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I can tell things are gonna be chaotic by the picture:twilightsheepish:

Well yeah. It's gonna contain goats.

You know what else is ruined? The cover art. Unless the artist said you could do that to it. Or you are the artist.

I'm the guy who commissioned it.
It's part of the gag.

Just checking. And I figured it was part of the gag.

All fine. Protect the artist is usually a good knee-jerk reaction.

Quoth the vizier, "I think she took it rather well."

Wow, this is different than I normally read and I'm digging it! Can't wait for more!

This is fantastic, and tragically under-viewed. I was a little worried what the M rating implied the story would be, but I really like how it's used here, and the story wouldn't work as well without it. I am not looking forwards to how hurt Pinkie's going to be when Dash makes her priorities clear :fluttercry:

Appreciated. I enjoy writing the mix of Looney Tunes insanity and reality.

Rainbow, you moron, what do you expect when you enlista reality warper who clearly wants in your pants at the expense of your plots to commit regicide?

Is it just me or is this quickly barreling towards Donkey Kong levels of 'Not gonna end well'?... and now you want to involve Reality Warper? Dash... I think you left your... uh.. common sense somewhere... um... back... oh, nevermind... :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: ...nope, not ending well at all...:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

“I’m… polyamorous? Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle came to me when they were both eighteen and… well, uh-”

Want this story!

Instead, there was a horrid smirk that dwelled on the Princess of the Moon’s features. “I don't have to, your best friend likes to do it for me,” she crowed.

Meow! Sassy Luna is best Luna

Honestly, I don't see what the downvotes are for. I'm happy you told that other ship to go f:flutterrage:k itself. It needs to happen more often. Nothing in the show ever once said that Crash and AJ were a thing.

Only those with a severe case of Appledash cuuties think so. And the only shred of "Evidence" they have is from The Last Problem, and that barely counts as anything in the grand scheme of things.

Let alone shipping.

This was a fantastic story! I really love your writing style, and I love the AppleLestia ship. Its cute and fun and I think you've nailed the feel. It was also a hilarious story about Rainbow's crazy revenge XD great job

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