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I write Ben 10 and MLP Content most of the time, so you know what you're getting into when you follow me, at least.

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Why'd my brain think this would be about a hourglassed shaped heroine...

I'm not sure, nor am I sure how to answer that question without smiling like an absolute doofus xD

Note to self: never read fanfics after 4:00 pm. XD
Btw, I just remember that you'd gain new forms if you met other Displaced, how will you balance it without the new forms being too strong or being useless?

Well, No alien form is too weak or too strong, it just depends on how you work with what you're given, like how Ben originally did whenever he usually got the wrong alien by slamming on the Omnitrix too hard or by randomly unlocking a new alien. I have options with how I can and/or cannot balance it out, but that's stuff that will be touched on later as major plot points.

Fair point. I had to ask about it as the omnitrix can scan for new dna.

Yeah, and like most Displaced who would be equipped with an Omnitrix, obviously there's going to be a Pony form, but I definitely won't go the route of having each variation be its own form, as it'd just be an earth pony form with minor changes to make it the pinnacle or prime example of other pony variations like Pegasi and Unicorns. Plus, I'm not getting into DNA scanning until a specific event begins in this timeline, just for the sake of keeping things simple while I try to introduce this Omnitrix's arsenal of 10.

Most Omnitrix wearing Displaced have the Definitive Omnitrix, and that's okay, but I prefer to work my way up and earn my power, master what I currently have before going head first into a cesspool of many types of other displaced equestrias to gain new alien forms or weapons or training of any kind, and while I'm still looking over someone's options for my 1st crossover, I'm trying to make sure that no matter what I choose, I have to make sure I don't immediately get gifted with something OP for the sake of plot or the plot's convenience.

Imagine this scenario. My Displaced, Leon, unlocks Walkatrout by complete and utter accident, this alien's only power is to be slippery. In every other situation, it'd be seen as useless, but think about it for a second, the Omnitrix has a feature called the Data Dump, it downloads the alien's instincts and abilities into the user's mind, giving them the proper information on how to properly utilize the form in any situation. Remember what I said about there being no alien that is too strong or too weak, it's just how you use it that makes it viable? This is what I mean, because if you really put your mind to it, really took time to calculate the multiple probabilities and hypothetical conclusions to come out of using Walkatrout in a situation, even this weak slick and slippery alien guppy on land could be useful for a number of situations.

Did that help any man, or did I somehow make it more confusing?

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted Jun 18th, 2021

Yea, picking the right displaced will be difficult, even more so since cross-overs have died down since the days when Displaced was a new idea.

Well, I hope you're prepared for a little bit more of what happens in this story, because this is definitely gonna be something that requires a bit of pushing in the right direction and a slow start so that it can pick up momentum.

Or in simple terms, Chapter 2 is coming out right now.

I like this. It combines my two favorite things; Ben 10 and MLP. I do wonder why you put transformed Leon's dialogue in bold though. I hope you continue this and thanks for writing

It's in bold to differentiate it a little. And I'm glad you like the story so far.

To answer your question on if the Omnitrix will ever recalibrate in this story, it will, but that's gonna be for much, much later.

I'll definitely consider Gebo. I don't know what a Gebo would look like, so I guess this drone will be the first Gebo.

“Yes Twiggy, yes it is.”

Oh no… that nickname.

Great chapter keep it up

If Celestia doesn't get her well deserved karma or a major ass beating eventually. I'm out! :twilightangry2:


P.S. I change my mind. At first, I really do want to be invested in this new Ben 10 Displaced story. But sadly, it's all f******* ruined for me.

Basically, having your own main character ( Despite having one of the most OP fictional alien devices in media ) getting his own ASS BEATEN by f******** Blueblood of all despicable ponies!!??

Doesn't help that Leon didn't do shit against Blueblood further on destroying poor Moondancer's home, and attempted RAPE/MURDER!!!! And in the end, the pony guards were actually USEFUL for once, and saved the day????

Not only that this is so totally embarrassing, but it DOESN'T help me ( Or any potential reader ) to like, nor think Leon is a "good/cool" main character for the future. :fluttercry:

Doesn't help that Celestia is a frickin misanthropic/xenophobic bitch, and a huge hypocrite that she thinks she is still a "princess that teaches friendship and harmony after this stunt.

And she also insulted Pony Doctor Who as well! Is she really that F******* racist/xenophobic against aliens/out-worlders/non-ponies so much??!!

And you also killed our own race and destroyed planet earth by a major evil d***head in the first chapter?! Is just mess up, dude.

I will take my leave anyway. Hope that I didn't heavily offend you with my rather angry criticism.

Trust me, Celly and Blueblood will get their just desserts in the future. Plus, I never said Earth was destroyed. You'll just have to wait till later to find out what happened.

But I do get what you mean by how Leon didn't do that much, and that's an error on my part. There are times when I'm writing, and my mind will just jump ahead without warning, it disrupts the thought process and it helps to keep a consistent line of thought when writing a story like this.

Also, in defense of Leon, he's used to the fictitious definition of doing good, and when the situation presents itself, he doesn't do what other heroes do, he's not a normal hero, he's not like many other displaced who have worn Omnitrixes or Omnitrix-like devices. I'll definitely cover this in the next chapter and try to explain why Leon hasn't done much with his powers, even if it might make things better in the long run.

As for why Celestia is such a raging Xenophobe, it's not just because I favor the Moon and like Luna better, there's an actual reason for this, and I can explain this now.

You know how there's the stereotype in fiction that makes a person very stuck in their old ways, and will be perceived as horrible people because they refuse to change with the times? Celestia didn't originally fall into this stereotype... at first.

Think back to how in the olden days of pre-Equestria, the pony tribes couldn't stand each other, despite being the same race, but with different features and abilities. After they all nearly froze to death, and learned they could rely on each other to prosper and come together, the ponies themselves learned how to not fall into such a mindset, but there are some who still feel that hating other lifeforms and seeing them as threats is the right course of action.

Celestia did not originally think this way. To recap back to a point in this story, during Luna's expositing of what happened to the humans that were native to Equestria, and I quote,

"One day, on the longest day of our 30th year of ruling as a Triarchy, Marcus came to fulfill his royal duties... but he seemed to carry a weight of regret and pain on his back as he came in. Celestia thought nothing of it, but I knew better. Marcus warned us that his people wouldn't listen to reason on a simple solution, and decided to declare war on Canterlot. He couldn't sit on his throne and call himself a prince anymore if he has to rule over an unruly species such as his. He abandoned Canterlot when ponies needed him the most, and the day the humans attacked, Celestia had wiped them out with a single spell." Luna explained.

It was on this day, when the first, last, and only human ruler in Equestrian history walked out on his own kind, and the kingdom of another species, that's when things changed for Celestia and her mindset. It wasn't immediate, but she always tried to keep herself from becoming one of those types of rulers. It's only when she put the humans on the extinct species list all that time ago that reinforced that feeling, and only then did she feel the need to change her point of view.

It's also why she banished Luna to the moon without warning, because she believed that any human supporters or human lovers were to remain, her choice would be questioned, and she acted by trying to silence those who took a liking to the humans, who would never be seen again.

I appreciate the show of criticism, and trust me, I do plan to give blueblood his just desserts, as well as Celestia's, in due time, but I do want to get a certain plotline rolling before the inevitable final battle.


Hmm. A nice come back, good job.

It's also why she banished Luna to the moon without warning, because she believed that any human supporters or human lovers were to remain, her choice would be questioned, and she acted by trying to silence those who took a liking to the humans, who would never be seen again.

You know? If Twilight ( And her friends/elements, or Luna and Cadence. ) learned about this. That Celestia actually assassinied/killed/"silented" or falsely imprisoned innocent ponies that actually liked humanity in the past. Possibly even Moondancer or Bon Bon/Lyra.

They will all be heavily disgusted with Celestia. And even better, Twilight will might not want to do anything with Celestia anymore, and quit as her student.

That will be a nice idea for one of the major consequences and karma's on Celestia's sinful mistakes. Plus, it will also be a huge slap to her dumb face, and actually go though with her. Realized that she ISN'T perfect, and is a terrible pony on the long run.

Give the story time, and Celestia will not be remembered as Equestria's savior of 'Nightmare Moon', but as the ruler who committed the full on genocide of the human race, and now a human from another world has learned part of the truth, so Celestia's gonna have her hooves full.

Is anyone else a bit annoyed that they literally pulled a piece of him out and he did nothing but yell at them a little then forgave and even apologized for yelling at them?

Yeah, looking back on this, it wasn't the best idea I had.

Ok im bowing out of this story, too many instances where the MC is a doormat...

Lmao. So the humans shared their technology with ponies, helped them understand friendship and then, for no fucking reason, decided to go to war with them? You even said that they have tons of factions and they all still agreed to it? Then Celestia just kills them all? How did she do it? She is not nearly powerful enough for that. And even if she were, that's way out of character for her.
And Leon's reaction to it is not righteous anger, thoughts of revenge, genociding ponies or even simple sadness. No, it's "Lol glad I wasn't there, otherwise they could have used me to not get genocided. Anyway, where's Twilight? I want to take a nap"
Good luck with the story, I'm outta here.

It's not the fact that they all agreed. Far from it.

Plus, this does deviate from the usual canon. The idea was that Celestia was blinded by her skepticism of humans as a whole, and in turn, when the only human ruler walked out because he couldn't change the minds of his people, Celestia thought the time for talking was over, and since the humans wouldn't back down, well, you can tell what happened.

As for how Celestia did it, you how back in the fandom that Alicorns were seen as these divine and powerful, yet graceful god-like creatures, yet get beaten and kidnapped by someone like Chrysalis? I decided to take that to the literal extreme, minus them being useless.

As for Celestia doing shit out of character, this is an alternate universe. If I made a character do something that's OOC in a story that closely follows the canon of the original story, then my bad. Since THS doesn't follow the canon of the OG story, and instead has a differing set of events that changed these characters in some way, that's not OOC, that's a different take on the character who has a different set of struggles and imperfections.

And yes, I will admit, Leon's response may not have been the best, I blame that on myself. As someone who used to write for the sake of just doing something for fun, while still keeping an interesting story for the reader to enjoy, I'll occasionally try to balance out the tone in any way I can (I had intended to try and start the next chapter by following up on this blunder, as a way to try and get Leon to be more interested in the fate of the humans of this version of Equestria, but I haven't had the time as of late to do that).

You can hate this story all you want, I'm not gonna stop you or advise that you don't, feel free to hate it if that's your choice. Believe it or not, I approve of your decision. I feel like the story has been put on-hold till I can properly find a way to either

A) Reboot the story
B) Start the story over fresh

It's weird for me to consider the last choice, but I'm struggling. Plus, I already had to rewrite another story, so there's that.

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