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I love writing both Original Fanfictions and Movie Xovers[Meaning I write the movie plot with MLP characters] I also love all forms of feedback


I'm going on a Hiatus for a bit · 10:42pm Saturday

Okay So as the title says i'm going to cease writing for a bit after I upload the next chapter of My Name is Ash, I'll still upload the Chapters of The Shadow of Equestria. because the next arc is completed. but right now I want to take a break and relax both physically and mentally

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I can't decide · 2:57pm September 20th

I need one for Sombra’s Sword. Normally Sombra uses a regular broadsword but I can't decide which one will be Sombra's personally sword. the sword his father gave him before his death.

Sword 1

Sword 2

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One I read once · 1:23pm August 15th

Okay I am in a little bind, I want to read an old tragedy story I read in high-school, Only problem I can't remember the name.

It involves Scootaloo, She sleeps in the club house and wakes up to find she died from the cold night, she is then approached by a dark alicorn. he is to help ease her pain by granting her a dream or something. the watch Scoot being buried and watch Rainbow approach crying.

Any of this ringing a bell?

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Marvel Series · 3:54am May 17th

Alright fillies and colts. I have had a revelation. After I finish Kung-Fu Equestria 3. I will be doing the Entire Marvel series in the MLP universe
All of it.
Not the original Spiderman or the Amazing Spiderman. But will do the Far From Home and Homecoming Spiderman.

Actually only the ones that correspond with the Avengers movies. As well as the Incredible Hulk movie since they never made a movie with the current Banner. And it'll all be done in Chronological order

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Kung-Fu Equestria · 3:51am May 7th

ok so I'm writing the third Kung-Fu Equestria series. and I'm having a little trouble. now know that Tirek will be in the role of Kai. What I need to know is what do I call him. since I'm having him Human..ish rather than having him a centuar I need to have something to call him.

Like how I refer to Fluttershy and Rainbow. Cyan/Yellow Pegasus or Pegasus Master
Luna and Celestia as White/Blue Alicorn or Alicorn Master

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NEWS!!!!!! · 5:57am April 8th

Okay so here is the deal. After My Name is Ash, The Shadow of Equestria, and Kung-Fu Equestria 3 is complete my proofreader Three Tails will be leaving me. so I will be in need of a new proofreader, I'm looking for someone who can fix my awful grammar and make my writing go from a 1 to a solid 20

My garbage version

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Displaced Ideas I will use · 5:08am Nov 24th, 2020

Okay so probably after I Finish up some of my fanfictions I want to try two other ideas and I would like your opinion on them

Idea #1

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