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I Have Autism and Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID/MPD my motto is "What Fun Is There In Making Sense" because it's very true with me


So as of late me and my friend Samantha have been hearing rumors of people disappearing at Comic Con's around the US, we dismissed this as just rumors.

After buying a chainsaw and a book at Comic Con, the next thing I know I'm in a world with pony human as Ash Williams. And to make matters worse I'm a god damn slave to the Princesses while they read from the book and are forced to fight the reanimated dead and the possessed. And they're losing a fight they can't win, not without the Jefe, the Chosen One. the one destined to fight off this bloodthirsty evil

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"Hail to the King Baby!"

“I warned you,” I snarled, cleaning the blood off my chainsaw. “I warned you what would happen if you read from that book!” I glared at Twilight, who was staring at me in awe and a bit of horror. "Never seen a chainsaw hand before?" I asked, showing off the weapon.

Twilight, YOU F************** IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage: :twilightangry2:

Everyone and Everypony ( Including your Friends and Family, and Innocent People) that gets tortured, or killed by the Evil Demon Abomations will be your F***** FAULT!!!!! Their blood will be on your hands!!!!!!

I hope Twilight is f****** Guilty after this World Ending Disaster. And our Displaced Ash will show Everypony how to fix their stupid mess with the Demons.

Technically, it's Celestia's fault(honestly, she's a real threat to her people) since she's the dumbass who told Twilight to translate that book in the first place.

To Screwball, Everfree is one word.


Okay she'll be blamed too, and I hope the Pony Citizens catchs this. And will BLAME Celestia and Twilight for being Dumbass Idiots, and causing this Apocalypse by reading that Damn Book!

ALL MY HATE Princess Celestia

I just realized he has a huge handicap he cannot attack the possessed ponies


UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! First, Celestia imprisoned Ash for doing the right thing???!!!!

Second, she blamed Ash for this. When clearly it's her OWN FUCKING FAULT for telling Twilight to read the DAMN DEVIL BOOK!

And Thirdly, she put that stupid and retarded Spell on Ash. And for what DarkKing2 has said is true. Ash can't kill the Corrupted/Possessed Ponies! Is she trying to HELP the Damn Demons from CONQUERING/ENSLAVING the Entire World???!!!! Just because Celestia is being a STUPID, IDIOTIC, RETARDED PACIFIC, AND A FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!!!

I apologize Author. But I was VERY PISSED, AND UPSET after I read this. I'm just FRICKIN HATE having Celestia being a Pacifist Retarded. And trying to Antagonize the Human Protagonist like Ash. When he is trying to save your FRICKIN WORLD!!!!!!!! DUE TO YOUR STUPIDITY, BITCHESTIA!!!!!!!!!

I HOPE you make ash get RID of that Stupid "Enslavement" Spell VERY SOON!! ( By the way, that "Spell" sounds FUCKING MESS UP! And Why The HELL does a "Pacifist Princess" like Celestia have that Spell???!!!! That smells like a TYRANT WILL HAVE AND USED!!!!!)

And then Ash will finally kill some Evil Possessed Ponies, and SAVE some Innocent Ponies while he is at it. But, I also want Ash give the BIGGEST PUNCH in History to Celestia! And give her "Why You Suck" Speech. And have the Pony Citizens throw Garbage at Celestia, when they learn the truth that SHE ORDERED TWILIGHT to Summoning the Demons in the first place!!!!!!


I REALLY want Celestia to have her KARMIC PUNISHMENT! While Ash laughs and say "I told you so.", " This is all YOUR FAULT!!!!!!" and "Why you SUCK!" Speeches, very soon in the next chapters.

Otherwise, I will lose it. And will just leave this story, because of this injustice and mistreatment on Ash. And having Celestia being a FUCKING BITCH, and gets away with it!!!!!!!😡 😤

Ever the pacifist, Celestia fails to understand that sometimes killing is the best option. And now because of this, the demons have a large possibility of winning.

Her rule is to not kill her ponies and last time check even if they are possessed they are still her ponies so by the looks of it he is eight cans of fucked right now

Like the great emo Gohan once said bitch I'm having a hard time believing you're this retarded


Both of you are correct on this. That's why I'm very pissed about this. Her "Pacifist" ways, and being a major bitch to Ash will just DOOM Everyone/Everypony and the World to Damnation from the Evil Demons! :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage:

I hope Luna, Cadence, Discord, Main Five, and even Twilight and the Pony Citizens CURSE and HATE Celestia for being a IDIOTIC DUMBASS!!! And PRAISE Ash for at least TRYING to stop the Demons in the first place!

Who here wants Twilight to call in a vote of no-confidence on Celestia and impeach her so that they'd get a competent leader on the throne?

Definitely 1 Vote from me. 👍

Me giving THIS to Celestia: 😡 😆 🖕 🖕

Celestia: 😥 😭

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted October 14th

Can I please ask that you refrain from using the Retard word in the comments. And to answer why Celestia even knows that spell. One answer. Sombra

Can't wait until Celestia realizes she made ANOTHER MISTAKE by enslaving Ash. Also I just realized how fucked up magic is, you can just do what you want without no one knowing it was you like putting a sleep spell on someone, kidnap and rape them and then wipe there memory.

I'm starting to like unicorns less and less with every story I read.

As much as I hate seeing Celestia as the bad guy in this story I am willing to look past it since its an evil dead story. Plus you have a point her ideals are flawed especially with how it make killing deadites difficult because of the damn spell. Though if she sees the horror their facing and how her ideals will do nothing to stop she may realize how wrong she was. Though i will expect this to come back and bite her in the butt knowing how individuals like her in this alternate universe will end up. Again thank you for making this story and will look forward to any future chapters to it as well.


Well I was pissed off and mad. But I personally think by saying Retarded to Celestia sounds better than any other Curse Word like the F Word or Worse. Besides, she is being like that for making Dumb Decisions and Dooming the Whole World in the process. 😒 🤦

P.S. Got it from Sombra??!! Why DIDN'T Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor, and Twilight pull a investigation on Celestia on having DARK MAGIC like a SLAVE SPELL???!!!

P.P.S Celestia is kinda Sus for using Sombra's Slave Spell. Yes it's a Among Us Reference.


It shows that Normal Magic can be WORSE like "Dark" Magic. It goes to show that Magic and Technology can be used for Good and BAD!


No, sorry. 🤔

But I did see some episodes of the Three Stooges in the past. 😀

Cue the spell collar melting off him due to sheer grit.

Funnily enough, I just saw a film where they made a cameo.

"We forgot the Book!"

Dammit Ash! You had one job!

After buying a chainsaw and a book at Comic Con,

What kind of con sells such a thing, again?

I've been to comic con before and there was one guy who sold Evil Dead merch and one item was his chainsaw, not real of course

“ASH!” I heard my little sister say. “SHINING! SOMEONE HELP ME!”


"Tell your Queen the kitchens closed," Shining growled, before pulling the trigger.

Bad. Ass. Now if only he were like this in the show.

That Train Conductor and that other guard are just pure Xenophobic Assholes! At least Shining Armor help and become a Badass with Ash.

Plus, I hope Ash punch REALLY HARD to Celestia for being a dumbass idiot and FORCE her to REMOVE the stupid "Enslavement" Spell. Otherwise, you making the Deadites and Demons WIN!!! 😡 😤

None, but it a fanfic.

10487159 You do realize that this is Xenolestia right? She won't do jack. All she'll do is tell him "Good little slave monkey." before shoving him back into the cell until the next deadite threat pops up.

I hope she goes to FRICKIN HELL and be TORTURED after this! 😈 😠 😈 😠 😈

Not gonna lie, this one was fire. Can't wait for more!

Nice, very nice. I love to see Ash having that handicap removed. This story is very, very entertaining.

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