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This story is a sequel to Kung-Fu Equestria

A year has past and Twilight Sparkle, now known as the Celestial Warrior protects Ponyville alongside her friends and fellow Kung-Fu masters, the Furious Five. However, a dangerous villain returns and threatens Twilight's new life with plans to use a secret weapon to wipe out the martial art and conquer all of Equestria. In order to defeat the new enemy, Twilight finds she must recall her past and unlock secrets of her mysterious origins; only then will he find the strength to vanquish his foe.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 7 )

Splendid chapter my friend!

Very nice. This has my attention, just like the last one. I'll be watching.

So will this be a Twidash or Flashlight story?

Nice to see the story deviating from the movie whith Applejack having to stay back and Tai Lung joining the group. I wonder... He made a pretty direct threat to Fluttershy in your last story, so it might be an interesting side challenge for him if she's still nervous around him. (Not to say Fluttershy would hold a grudge, but maybe just a little skidish.) Just an idea.

On a side note, Zecora should still rhyme. The trick with parodies is that your putting a new set of characters in place of the story's intended characters, but the mlp characters have to still be in character. So far, your done a really good job of this! But Zecora's rhyming is a pretty big trademark of her character, so I personally think you shouldn't forgo it. Not that its essential or anything.

Best of luck with writing!

KO awesome chapter, nice sequel as we will see how Twilight handle the truth of what happened to her pony family while she along with her friends try to save the empire from a mad unicorn.

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