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I will watch your career with great interest

M/M infestation is rare; I'm curious how this goes.

This Is good. Curious to see where it goes

They gasped as one, arching their backs as they felt their ass tentacles touching each other. For a moment, he almost felt Azure through it, and wondered what she was feeling now that she was part of the hive. If he could have connected with her the way that the hive parasites were connecting to each other –

Interesting way to communicate; I think this is the first time reading this myself.

This was a fun read, great

“Because that low-level happiness keeps spiking all over the village, and there’s nothing going on to cause it. Considering the most that I was feeling from anyone around here before was contentment, it’s weird to feel everyone being so happy.”

And that's how they achieved world peace. :twilightsmile:

Glad you like it.

Chapter 4 will be the end for a little bit, but the story should continue again in the future.

This was a great ending, I would you have liked to see some Tf on the drones over time.

The whole town's infected now. I'm curious what happens if they get foals. Do they born infected, or become so after?

well i'll look forward to reading more when that happens.

Very nice work! I love this story so far; it's one of the hottest m/m fics for me here.

Really loving this so far, can't wait to see how the hive progresses through Ponyville. Great stuff.

Awesome chapter once again, sorry for not responding sooner, I was very busy today. Loved the sex in this one and I can't wait to see how they will keep on spreading. I wonder what they will find Changeling useful for them other then the obvious for trapping. I wonder what they do with their time once they completely infested a town, so they just hang together talking to each other with tendrils sticking out of their rumps? I hope we will see more of the extra features they start to mutates over time. I would like to see what they do with the foals, I am curious to see how they would go about it.

Still, it was worth knowing that there was a part of him that was even curious about that. He couldn’t be a proper drone if he felt something like that. He’d need to ensure that it was dealt with.

Time to snuff out that last part of their individuality.

“I’m going to make you forget all about the changelings…I’m going to make you want us again…real horses…real stallions…not those bugs…”

That was unexpectedly hot.

Could she still give birth? Or was she limited to the parasites alone, now? She honestly didn’t know, and it was a weird thought. What would be better? To raise foals to be eventually given to the hive, or to be the sort of mother that only wanted to give birth to more of the parasites to spread the hive?

Sounds fascinating to explore.

He was surprised, in a way. All the other ponies had to be encouraged to be more horny, more aggressive, while he had to be encouraged to be less. It was kind of funny, in a way.

That's a rather unique take on resisting.

Still as awesome as ever, keep it up.

Oh, canon ponies are finally getting infested.

Derpy Hooves gasped as she felt her eyes focus without her having to strain them for the first time in her life, and she almost cried right then and there. It gave her the chance to see. It helped her see without giving her a headache. It left a tingle in her mind, made something just between her eyes feel different, but…

Awww. :yay:

These were questions that, as far as the Hive knew, none of them had had to answer before. Not many Hives grew big enough to gain this awareness, nor did they get enough hosts to build to this point before they were obliterated by some other species. This time, they had been sneaky enough, quick enough, to not only gain intelligence, but actual awareness of what they were doing.

Time to invest in genetic research on cloning then.

Wait, I'm confused. Last chapter made it seem the parasites let the pony's keep their personalities. This chapter suggests tney don't. Am I missing something here?

I really hope we get to see the princesses be infested.

It would not help the Hive, though, and he knew he would not get it. The drones did not get rewards like that.

Poor guys :(

9/20/2022 Edit: And just because I can't handle a bad ending...

So kinda curious we know the adults get mated with and turned but what happens to the foals?

Darkmoon Dancer was slowly coming down from the pleasurable state of being that had shocked him from head to toe after the parasitic creature had bitten down and seized hold of him. At least, that had been what it felt like at the start. The sudden shock-storm of lightning and pleasure through his body had rocked him to the core, ripped out most of the different parts of him that were him. Now, he was just something of a shell that remembered what he had been, what he used to be, and how he could...

I'm curious has anyone have their minds almost completely destroyed now.

There was something satisfying there, a load off his shoulders. He had been an experienced fighter, an experienced stallion that had done many things for the crown. Now, he no longer had to think about it. All he had to do was go along with it. The Hive would be better informed as a collective than he ever was, and he would always be allowed to see just what the decision was long before the action had to be carried out. He was an instrument now, truly an instrument and a weapon, rather than a free pony, and that? That was fine.

I love this concept do much. For some reason, identity erasure/depersonalization isn't so common.

Hey, more show characters are appearing, which is alwyas fun

The decision had to be made, and it had to be made soon. Did they trust this drone to do what he said, or should they infest him right then, right there, to keep the risk minimal?

Infest him! I think it would be in the parasites' nature to infest, rather than blindly trust. Especially since Changelings can't really be trusted on their word due to their nature as natural manipulators and masterful actors.
I love this story, and the introduction of the changeling intrigue has been really interesting.

Fun ride so far. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Nice to see an update! Are you going to show the mane six in the next ones, perhaps? Thanks for your work, anyway!

I was surprised to see the hive move on from Ponyville without a mention of Twilight or her friends. I know this story is focused on stallions but surely Twilight would be valuable enough just for her connections.
Looking forward to seeing Celestia kneel before the hive.
Also, could we see when one of the changelings gets infested?
Anyways, I'm loving this story and look forward to more.

For anyone, Darkmoon Dancer realized. There was more than body control with the parasites of the Hive. They were able to affect the emotions, as well, turning them up or down at a whim. In that moment, his devotion to the Hive had been turned into adoration for the stallion before him, making him wish nothing more than to make the other male happy. Not just sexually, though that had been there as well, but also with everything in his being. To offer his heart, his time, his affections. It was all there.

I think this is the first time I read a story where this happens in a m/m relation. Pretty much every scenario of making them completely devoted always seems to be f/m. Nice.

Feral horses, interesting. Are they full sized horses or just feral ponies?

Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Hive deals with Luna, and what it'll be like when she's assimilated.
If parasites can have difficulty with a strong-willed unicorn such as the Innkeeper, how could a parasite possibly control the ancient and powerful alicorns? Seems like they'll need to come up with a strategy for weakening their minds first.

The two hosts turned to look at each other, and silently agreed. If they didn’t get to the palace within a week, they were going to turn this inn into a Hive den. If nothing else, it would keep them from finding out if there was a point where the Hive connection could cause actual damage through lack of being connected with each other.

Sad lonely buggos. :fluttercry:

This host, however, had barely struggled at all during the infestation, but ever since, it had struggled. Not to get free, but to be allowed to have more sex, to be allowed to indulge itself more and more often, and that had become a more and more serious problem the longer that they had been together. The parasite struggled to keep the host in line, and the host always made it more difficult than it should be.

I never expected my question of "what if they're unbreakable" to be "they're unbreakable because they fully embraced it and want to go beyond", but hey, that's an interesting take. I don't think I've encountered this scenario before.

Another great chapter, and I'm so excited to see what happens with Luna! :pinkiehappy:

Luna looked out at the sky again. The end of Equestria was coming, and she was just…dead to it, in many ways. She didn’t hate it, but she wasn’t sure that she welcomed it, either.


9/20/2022 Edit: And just because I can't handle a bad ending...

Great chapter! As expected, Luna was a fast more difficult pony to subjugate. But with her under control of the hive, they have so much more power now.

This fic was so hot. :pinkiehappy:

Will a sequel be made at some point?

Also what exactly happen to Hayburg? Did the lack of outside contact make things atrophy there?

Celestia is next

Great fic. Made me erect a lot

They didn’t have to ask what ‘there’ was. Hayburg had become…something different. Something odd. Something that didn’t sit right with the more recent hosts. Even her, one of the second or third wave of hosts depending on how one saw it, felt disconnected to what their origins had been. Even the parasite inside her didn’t quite like that. They didn’t dislike it, either, but it wasn’t…them. It wasn’t what they had become.

I think they branched off into their own hivemind after prolonged separation. I hope it gets explored one day. Competing hives are fascinating.

Is there more to come after this epilogue? The story seems pretty complete.

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