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All you need to know about me. I don't start another story until I finish one.


Raymond Dallas, a short, senior college student, gets caught in a dare with his two roommates, which he lost, making him take yoga class dressed as a girl with a rainbow wig, a pair of cyan blue wings sown to the back of the shirt, and a rainbow tail sown to the rear. He was embarrassed that he was taking that class, but things went so wrong during the class, he actually changed genders, name changed to Rainbow Dash, and nobody around him seemed to notice. Not only that, but his entire life was being rewritten, and he was the only one to know about it. And it turns out that the woman next to him during that class became his/her mother, and de-aging him back to Junior Year in High School.

Then when "she" arrived back at the apartment he stayed at, it turns out that he still lived there, but with "her" family and foster sister living there instead of his two roommates for college. "She" was trying to figure out what was going on while the reality around her was slowly changing around her. Especially when her own body was changing to one that's not human, but an anthro pony, but still aging like a normal human. Will Raymond/Rainbow find out what's going on with the help of "Rainbow's" six best friends; Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer, which they had an answer that "she" was not expecting.

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Next chapter, ex-Raymond have another revelation;
Rainbow Dash (ex-Raymond): OMG! I have to re-do my college!

Even from reading the description alone, I can picture Twilight grimacing at it.
Here's the original picture to show you what I mean:

will wait one more chaprter but not sure on this sotry

Then... what happened to Rainbow Dash's supposed memories? If it really gone, then Raymond would be in really trouble the coming days.

By the way, you call her an anthro Rainbow Dash but I do not see any muzzle and especially wings on her. She sounds like an anthro Earth pony (even if we dismiss the muzzle that would separate anthro from human) than a pegasus.

Just wait. The transformation's not done yet.

"We just want to know if she's okay and see if she remembers us."
That's not gonna happen :rainbowlaugh:

Keep up the work!

So doing yoga in that yoga clothes seemed to trigger the transformation. Now that the physical part is complete, let's see what we gonna do for the memory part?

yeah I am done. this is just unnesseciarly mean

Great story and keep it up. I do have some constructive criticism though. When you talk about your adopted sister. You can just say sister. That’s what people say.

"Princess Luna said that the true Rainbow Dash would come back to us from wherever she went to, and turn back into her normal self. She would even merge other realities to pull her through and back to our own."

OK, that explains much. I've thought about reality merging idea before and it seems I was right. Now the question is where the Rainbow Dash's self be? Because it does not look like Raymond has an identity disorder or flashback or something.

Sooo, is he really Rainbow Dash or there was a problem with the spell? Im confused.:rainbowderp:

The Legendary cliffhanger strikes again :raritydespair:


Great chapter, and its gonna get interesting!!!
Keep it up!

"My family?!" Raymond asked, angrily. "I'm the son of Xavier and Ashley Dallas. I spent 18 years in North Carolina! I have a girlfriend name Alice! She's with child!"

With my child

when I foalnapped your sister and her friends that day a month ago

What? The whole 18 years of Raymond only last a month in Equestria? That's even more than Sunset's world. Come to think about it, currently Rainbow/Raymond probably know more of Sunset's world than Equestria.

Then, the following scenario is possible.

[Sometimes after RD regain her memory]
Rainbow: I cannot believe I was a nerd on the other side! My awesome athlete history is ruined!
Twilight: Rainbow, a college graduate is not a nerd.
Rainbow: Same thing!

I would change Chrysallis's text color, black blends in too much for people reading in dark mode

How comes it was so easy to go to alternate realities? If Chrysalis was that genius in magic, why didn't she invent spell that help changelings collect love remotely?

Then she remembered and looked back at Alice. "Oh, right. Alice. I gotta get her to the hospital!"

Took her 10 seconds to remember what is the priority at the moment.

Rainbow nodded, then she started flying away, taking Alice with her. As she was flying, she was thinking, " Don't worry, Alice. Everything's going to be all right. "

I hope so!!!!!!

Keep up the chapters!

end of the line for this particular thread or is a continuation/sequel planned?

it feels rushed now.

Please continue it.

Not a bad ending, but it did feel a bit rush. Maybe extend the part where Rainbow help ex-Alice cope with living as a pony? Maybe Alice's transformation scene? Since Rainbow already took a couple chapters with hers, it just felt fair that we should get Alice's as well. The last couple paragraphs can be put into separate epilogue chapter.

I'm confused. Is RD an EqG human or anthro?

A story sounding this good deserves more than 20,000 words. Over 90,000!!! or more Sounds about right.

"Now, let's finish off the class by taking the corpse pose," said the instructor.

My life is totally warped!

and then walked towards the rooms at the end of the end of the hall. Then she heard the kid's voice. "Rainbow Dash, c'mon! I already got the game set up!"

and they got a large hotel room with

She then touched her muzzle.

"My queen!" the changeling said. "One of our troops reported that Twilight Sparkle and her friends are coming towards our hive!"

They arrived at the new yoga studio. It was known as the Equestria Yoga Studio.

What . Oh the irony

I agree with the transformation Twilight reaction Twilight Sparkle reactions images

"Raymond Dallas?" asked Fred. "Doesn't ring any bells."

Great the universe flexed overwiting the memory.

" Cross-Country? Volleyball? Soccer? " Raymond thought to himself. " Those aren't the sports I'm into. I prefer sports like wrestling and hockey. "

Huh . Got that title from when the universe flexed and altered

" Cross-Country? Volleyball? Soccer? " Raymond thought to himself. " Those aren't the sports I'm into. I prefer sports like wrestling and hockey. "


" Las Pegasus?! Now it's the locations? Am I even on the same planet anymore? " Raymond thought to herself. " This is a huge nightmare. What is causing me and my reality to change? And why am I the only one to notice the changes?! "

The universe changes overlaying more

" Las Pegasus?! Now it's the locations? Am I even on the same planet anymore? " Raymond thought to herself. " This is a huge nightmare. What is causing me and my reality to change? And why am I the only one to notice the changes?! "

Because you were the original one before the universe changes and rewrites itself.

No wonder that the library of life is that extremely dangerous

IT IS GLICHY ... To overlaying gliches

" These guys aren't my friends, but these guys are Rainbow Dash's, " Raymond thought. " I gotta get back to my world, get back to normal and... "

It is mega glichy

Raymond then looked back to see the dragon walking back towards where he was sweeping. " That was close. " She then saw the section of books in front of her when she was hiding. " Magical spells? Maybe I can find something here to find myself a way to get back to my world. " She then grabbed one book and saw that the spells were for unicorns or alicorns only. " Dang it. I got turned into a pegasus, not a unicorn. " She then put the book back on the shelf.

It is realitive to say and magic casting oegasi are not canon . but was SAID that it ONLY NEEDS A FOCUS POINT/S TO EXPELL IT OUT And thus castig the spell

I may over react to just say it is OVER . Or is scar of past depression

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