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I write Ben 10 and MLP Content most of the time, so you know what you're getting into when you follow me, at least.

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Ok, so I have everything ready to experiment with creating life... almost everything. I managed to gather a good few samples of DNA from these many creatures, even if it almost got me killed, but I, Stable Sorcerer II, will gladly make sure that I carefully choose these hybrids with meticulous detail... but while studying them in a lab can only go so far, I need to study their social skills and how well they adapt... And Ponyville will be just the spot to unleash my creations.

They say playing god makes monsters out of ponies, but I'll prove that playing god is just as easy. All it takes is the right equipment, knowing what you're doing, having the will to do this for science... and a dream.

And I'm dreaming of an Equestria, with various types of hybrids. I just can't wait anymore, it's time... to play the fun and curious game... of God.

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