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Not bad I really like this story keep it up

Thanks, and I intend to.

Speaking of, do you have any suggestions for names for the unicorn and Dragon forms?

I’m sorry but don’t have any names for them but I hope you come up one

Well, I don't have any name ideas either, so maybe someone else will have a name. I'm working on the next chapter, and it's gonna be a doozy for a 4th chapter.

him having Ghostfreak is worrying. are we gonna see it go wrong or are we good? also with cadence babysitting him wouldned ben get alicorn from her?

Great job, I'm adding this to my favorites

Well, since this Ben comes from after he dealt with Ghostfreak after he escaped, and reclaimed the DNA Sample of the alien spectre, I'd say yeah, we're good.

And uh... heheheh, funny story about Cadence, you're gonna love it.

I didn't make her an Alicorn yet, mainly because I'm gonna let a certain event happen that'll be Cadence's crowning moment to when she ascends to Alicorn status.

Plus, I pretty much made it to where The Omnitrix can't recognize Alicorn DNA, because it's so chocked full of magic from the three other pony tribes, it's like a genetic mutation on an arcane level, so it's difficult for the Omnitrix to properly distinguish or find a difference that separates the form from the 3 core pony tribes.

Plus, I don't have an idea as to what Ben's Alicorn form could be the prince of, to give it more depth, so no Alicorn form in this story.

Cadence is very much a Pegasus, but she did hear about what happened when Twilight and Spike touched the watch, and suddenly Ben could turn into a Unicorn and a Dragon, so Cadence is trying to hold off on touching the watch, let alone get near it, lest Ben starts sprouting wings.

if you go off what the omnitrix was ment to be for ben could be prince of unity. but yea you could have an alicron form later by either having it be a ben wolf situation (ben wolf is in the watch atm right? i havent watched the original in a while) after nightmare moon or have it be that alicrons have to earn it and after he does that magic will allow him and the watch to have alicron dna.

Interesting premise, I’m looking forward to seeing how the story develops.

It's definitely one of my most ambitious projects to date.

Yes and no.

Yes, Benwolf/Blitzwolfer is in the Omnitrix, but there's a reason why I had Ben go back to having ten, then twelve transformations, and it's due to how he was brought to Equestria. It's kind of a plot point that develops over time.

Also, Prince of Unity, that's actually clever.

best i could come up with while not going into twilight and cadence relms. you gonna just have him only use the transform and time out or will he possibly come across the transformation lock function and master control? Also switching transformation directly could be used well

He'll rediscover Master Control later, right now it's just a matter of trying to re-familiarize himself with his alien powers, as well as acquiring new powers.

im guessing your gonna have him mess around with his new forms and maby have dimondhead have something new. I forget but dident master control originaly get unlocked by him just messing with the dial? Wasent twilight around 10 during her test?

I believe so, but ages between species can be hard to compare, so for the time being, Ben and Twilight are both 10, but off screen during a time-skip, Ben did turn 11, so I'm gonna scale Ben's age to his birthday, somewhere in late December, so some time in winter, and try to properly keep it accurate as time in Equestria goes on, so by the time the events of the actual show roll around, Ben will be much older, and have a bit more experience.

Plus, it's odd to say this now, but some of Ben's aliens have changed slightly. What do I mean by this? You'll find out later in the story.

Un poco meh, además, a alguien le interesa de donde salio Ben? O más para el caso, porque no intentan devolverlo a su Universo?

Well, my friend, let me explain it to you.

Esa es una buena pregunta, pero nadie, además de Celestia, sabe cómo devolver a Ben al lugar de donde vino.

Lo más parecido que Celestia podría hacer es arrojar a Ben al espejo por el que Sunset huyó que conduce al mundo humano, pero no sería el mismo mundo humano que Ben.
originalmente residía en.

Y aun así, no había ninguna garantía real de que Ben pudiera encontrar el camino a casa, y probablemente querría volver a Equestria ya que no recuerda nada de su vida anterior.

La familia que tenía en su propio mundo, sin embargo, estaría trabajando horas extras para tratar de encontrar a Ben, pero por supuesto, Ben fue convocado cuando Crepúsculo se encendió por la oleada causada por el Sonic Rainboom, por lo que no había ninguna razón legítima o alguna. buena solución para traer a Ben de regreso a casa, de ahí que Celestia no solo esté vigilando a Twilight porque eventualmente se convertirá en su alumna más fiel, sino para asegurarse de que Ben no cause problemas o se convierta en más problemas de los que merece.

I hope that helped clear some things up.

do not give wildmutt eyes i bairly remember a image someone made of that and it was too cursed for me to want to look for it again

Wildmutt remains eyeless, that's a trait amongst all Vulpimancers.

What I mean is, some of the aliens will look a bit more fantasy-esque than alien, despite them being aliens. Look back to how the journal writer in chapter 2 described Ben's aliens, that oughta help paint a picture to how they changed.

Is ben choice if he want to stay or not

Wow you’re popping out these chapters like a factory line

Pero no se supone que existe la magia en el mundo de Ben? También esta Gwen que podría ser una prodigio en magia en ese mundo, al fin y al cabo es una anodita

También esta Clodworld (o como se llame el alíen de ben que puede controlar el tiempo) ben no podría usarlo ahora pero podría usarlo cuando sea un adolescente, al fin y al cabo Ben es alguien curioso y propia tratar de buscar su antiguo hogar

Why is paradox surprised that Ben didn’t recognize him? Paradox doesn't show up in Ben 10 till alien force which if im remembering correctly it’s when ben is 15. Also why can’t human Ben use magic when ultimate Ben from ultimate alien can. Also with Ben being 1/4 anodite which can use a form of magic very easily

I'm aware of Ben being 1/4th anodite, but Ben doesn't have the spark to use magic, and Ultimate Ben was just one of many futures where Ben could have his alien powers and use Magic too. This Ben does not have that luxury. Plus, Young Ben would've met Paradox during that short time, so it's pretty obvious to me that Ben, suffering a massive case of Cross-Multiverse Amnesia, Ben didn't recognize Paradox, because Ben was not around to be brought to the future of his old world to face Aggregor.
Does that help explain anything?

Si recuerdas, es canon que el joven Ben habría sido llevado al futuro para ayudar a detener a Aggregor, pero lo recordaría todo como un sueño de lo que vendrá. Eso no sucede en esta historia.

Y sí, Gwen es un prodigio mágico, el propio Diagon proclamó que Gwen era la más fuerte del antiguo universo de Ben, pero incluso los seres más fuertes tienen sus límites.

Además, ¿olvidaste que Ben tiene un caso grave de amnesia? Él no sabe nada acerca de dónde vino antes, y mucho menos recuerda nada sobre sí mismo, ¿cómo esperabas que tratara de encontrar el camino a casa cuando apenas puede recordar nada sobre su antigua familia, sus amigos, los enemigos que tenía? ha hecho, Ben ni siquiera recuerda cómo pelear, no hay muchas cosas malvadas serias que requieran que un héroe como Ben o algún otro pony interfiera... no hasta temporadas posteriores, al menos.

Inspiration has a nasty habit of hitting me like a semi-truck, and then repeating the process every few hours.

Ya, it does. I forgot that he was brought to the future of his old world to face Aggregor. but it was never specified from when he was pulled just that he was 10, so it could be during the series to which you got a point or after to which he hasn't met him just yet.

Since ben doesn't have that spark but Ultimate Ben can use Magic, that means that under the right circumstances ben could 'unlock the spark' and use magic. so that brings the question of will ben use magic in this story? maybe during a battle, he unlocks it and uses magic to save a loved one.

if you want to balance it out you can say that if ben is using magic he cant transform because as we know, the Omnitrix doesn't like magic, or if he's transformed he can only use a certain amount or for a certain amount of time before the Omnitrix's safety features causes it to shut down for a certain amount of time while it's filtering out the magic (can be sped up if actively drained by something (ex, tirek)).

Not when he makes a Pinkie Promise, so even if he wanted to live somewhere else, he'd just break the Pinkie Promise. You know how Pinkie gets when one of those are broken, as shown in The Last Roundup.

That is true, Ben didn't have the spark, but Ultimate Ben did confirm your little theory, as here's a line I'm going to quote from his debut episode.

"Ya hang out with an Anodite for a few years and you pick up a few tricks."

He says this as he's holding up a shield made of Mana.

And yes, it was never confirmed at what point young Ben was pulled from, but I'm willing to bet that it was sometime during the summer vacation, sometime during or before season two, since in the finale of season 2 in the classic series, Ben discovers Master Control, the feature that allows him to be an alien for an indefinite amount of time instead of being hindered by the time out function.

The Ben that gets pulled from their point in time had no clue what Master Control was or what it did, and questions how his future self knew how to transform Ben back into his human form so easily.

It's safe to assume that the young ben in that Ultimate Alien episode involving finally defeating Aggregor wasn't Ben from the end of Season 2, because he'd remember using the Master Control in the same way his future self does.

This Ben had already gone through the entirety of the classic series, and lost Master Control, but ended up forgetting every bit of it, including his history from before he got his powers, with only a few remnants of his memory still being there, like his birthday, his first name, the importance of the device on his wrist.

This is Ben, who has no recollection of everything he already went through back in his universe, and so far, nothing has been able to jog his memory and make him remember who he used to be.

While it is true that ben did get (then lost) the Master Control function at the end of season 2, future ben never used the Master Control function when young ben was around and when future ben transforms he always presses it (sometimes he transforms back into his human form without hitting it), and when future ben turns young ben back into his human form he hits young bens watch. and in the classic series ben never hits the watch to turn himself back, he always just lets the timer go off, this of course would cause young ben to question how his future self turns him back into his human form to which future ben responds with

you should always keep it locked

this doesn't necessarily mean that it was before the Master Control because he never hit it to transform him back into his human form after he got the Master Control function.

also with you confirming that young ben can get magic (under the right circumstances) will ben use magic in this story? or is it a possibility later down the line? Because in a magic/mana rich environment that is equestrian he could develop it easier than on earth because it is less magic/mana rich. also, does that mean that the Omnitrix will glitch out more than in the classic series with all that magic/mana in the air?

To answer your questions.

Question 1, Yes and No.
Question 2, No.

Yes and No because there's the argument that if Ben can use magic, what's the point of having the Omnitrix too, it'd be overkill if he could use his aliens and use magic. That argument would then lead to the idea of Ben gaining access to the Spark through the Omnitrix, giving ben access to an anodite transformation. None of that is happening in this story, Ben having magic, using magic or getting an Anodite form. The argument has been dead, and people beat it like a dead Horse in Saddle Arabia for treason. But, the idea of Ben using magic and having the Omnitrix, that's not entirely impossible, but that will take some time to explain, let alone explore, time I don't have because it'd be spoilers.

On the topic of the Omnitrix bugging out due to the constant state of very rich magic/mana that permeates everything in Equestria, to the lifeforms that inhabit it to the planet that Equestria exists on, it's all magic. I know the Omnitrix can treat magic like it's the black plague, but with how Ben's aliens have changed and how the Omnitrix has seemingly not bugged out as much as it used to, the Omnitrix seems to have recognized a notable frequency in Equestria's innate natural source of magic, and was able to fine tune itself upon its initial reset when Ben got summoned to Equestria by a huge surge of magic that came from Twilight, who has a natural talent for anything magic.

No, the Omnitrix won't be bugging out like crazy. If anything, with how much it has adapted to Equestria's natural affinity for magic in such a short span, it's how Ben was able to scan Twilight and Spike to get his Unicorn and Dragon forms without dealing with some kind of major malfunction.

The Omnitrix has adapted to magic, removing that initial weakness, and has opened the flood gates to what magical creatures might become viable as acceptable transformations.

Did that help?

By away why don't you let ben stay in a pony form instead of a human doesn't ben feel left out

Because the Prototype Omnitrix still has that issue of when Ben stays in alien form for too long, he could potentially end up stuck like that and completely forget who he is entirely. It's why I still have the time out function be relevant.

k so the guards are blind and stupid? if ben could hear those chains then a pony would defenctly be able to so the guard/guards are either dumb as hell or are being bought off. either way when ben stops this if celestia doesnt give him a rank to allow him to go about things on his own then i have to question what she is thinking

It's not that they are blind and stupid in terms of doing bad at their jobs, it's the prejudice they follow that's against humans, even if humans were just a myth, like bigfoot, but less hairy.

And before you ask, Celestia doesn't approve of the prejudice in her guard, but she does want to remain as a kind, just and understanding ruler. To silence one side would be to piss off and rile up another, causing another problem. Celestia can't play God's righteous mare or Devil's Advocate for the two sides. It's also why we haven't seen much of Celestia in the story as of late since the Prologue, because she's trying to find another solution.

i dont remember that being a thing. also since ben has his greymatter form still its possible in the future you could have him upgrade the omnitrix to fix the issues like that.

im guessing once there are actual conciquinces to that decision she will be forced to help. say the guards ignorning ben tell them about a kidnapping ring that he has noticed leading to actual casualtys

It was one of those facts about the Omnitrix in a special edition of the Ben 10 DVD Collection, it showed special unseen tidbits of info about the show, its lore and about the Omnitrix itself.

well something you could do is if ben still has upgrade i did see in the reboot apparently upgrade was destroyed to upgrade the omnitrix. you could do something similer as there in next to no tec in equestria so loosing upgrade in retern for the ability to do things like lock form and master control could be a good thing for him to do in an emergency or as an experement after he goes on a adventure

That's not a good idea.

Sure, there's not a massive abundance of tech in Equestria, but what tech is shown to exist that can parallel basic tech that we have in our world like arcade machines or jumbotrons, chances are Ben could possibly be the catalyst, the form of inspiration for other ponies that are working in a scientific field to help Equestrians and other creatures alike get with the times that Ben must've been used to back in his old world, a world he doesn't remember that much.

Todavía no me convence... ademas, di tomamos en cuanta a Paradox, el Universo de Ben no estaría en peligro sin su héroe? Y aunque asmuth podría crear otro Omnitrix, no me daría curiosidad de saber dónde estaba el prototipo? Al fin y al cabo no puede ser destruido fácilmente mucho menos en un lugar como la tierra, en donde la tecnología es inferior comparada con la Galban ( o como se llame la raza de Asmuth y materia gris) el tipo es el ser más inteligente del Universo, si creo algo como el Omnitrix, de seguro puede crear portales interdimencionales... y no olvidemos a Maquina de relojería (recuerdo que eso era la traducción literal al español que leí en un fic ya que en el doblaje la dejaron en ingles)

Como dijiste los seres más fuertes tienen sus límites, los seres más inteligentes y su curiosidad por saber las cosas no. Y podría ser que el Omnitrix podría arreglar la memoria de Ben si detecta un daño grave a su cuerpo.

Además, aunque Twilight es poderosa, no creo que Gwen se quede atrás, mucho menos si acepta su forma anodita y se va al mundo mágico de su universo, utiliza todo ese poder y re invoca a Ben en su Universo. Y aunque es poco probable, alguien ya sea sombra, Cozy Glow o Tirek, podrían dañar muy fuerte el Omnitrix, tanto como para activar su Auto destrucción, no recuerdo con certeza quién activo eso (aunque estoy casi seguro que fue el Dr. Animo, el de los animales mutantes) y de ley necesitarían a Asmuth para repararlo porque, o se destruye el Universo de MLP, Ben regresa a su Universo o el Omnitrix es destruido por la magia

No puedes decir que la auto destrucción no es canon, Ben hizo eso en Alíen Force para que Vilgax no tenga el Omnitrix y el mismo lo dijo "si la auto destrucción tardarán semanas, destruiría el Universo, si tarda segundos, se destruiría tu mano" Se que no lo dijo así pero así me acuerdo xd y estoy seguro que Sombra, siendo tramposo y un estratega, Tirek siendo un gigante y sin la ayuda de los pocos, o Cozy Glow siendo... eh... Engañosa, no puedan por lo menos forzar eso porque si no hubiera preocupaciones realmente altas como la destrucción del universo no creo que el fic sea tan interesante

Haces muchos puntos buenos, pero Azmuth ya habría dado sus condolencias por el niño desaparecido, Ben, y luego pasaría a cosas más importantes para tratar de combatir las amenazas más letales del universo.

Cualquiera que haya fabricado un dispositivo como el Omnitrix definitivamente sentiría curiosidad por saber a dónde se fue, pero ese es un punto de la trama que planeo cubrir más adelante.

Si bien creo que sería potencialmente posible que el Omnitrix restaure la memoria de Ben, por querer simplificar las cosas, aquí está el té.
Cuando el Omnitrix pasó por un reinicio forzado cuando Ben fue convocado a Equestria, literalmente se reinició, bloqueando a todos los alienígenas que Ben ha desbloqueado en la línea de tiempo de su mundo, aparte de los 10 originales, incluso la mayoría de las funciones se reiniciaron a su fábrica. estado predeterminado.

En este punto de la línea de tiempo, Ben no puede darse el lujo de tener la función a prueba de fallas, porque esa función no existía en el Prototipo Omnitrix, por lo que si Ben resultó gravemente herido (Lea It's a Wild World out There, Part 2) , El Omnitrix no pudo arreglarlo ni curarlo, porque el mecanismo de seguridad no se activaría, porque el mecanismo de seguridad no está en el Prototipo.

Gwen no se quedará atrás, pero no aparecerá pronto. Tendrás que esperar hasta que se publique la Parte 2 de A Hell Coming to the Homestead, elude por qué Gwen no apareció, pero no se quedó atrás.

En cuanto al SDM (modo de autodestrucción), mencioné en otro comentario a otro usuario que preguntó si el Omnitrix fallaría debido a la magia. Dije que no, porque el Omnitrix se habría adaptado a la frecuencia de la magia misma, eliminando esa debilidad inicial. Sin embargo, el poder de la autodestrucción depende del tiempo que transcurra hasta que la detonación genere una carga devastadora, y si Ben peleara accidentalmente con un villano que accidentalmente la detonó, Ben no tendría ni idea de lo que es. mucho menos cómo detenerlo. Nuevamente, este es un punto de la trama que abordaré más adelante, por lo que no puedo, ni estropearé nada.

Nunca dije que Self-Destruct no fuera canon, no sé de dónde sacaste esa idea, pero eso es simplemente ridículo.

Parece que estás muy obsesionado con usar Sombra, Tirek y Crazy little Cozy Glow para estos ejemplos. No me importa, encajan perfectamente, pero esa es la cuestión. Aparecen Sombra, Tirek y Cozy, pero eso es mucho más tarde, tienen puntos de la trama que planeo explorar, ¡y no quiero ser una nancy negativa estropeando las sorpresas!

¿Tienes alguna otra pregunta, Murderleo?

...Realmente no, planteas muy buenos puntos, realmente quisiera saber que pasa y aunque tus ideas son buenas... siento que no puedo leer la historia, no porque sea mala, porque no lo es, sino por su tipo de escritura, estoy acostumbrado a que los fanfic's en esta plataforma tengan un tipo de escritura que atrae naturalmente a las personas, ni siquiera son obras largas de las que hablo, sino One-Shot sobre cosas que algunos plantean cosas. Creo que necesitas ganar experiencia escribiendo y despues deberias de editar o re escribir los primeros capitulos del fanfic, porque aunque realmente me gustaron, no estan a la altura de tus ideas. Puede que lo lea mas tarde por aburrimiento ya que ya he leido fic con escrituras malas o que son realmente cursis por lo aburrido que estaba

Incluso pienso volver a leerme "Diarios de un loco" en esta plataforma solo por el placer de hacerlo, aunque ya lo habia hecho en fanfiction.net, y eso es realmente tedioso. Puede que lo lea de nuevo cuando tengas unos 20 capitulos, al fin y al cabo la tengo guardada para leer mas tarde

Bueno, mi estilo de escritura no siempre mejora, mi escritura no es para todos.

Me alegro de que no creas que la historia en sí es mala, solo mi escritura. Eso es un cumplido.

Volveré y editaré los primeros capítulos para solucionar este problema, pero lo haré en una fecha posterior.

Gracias por la crítica, fue muy constructiva.

Je, no soy alguien que desprecie una buena historia con buenas ideas solo por su escritura. No importa lo buena, si la trama de la historia es mediocre o sosa, definitivamente no tendrá éxito y realmente pienso que si consigues un editor un tu escritura mejora, será bastante conocida tu historia

And for those wondering how Ben is changing from form to form like this, as Magic Mare suggested for him to do, it's still draining the Omnitrix's energy reserves. Over time, the Omnitrix stopped relying on a time-out function and relied on an energy reserve to keep the user from de-transforming at the most inconvenient time.

Is the Omnitrix turning into the one from alien force? If not externally then internally? Also is Ben going to get the alien force aliens?

Yes and Yes, but I do want to have Ben get one more new alien before I explore what aliens I could introduce to the arsenal when I eventually get to Season 1, which will have a different atmosphere going forward.

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