. Even if it's unrealistic, or kinda demeaning (especially because it's kind of demeaning, honestly), the idea of these twitchy horny little horses who just cannot control themselves is delicious.

Nnf. Rippling skin is the best. Excellent level of unnatural body horror.

I attempted to think about what might've woken the tentacles from their dormant state

Her brain must really be turning to mush if she's taking so long to realize that the tentacles want that horny little mare running away, the one who needs to experience their bliss, the one they deserve to save from her torment.

I love the intrusive thoughts. That are absolutely Rosette, no matter how much she wants to delude herself. Any rational mare has those instincts in her, to be used and filled to her limits, pushed until pure bliss beyond what a pony can even imagine...

"Worry about that later," Pitter instructed, throwing the cloak over my withers and tugging its hood up over my head.

Pitter is such a good friend. I hope I can be as good a friend as her someday, and try my hardest to help someone in need only to be horribly violated and ruined as a consequence.

Rosette feels like she's having so much fun. I really enjoy how you hammer in her unbearable sexual stimulation, and how fast she gets cripplingly horny.

It would be cruel of me to keep her waiting any longer.

I'm stopping to savor this. For a while. This is the perfect beat, I love this so much. Just completely lost in pleasure and lust, ignoring all evidence that contradicts ideal assumptions, nnn.

She doesn't understand yet. Once they penetrate her, she'll get it.

Make her like you. Fix her, and show her how to be nothing but fuckflesh, for your slimy slick flailing owners to use as they wish.

I'm kind of sad that the mouth tentacle didn't keep it's preference in hole, I would have loved to see Pitter being forced to kiss her friend in gratitude for the gift she's sharing.

I can't believe Rosette ends up giving into her baser, false impulses in the end, though. Running away herself? What a poor coward's move. Now somepony might remove the tentacles from poor Pitter before she realizes her mistake! Rosette, she tried so hard to help you, and this is how you repay her in her time of need?

Well, hopefully another chapter can get everypony the good ending they deserve, but I suppose I'll just have to wait and see~

I mean, damn. What a way to go. Rest in peace, Pitter. Or, like, tentacle rape. Whichever.

As I waddled over, I noticed a stallion. There were less of them than of mares, but there were definitely a few. My eyes drifted unashamed to his cock, which was almost unrecognizable, considering a tentacle was bending and bulging it to terrific proportions as it poked out of the tip.

Well, at least they're equal opportunity with gender.

pitter pat was an idiot to go after her alone

Oh damn.

Oh damn--oh, DAMN. You went all-in! This is some impressive stuff right here. One hell of an ending.

Great story. Always love to see a fic like this with such a happy ending.

Non-consensual tag exists. Use it.

Well written and I’ll be honest rhoufht she explode by the end. Hehe. P

Not the most messed up thing I've read, but up there :fluttershyouch:

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