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This story is a sequel to Kung-Fu Equestria

A year has past and Twilight Sparkle, now known as the Celestial Warrior protects Ponyville alongside her friends and fellow Kung-Fu masters, the Furious Five. However, a dangerous villain returns and threatens Twilight's new life with plans to use a secret weapon to wipe out the martial art and conquer all of Equestria. In order to defeat the new enemy, Twilight finds she must recall her past and unlock secrets of her mysterious origins; only then will he find the strength to vanquish his foe.

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Splendid chapter my friend!

Very nice. This has my attention, just like the last one. I'll be watching.

So will this be a Twidash or Flashlight story?


Nice to see the story deviating from the movie whith Applejack having to stay back and Tai Lung joining the group. I wonder... He made a pretty direct threat to Fluttershy in your last story, so it might be an interesting side challenge for him if she's still nervous around him. (Not to say Fluttershy would hold a grudge, but maybe just a little skidish.) Just an idea.

On a side note, Zecora should still rhyme. The trick with parodies is that your putting a new set of characters in place of the story's intended characters, but the mlp characters have to still be in character. So far, your done a really good job of this! But Zecora's rhyming is a pretty big trademark of her character, so I personally think you shouldn't forgo it. Not that its essential or anything.

Best of luck with writing!

KO awesome chapter, nice sequel as we will see how Twilight handle the truth of what happened to her pony family while she along with her friends try to save the empire from a mad unicorn.

KO awesome chapter, Twilight and the gang have made their way to the castle of the Crystal Empire but couldn’t get the Kung-Fu masters out and now they are captured to be taken to Sombra.

B-But," the mare stammered. "Y-You stole a-all my metal pots for L-King Sombra."

I think you may need to fix that

KO awesome chapter, something tells me that Twilight isn’t going to sit around at the prison and may bargain more than she can of what she is seeking.

Top quality, I would expect nothing less given that you are such a talented writer.

My only critique come in the form of did Big mac really have to die? You pardoned the snow leopard but big mac gets blasted to bits I hope sombrero gets his just due cause I see no other way to justify it.

But really nice story it certainly has me hooked.

Another thing in mind is that no one has brought up the fact that Sombrero is using Cannons and well ....*cough* Party cannon *cough* or is it just the be of a technique and I'm just a bad reader.

Yes we are, we are just taking a short break from it. It's a little thing that tend to happen when I spend too much time on a single fanfiction it eventually turns to rubbish and I lose interest, so by leaving it alone to breathe I can get the proper flavors from it

Will this story be shorter or longer than the previous one?

No idea, I just write until it feels right to stop

I'm going to continue but right now I'm working on The Shadow of Equestria

Yes I'm going to continue the story, just not at this moment

Happy new year bud, I promise once I finish the next chapter of The Shadow of Equestria I will continue Kung-Fu Equestria 2 and I will try to write Kung-Fu Equestria 3 this year give or take a few months in between to let it breath

I simply love how trollish Zecora is.

Okay first you misspelled my name, 2nd I've already uploaded the next chapter a few days ago, and 3rd I'm already 1400+ words into writing the next chapter of Kung-Fu Equestria 2.

And I swear to Celestia you ask me again I'm deleting the entire series. I've got no problem you leaving a comment saying to enjoy the writing but you asking when I will continue is getting on my nerves, I write on my own time and will get done when it gets done

KO awesome chapter, damn now Twilight has been literally blown away by Sombra’s evil and hope Zecora can help her heal through the pain as Twilight will need to stronger for the final battle!

You good dude, and I'm sorry for the threat. It just bothered me cause it was like every other day you were asking for an update. I really am sorry my guy. I just don't do very well with people pressuring me to hurry cause if I hurry something goes wrong or the Fanfiction looks rushed and I don't want any of you guys to read a bad or half-assed fanfiction. You all choose to read my Fanfiction so the only option I have is to give you all the very best

-With Love❤
The Queen of Darkness
Lady Umbra

A lot of um... Sexual themes here. But a great chapter nonetheless.

KO awesome chapter, Twilight now knows about her homeland and gained the determination to take down Sombra stopping his evil once and for all as the final battle is coming!

No, I like. I'm just expressing my sadness at Chrysalis's life.

KO awesome chapter, Chrysalis die by Sombra’s hands and now Twilight must be strong to avenge her and her family the final battle is about to become something no one will ever forget.

Also, you forgot to "Complete" it

KO awesome final chapter, Twilight has defeated the evil unicorn and made peace with herself to move on to let her family Rest In Peace, but it looks like another adventure is coming to them soon.


Agreed. I mean, do you REALLY have to blind Fluttershy, or make those Disgusting Changelings almost rape the main five??!! Kung Fu Panda is definitely not like that.

But I do hope that introducing Chi might fix Fluttershy's Eyes, or a Ancient Magic Technique? Also, I think Tirek will be the new Villain. Because of both him and Kai absorbing either Magic/Chi.

I just wrote what felt right[to me], I do apologize if you didn't like it, and Tirek was always going to be Kai.

I personally think it was the just right amount of violence, considering the nature of the characters' job and the story's T rating. So long as its not done too frequently (so as to not numb people to it) really injuring a character can pull readers in with concern. That's my two cents anyway.

Great job on this story overall. My advice would be to slow down your pacing just a bit and add in a few more 'quiet' sceens that weren't in the movie. Let us really get to see how Tia Lung interacts with each character on an individual level.

Hold up. How is this Displaced? Unless I missed something before I start, there's nothing of the usual steaming pile of horseapples that go into that genre.

Then again, I haven't read anything of the story yet. So what do I know?

well technically in the first one Tai stole something from the merchant and was sent to Kung-Fu Equestria as Tail Lung

Well, that explains that at least.

So Spike was the older sibling? I've been voicing him wrong this whole time?! :pinkiegasp:

He had lived alone for a few years at that point, and though it was natural for dragon parents to not stick around, Spike still felt his chest tighten at the thought of this little one leaving him too.

They left you before you turned 10 years old. Bruh. :derpyderp1:

Oh crap! They killed Big Mac :applecry:

No Spike's parent's died

"It's my sister, Cadence" Shining whispered, turning to her with a smile "My little sister is alive".

"The Warrior of Day and Night!" Sombra whispered in absolute fear, as Twilight hurled the cannonball right back at Sombra, and his last ship went up in a flurry of sparks.


Another day have been saved by the Twilight Sparkle the 'Celestial Warrior'!!!

Twilight shook her head. And yet... as she gazed down into a puddle of rainwater, she didn't see herself.

Or rather, not as she was now.

She saw herself as a filly. Purple eyes, unconcerned with the gathering of knowledge or magic. A wide, giggling smile.

She turned. The Town of Twilight was... thriving. Ponies farmed the fields, or flew kites like dragons through the sky.

Three ponies approached her, one of them picking her up with a warm smile.

It was her mother. Those eyes - so scared in her previous visions - now held nothing but warmth and happiness. By her left, a strong, strapping stallion with dark blue fur embraced her mother's side. And on her right, a smaller colt with white fur and a blue mane blowing in the breeze gazed up at them with the loyalty and love only a son could give to his parents.

"This was once a thriving village," Zecora whispered, bringing Twilight out of the vision. "Back before the pillage."

"Pillage?" Twilight whispered, her voice cracking as logic tried to connect the dots emotion would rather remain severed.

"Young Sombra was next in line to rule the Crystal Empire but..." Zecora shook her head, before guilt brought her head down, and she forewent her rhymes. "But he wanted more. I... foretold that someone would stand in his way." She looked up at Twilight. "A warrior... named Twilight."

Twilight's eyes widened as the zebra turned from her, her voice cracking and tears poking at her eyes.

"But I never could have fortold what he would do next," she bemoaned.

Logic connected, and the next memory brought Twilight to her knees.

Fire. Fire burning everywhere. Ponies being lined up by changelings. Forced to their knees as Sombra glowered down at them all, Chrysalis at his side.

"Name!" he demanded of one.

"M-Midnight Sonata," she stammered.

Sombra huffed, before waving her aside. Chrysalis' horn flashed, and two changelings dragged the pony away, as he moved to the next pony.

"Name!" he snapped.

"T-Twilight's Glow!" the mare whimpered.

His sword flashed in the fire. And screams erupted as Twilight's Glow fell to the ground, her head bouncing away into the dust.

Twilight's mother clutched her to her chest, while Twilight hugged a smartypants stuffed animal to her chest. Both of them whimpered as Sombra drew closer.

"Name!" he spat at the pony beside them.

"Star Fire," he claimed. "Star Fire. I swear that's my name!"

But Chrysalis shook her head. "He lies," she hissed.

Sombra's sword once again flashed in the night. The stallion's head joined Twilight's Glow's. Then, almost like a nightmare... Sombra sidled up before Twilight and her mother.

"Name," he growled like a demon.

Twilight's mother glowered up at him, before looking behind him with a grin.

Sombra's brow furrowed, before he turned... and recieved a brutal kick that threw him over Twilight and her mother.

Chrysalis tried to turn to his attacker, only for another stallion to send her tumbling as well.

Twilight's father and brother hoisted her mother up.

"Take her and run," her father said firmly.

"But I can help!" her mother insisted, trying to give her to her father. "It's me he'll want."

"Father!" her brother yelled, as Chrysalis and Sombra rose up, teeth gritted in fury. Sombra blasted a spell at the group, but her brother's horn flashed, and a shield barely managed to deflect the brutal spell.

"No time to argue," her father insisted. "Go! Please!"

Her mother glanced back at Sombra, and grit her teeth in frustration. Planting one final kiss on her husband's lips, she turned and fled, just as another spell broke her brother's shield. The shards blasted Twilight's stuffed animal from her hands, as her mother fled with her into the shadows of the night.

Briefly snapping out of the vision, Twilight found herself before a cluster of black boards... with something underneath them.

Parting the boards, Twilight found her old stuffed doll. Yet even touching it brought back the vision.

Sombra's mark. Her mother leaving her.

Screaming, Twilight turned away, tears slipping down her face with the rain.

"Do what's right, and don't fight," Zecora's soothing voice whispered. "Like a magic's glow... just let it flow."

Her words were like an anchor in a stormy sea. Twilight felt her breathing slow. Her heart steady.

She lifted her head up, letting the drops of rain fall. It almost felt like they were clearing away her doubts.

As her breathing steadied, and she felt her doubts and fears slip away, Twilight began to slide her foot. Copying the motions that she had seen Master Luna use so long ago.

A single raindrop came into reach and Twilight extended her hand, catching it as her vision continued.

She saw her mother, running through the woods. Clutching her daughter tightly to her chest.

A spell shot past her, but her mother spun with the curse, firing a spell right back.

A changeling fell, but another one rose to take its place. Twilight's mother snarled like an angry wolf, and caught the lunging changeling with a strength enhanced arm. Smashing it to the ground, she crushed its carapace, before glaring at the red glow that was slowly approaching her.

She turned and tried to escape the hunters.

But another spell shot through the trees. And this one caught her across the leg.

Her mother stumbled and fell down a small hill. As she clutched at her leg, she shivered as felt obsidian replacing the flesh and bone.

Twilight didn't understand back then, but she knew now that her mother wouldn't be able to run on that leg.

The sound of the hunters grew closer. The hiss of the changelings. The hum of Sombra's aura.

Twilight's mother desperately looked for some form of escape.

Her eyes landed on a cart. Filled with crates of various books and scrolls.

The sound of shattering glass rang through the forest. Forcing herself forward, Twilight's mother limped behind the cart and watched as the changelings ran past and out of view. Looking back at her injuried leg, her mother gave one more look to the cart. Conflicting emotions crossed across her face, before she reluctantly lifted Twilight up towards...

Twilight's eyes shot open. Time itself seemed to freeze, the raindrop hovering in her hands. recgonizing the familiar crate

It was the crate Spike had found her in. Placing her daughter into the crate, Twilight's mother hushed baby Twilight when she fussed, kissing her on the forehead, even as tears began to flood her eyes.

"Hush, my little filly," her mother whispered. "You're going to get out of this alive." She hugged her. "And you're going to have a good life... even without..."

Her voice cracked too much to proceed. She touched Twilight's head to her own, and slipped out of her grip.

"I love you, my baby girl," her mother sobbed. "I love you!"

And as Twilight was only able to gaze on, sobbing as she reached weakly out for her mother. The elder mare limped back up to the hillside, and flared two balls of magic in her hands.

"Sombra!" she bellowed, her voice instantly hushing Twilight's cries, and bringing silence to the forest. "You wanted to know my name!?"

Twilight didn't see her mother's face, but she could assume it was set in a terrifying glare.

"My name is Twilight Velvet!" she declared. "And you can burn in Tartarus!"

She blasted herself forward with one final battle cry. A battle cry that, even when it was cut short, still echoed over the forest... even 19 years later, as the daughter Twilight Velvet had died for deposited the drop of water onto the leaf of a growing plant.

Twilight's breathing remained steady, but her cheeks soaked with tears. Falling to her knees, she wept for her mother; a mother that had not abandoned her, but given her life for her.

'I'm so sorry, Mother,' Twilight couldn't help but think. 'I'm sorry I ever doubted you. I wish you didn't have to do that for me. I wish...'

She could've wished a lot of things. But then Zecora's soothing voice reached her ears. Foregoing her rhymes for straight fact.

"Your story may not have had such a happy beginnning, but that doesn't make you who you are."

When she turned to Zecora, she saw the zebra give her a comforting smile.

"It is the rest of your story that matters," she insisted. "Who you choose to be."

Twilight gazed back up at the sky. "Who I choose to be..." she whispered, smiling as she remembered...

Spike finding her.

Casting her first spell.

Reading her first book about Kung Fu.

The fight with Garble.

Celestia choosing her.

Training with Luna.

Training with the Five.

Saving Tai Lung.

Rainbow Dash bowing to her.

Telling her she couldn't watch her die.

And finally... her and Spike in the Jade Dragon Library. With Spike caring for her like the big brother he was.

Twilight smiled, and breathed. And when Zecora asked, "So... who are you?" Twilight had an answer. Her gaze focused to the North, as the clouds parted to reveal the Crystal Empire.

"I am Twilight Sparkle," Twilight declared. "The Celestial Warrior... and I'm going to save the Crystal Empire."

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Summary of the story (SPOILERS):

Twenty years before the first story, Prince Sombra, son of the crystal ponies that ruled the Crystal Empire, decided to use the power of fireworks as a weapon to conquer Equestria.

One day, a zebra fortune-teller named Zecora predicted that if Sombra continued down that path, he would be destroyed by a warrior whose name represents both day and night (the name "Twilight"). To prevent the prophecy from coming to pass, Sombra and his private army of changelings (ruled by Sombra's mate, Queen Chrysallis) travel throughout Equestria, slaughtering all ponies bearing "Twilight" in his name.

Horrified by that heinous slaughter, Sombra's parents decided to banish his son, who before leaving swore revenge.

In the present, the unicorn Twilight Sparkle is the Celestial Warrior and protects the village of Ponyville with the help of her best friends, the Furious Five (Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity). One day, Master Luna shows Twilight a special technique created by her late sister, Grand Master Celestia, and that only kung fu masters who achieve "inner peace" can perform it.

Just then, Chrysallis and her changelings attack a village of musicians to steal metal objects on Sombra's orders. Twilight and the Five fight them off, but is distracted when she sees, on Chrysallis's armor, a mysterious symbol that causes her to have a vision of her deceased mother, allowing Chrysallis and her minions to get away.

Later, Twilight asks her adoptive dragon brother, Spike, where she came from. He confesses that he found her inside a basket full of documents and adopted her as her sister, but Twilight still doesn't know how and why she lost her real parents and ended up in Ponyville.

The next day, Luna learns that Master Big Macintosh (leader of the kung fu masters who rule the Crystal Empire after the death of Sombra's parents and Applejack's older brother) has been killed by King Sombra, who plans to use his new weapon, a cannon of fireworks, to take down all the kung fu masters and conquer Equestria.

Twilight and the Furious Five (except for a vengeful Applejack, and accompanied by Luna's adopted son, Tai Lung, and his Changeling girlfriend, the Urtica), are sent to stop Sombra and destroy the cannon.

After days of travel, Twilight's group arrives at the Crystal Empire, only to discover that the city is under the control of Sombra and Chrysallis's changeling army, and that Masters Bulk Biceps and Flash Sentry (Pegasus disciples of Big Macintosh) have been incarcerated in prison.

Before proceeding through the city, Urtica confesses to the group that Chyrsallis is her mother and thus the rightful heir to the throne of the Changeling Colony. Scared, Urtica leaves the group despite Tai Lung's pleas.

At the prison, Twilight tries to convince Bulk and Flash to help them, but they think there's nothing they can do against Sombra's cannon, so they refuse. At that moment, they are discovered by Chrysallis and so that she does not warn Sombra, they chase her throughout the city, but end up at the gates of Sombra's palace and are captured.

Chrysallis leads Twilight's group to Sombra's throne room, but they break free thanks to the "switching trick" between Tai Lung and Urtica (who had returned to challenge her mother) and successfully destroy the cannon. During the fight, Twilight becomes distracted again, when she sees the symbol on Sombra's armor again, who takes advantage of the occasion to teleport with Chrysallis to a factory near the palace, revealing that it has an arsenal of cannons, which he uses to destroy the palace.

After saving herself and returning to the prison, Rainbow Dash angrily asks Twilight why she let Sombra escape when she had the chance to stop him. Faced with this pressure, Twilight confesses that she had discovered that Sombra was present the day she last saw her parents, and that she wants to capture him so that he can tell her what really happened that day.

With those words, Rainbow Dash commiserates to the astonishment of the others, but still orders Twilight to stay hidden with Urtica while she and the others try to destroy the cannon factory (due to Twilight being too distracted to fight and Urtica weak from her fight with Chrysallis).

Later, disobeying Rainbow Dash, Twilight sneaks into the factory to try to capture Sombra, but ends up causing Rainbow Dash's group to be captured, while Urtica is defeated by Chrysalis. Finally, Twilight reaches Sombra, who tricks her by saying that her parents abandoned her. Taking advantage of Twilight's doubts, Sombra shoots her with a giant cannon, throwing her into the river and leaving her unconscious and badly injured.

The next day, Twilight is found and healed by Zecora, who takes her to the ruins of the village where she was born: the Twilight Village. With the help of Zecora's advice, Twilight manages to remember how the place was destroyed by Sombra and her army and that her mother, Twilight Velvet, hid her inside the basket that Spike found to save her. At that moment, Twilight realizes that she has accomplished great things despite the tragedies of her past, and in this way she achieves "inner peace".

Later, fully recovered, Twilight returns to the Crystal Empire to stop Sombra from starting his conquest of Equestria and frees her friends, along with the sudden help of Bulk and Flash (who join in after being convinced by Luna and Applejack, who also came to help).

During the battle, Sombra inadvertently confesses that he killed Chrysallis's husband, a pony named Wild Spark. Blinded by rage, Chrysallis attacks Sombra, only to end up being violently stabbed by him. Before she dies and reunites with her lover in the afterlife, Chrysallis decides to hand over the crown of the Shifting Colony to Urtica and then arranges an impromptu wedding for her with Tai Lung.

Finally, Twilight uses Celesta's technique to deflect the cannonballs and launch them at Sombra's warships, destroying them.

Later, Twilight tries to convince Sombra to forget her past and give up, but he ignores her and attacks her, only to be violently attacked by the Changeling Army (who wish to avenge Chrysallis's death). These cause the last cannon to fall on top of Sombra, killing him.

Upon victory, Rainbow Dash tells Twilight that what she did was pretty radical, causing Twilight to hug her without thinking, much to everyone's astonishment.

A few days later, Twilight returns to Ponyville and tells Spike that she will always love him as if he were her true brother.

In the end, in a secret village populated by the survivors of Twilight Village, Twilight's real brother, Shining Armor, discovers that his sister is alive.

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