• Published 19th Oct 2020
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Inside Me - Ham

Rosette shamelessly indulges in consensual tentacle sex, but one day, she gets more than she bargained for.

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I mean, damn. What a way to go. Rest in peace, Pitter. Or, like, tentacle rape. Whichever.

As I waddled over, I noticed a stallion. There were less of them than of mares, but there were definitely a few. My eyes drifted unashamed to his cock, which was almost unrecognizable, considering a tentacle was bending and bulging it to terrific proportions as it poked out of the tip.

Well, at least they're equal opportunity with gender.

pitter pat was an idiot to go after her alone

Oh damn.

Oh damn--oh, DAMN. You went all-in! This is some impressive stuff right here. One hell of an ending.

Great story. Always love to see a fic like this with such a happy ending.

Non-consensual tag exists. Use it.

Well written and I’ll be honest rhoufht she explode by the end. Hehe. P

Not the most messed up thing I've read, but up there :fluttershyouch:

I have a question, at the beginning of the chapter it seems like she still needs to eat to feed the tentacle creature, yet all those ponies at the end don’t seem like they’re eating anything to power the tentacles, is that just a plothole?

That turned out pretty dark and strange. Who would’v guessed.
Your writing is good, I’ll take a look at your other stories too. As long as there’s no dark tag. xD

From where’s the coverart?

That was fucking horrifying

i want more :pinkiehappy:

It made walking challenging; I certainly didn't get anywhere at an especially quick pace, but then again, I didn't need to. Everything I needed, and everything I ever wanted, was right here inside me.

Hopefully that makes it harder for her to properly share the gift...
:trollestia:: "This again? When can I finally have tree generations pass without having to deal with that kind of mess? I really should outlaw tentacle fucking, no matter what my niece keeps saying."

A thought struck me. I knew a place I could go where nopony would ever take my friends away. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it earlier.

I have a bad feeling about this, because I think I know what she is planning...
Edit. Okay, it's actually worse.
Maybe Pitter should have stayed with the rest of the search party.

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