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Damyon Chapman. A teenage brony that can control electricity is sent into Equestria for reasons unknown to him. He is met with ponies hiding from him and he reveals his knowledge of all of them. While trying to find a way back home, He falls in love with one of them. Warning. 1-9 chapters are worse than the rest of the story.

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Oh golly gee joy, a self insert!

What is this even a crossover of?



I actually remember someone asking me that exact question on my own first story.


Hrm. Now that I've read it, the protagonist of this story seems a bit Gary Stu-ish. Random superpowers, nothing really bad has happened, and so far, things have seemed to turn out well in the end no matter what.

But that's just coming from me i read this on my horribly laggy phone. I have yet to read the next chapter.

Altighty then second chapter is read. Cringe levels are increasing as the main character continues to grow more Gary Stu-esque in both actions and characterization.

Still better than my own first story though.

8203715 To tell you the truth, I like keeping my stories light. I dont like when problems are extremely awkward or bad that make you feel weird. Also i created lightningman when i was 8. im 15 now so there's something. I mostly based him off of the main character in Infamous only more my personality.

8203715 also i have never heard of gary stu before this

8204242 A "Gary Stu" character is the male counterpart to a Mary Sue-- that is, a generic, near-overpowered character, of which rarely anything bad would ever happen to them. They are generally loved by everyone around them for little reason, and are often treated in a similar way. They have no trace evidence of character flaws, leaving them to be depicted as a "perfect character".

Also, I'm 15 as well. :moustache:

8205809 Yup. Just try to turn down the OP-ness a bit.

How’s that? I made him as vulnerable as a Human

Ehh. I was going to do that anyway

Haven't read it yet. I've been tinkering with site code and userscripts to bring some Fimfic 3 functions back.

One more thing: are you aware of the Michael Vey series of books?

Alrighty. I've read it, and here's a word of advice: if you're doing alternating perspectives, its beat to alternate per chapter, rather than within a single chapter.

no i am not aware of michael vay

Wow. ‘Cause the entire time I read through this, I was comparing similarities between the bestseller title and this fic’s protagonists.

this is kinda cringe but i think i can enjoy it

A bit better. You're getting the hang of it!

Thanks. You like the songs i put on?

Um... Him using YouTube in Equestria just tore your story a good new plothole.

True, but remember that when i was introduced, Twilight said that i was in the same galaxy as earth.
The milky way

so i figured that there could be a chance of internet access out there

Nope. The furthest internet access available is via the ISS, which is in low-orbit around Earth. The farthest data transmission is from the New Horizons probe, which uses its own communication channel.

Basically, no internet past the moon.

yeah i guess. Buti guess i can pull off the explanation with magic. Or by me finding out that i have some sort of connection with the devices of earth or something

Saying "it's magic" hardly ever serves as a good explanation for most stories.

So how are you gonna explain YouTube?

probably the connection to earth technology bit.

Or maybe how some devices have the ability to cache data ahead of time?

good idea. I do still have that backpack that holds everything i need

Devon exceon is the author of 'Who Am I' Or My Little Dashie 2

Um... So now you're crossing over with another fanfic?

Technically yes. But it's just the character in the story. It's my favorite fanfic and i really wanted to

You may/may not want to ask permission from the original author.

Your story description still screams "Overly generic Gary Stu self insert" though.

Perhaps take a break from writing and read some stories to improve yourself.

That is exactly what I'm doing right now. But it's tough with a bunch of people yelling in the same room as me. It also sucks that i can only work on this at school

Only at school? Why?

Also, I still have absolutely no idea what this is a crossover of.

The crossover is between a character that i made when i was 8 and my little pony.

... Geez, the similarities between this and my own first story are growing more and more.

The problem with that is, nobody, except for you, knows of this character you created. I did the same when I first started on Fimfiction, and in that case, it was four characters I created back in 7th grade.

Well, this character was influenced heavily by Cole Mcgrath if you know who that is

Nope. Movie character, I’m guessing? Actor? Novel protagonist?

The main character of the video game Infamous

Hrm. My internet is extremely laggy, and I’m not usually one to play very many games in the first place. I do play quite a bit of Angry Birds and Minecraft, though.

Just search up infamous video game and you'll see him with a huge metal thing in his hand or on his back

Oh...I thought you were referring to crossovers with other FIMFiction stories.

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