• Published 4th Oct 2020
  • 410 Views, 23 Comments

In Her Sights: Rainbow Dash Ruins a Wedding - KingdaKa

Applejack is getting married. Rainbow Dash is going to prevent this. Of course nothing goes well.

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Honestly, I don't see what the downvotes are for. I'm happy you told that other ship to go f:flutterrage:k itself. It needs to happen more often. Nothing in the show ever once said that Crash and AJ were a thing.

Only those with a severe case of Appledash cuuties think so. And the only shred of "Evidence" they have is from The Last Problem, and that barely counts as anything in the grand scheme of things.

Let alone shipping.

This was a fantastic story! I really love your writing style, and I love the AppleLestia ship. Its cute and fun and I think you've nailed the feel. It was also a hilarious story about Rainbow's crazy revenge XD great job

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