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I'm a fan of Ben 10, and a recent fan of MLP, due to G4 being so cool, and helping me out of a dark place, like some other bronies have been before they discovered MLP.

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Why'd my brain think this would be about a hourglassed shaped heroine...

I'm not sure, nor am I sure how to answer that question without smiling like an absolute doofus xD

Note to self: never read fanfics after 4:00 pm. XD
Btw, I just remember that you'd gain new forms if you met other Displaced, how will you balance it without the new forms being too strong or being useless?

Well, No alien form is too weak or too strong, it just depends on how you work with what you're given, like how Ben originally did whenever he usually got the wrong alien by slamming on the Omnitrix too hard or by randomly unlocking a new alien. I have options with how I can and/or cannot balance it out, but that's stuff that will be touched on later as major plot points.

Fair point. I had to ask about it as the omnitrix can scan for new dna.

Yeah, and like most Displaced who would be equipped with an Omnitrix, obviously there's going to be a Pony form, but I definitely won't go the route of having each variation be its own form, as it'd just be an earth pony form with minor changes to make it the pinnacle or prime example of other pony variations like Pegasi and Unicorns. Plus, I'm not getting into DNA scanning until a specific event begins in this timeline, just for the sake of keeping things simple while I try to introduce this Omnitrix's arsenal of 10.

Most Omnitrix wearing Displaced have the Definitive Omnitrix, and that's okay, but I prefer to work my way up and earn my power, master what I currently have before going head first into a cesspool of many types of other displaced equestrias to gain new alien forms or weapons or training of any kind, and while I'm still looking over someone's options for my 1st crossover, I'm trying to make sure that no matter what I choose, I have to make sure I don't immediately get gifted with something OP for the sake of plot or the plot's convenience.

Imagine this scenario. My Displaced, Leon, unlocks Walkatrout by complete and utter accident, this alien's only power is to be slippery. In every other situation, it'd be seen as useless, but think about it for a second, the Omnitrix has a feature called the Data Dump, it downloads the alien's instincts and abilities into the user's mind, giving them the proper information on how to properly utilize the form in any situation. Remember what I said about there being no alien that is too strong or too weak, it's just how you use it that makes it viable? This is what I mean, because if you really put your mind to it, really took time to calculate the multiple probabilities and hypothetical conclusions to come out of using Walkatrout in a situation, even this weak slick and slippery alien guppy on land could be useful for a number of situations.

Did that help any man, or did I somehow make it more confusing?

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted June 18th

Yea, picking the right displaced will be difficult, even more so since cross-overs have died down since the days when Displaced was a new idea.

Well, I hope you're prepared for a little bit more of what happens in this story, because this is definitely gonna be something that requires a bit of pushing in the right direction and a slow start so that it can pick up momentum.

Or in simple terms, Chapter 2 is coming out right now.

I like this. It combines my two favorite things; Ben 10 and MLP. I do wonder why you put transformed Leon's dialogue in bold though. I hope you continue this and thanks for writing

It's in bold to differentiate it a little. And I'm glad you like the story so far.

To answer your question on if the Omnitrix will ever recalibrate in this story, it will, but that's gonna be for much, much later.

I'll definitely consider Gebo. I don't know what a Gebo would look like, so I guess this drone will be the first Gebo.

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