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A tragic life, an Ultimatrix, and the multiverse. This is dillan's true story , come along. Dillan was just a normal guy, he had a girlfriend, and family like most. But then that all Changed when... It happened. The day his life changed forever, follow along with Dillan in a story of drama, romance and action!!!!

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oh my god i love this more than my moms spaghetti n' that stuff is danker than a meme reposted by normies 50000000000 times on facebook sweet jesus its that good hell yeah. now kiss- huehueheuehueheu
god i sound like a 7 year old squeaker but idc best story ever 10/10

Damn man lol it's only the second chapter

The summary needs iimprovement before I will be willing to read this.

I haven't edited it yet

I posted it to let people get a feel for the story line

Lol idk I was just acting retarded cause that's pretty much me in a nutshell

And i made a revamped chapter 11 so that's gonna go out tomorrow as I fix the 12 chapter

Sorry if this sounds rude but in this entire chapter you haven't spelled Tirek correctly once. Also the name is spelled Azmuth not Azimuth

It is very simple , There are milions stories . What is the chance to find it agin . well Icould find it realatively easy . Some partial order from the chaos

Good so far, I like how you are using the 23rd universe thing and fan made aliens , but just something to keep in mind double check your spelling and maybe don't skip time so much?

ok time out I feel a chapter is missing

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

Hate to be that guy, But I don't think this has a Ben 10 Tag

I’m not sure why a fic that hasn’t been updated in a year is making the front page but it should have stayed dead.

you don't have to read it if you don't like it I respect your decision and as for why it hasn't been updated in a year is because I've been working 12 hour days at my job and didn't have time

Thanks for the update.

Did I skip a chapter?? I'm so confused..

Oops sorry I'll have to find it and put it in

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