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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.


Tenor Tune, the son of the now retired ex-Captain of the Guard--Iron Brigade--is in bind. he wants to make his father proud, being the best of the best in the royal guard...but at the same time, Tenor is frustrated that his father's controlling & strict nature prevents him to do the one thing that he wants to do, the thing that earned him his cutie mark. Singing. Will Tenor eventually leave the guard, and finally shrug off his fathers controlling grasp over him, and make his dream of becoming a singer a reality. or will he forgo his dream and remain tied to his fathers way.

-I do NOT own the OC known as Tenor Tune, i am given premmison to use it for this fic. the only OC's I do own are the parent figure characters & a barmaid mare I created to help play the story.

-the inspiration for this fic comes from one of my followers, SilentStrike, who wanted to see if I can make a story around his OC. hopefully I'll end up making something good. and if SilentStrike reads this, I hope I do your OC justice, i even drew a quick sketch of the OC to help me visualize him. and thank you again for the Follow.

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i'm glad you like what i got so far, and if you have any more tid-bits about your OC you think i should add, or possibly change?

i don't know why, but while i was following your tips on Tenors personality, i imaged him having Kane Brown's voice. smooth, charming, and just a great voice to listen to. plus i just hearing him sing this song.

i'm glad you're enjoying this story. how do you like what i did with his parents? i know the overbearing dad is kind of an old trope, but i think it works.

oh beautiful work mate I love the way you are planning This story keep up the good work

thanks for the compliment, what did you think of the song i choose for near the end? do you think it fit the chapter?

oh I love me some Bryan Adams. too me it made me feel like I was the character and that I was in his hooves.it gives an emotional feeling to those who feel that they have to follow their dads or mums foot steps to make them proud and I get that on a personal level.

the song is perfect and it describes how the main character feels and how we can connect with him as well. You my friend have done an excellent job. This is a story I would deeply enjoy reading over again and again.

i'm happy you approve, now......i'm torn what to do for the next chapter. here are the 2 options i have more faith in, and i want your input SilentStrike, what do you want your OC to do next:

A.) the next following day Tenor hangs out with some of his guard buddies, talking and laughing about what happened at the Gala. some time later Tenor is summoned by his father and they have a little moment about conduct, since Iron Brigade heard that Tenor was singing, instead of acting like a proper guard. then later Tenor goes to talk with Velvet to calm down then ending song.

B.) the next following day Tenor is back in Ponyville (he's been staying with his mom to catch up for this week long vacation, and this option would be his 3rd day off) and while venturing around town, seeing what's really different and what's the same, Tenor meet's Rarity by happenstance, they talk for a bit, and Tenor goes off to see Twilight and gets the down low on what happened at the Gala. later that night Tenor sings at the local pub where the Mane 6 were hanging out, and Rarity is struck by his voice.

-now i plan to do both, but i'm not sure which one i want to do next, so SilentStrike YOU decides what happens first.

my pleasure SilentStrike, i always try to treat anyone's OC with the greatest care, after all, the OC is like your baby. you created after all.:twilightsmile:

could you remind me of the ponies that you wanted your OC to have a romantic path with again, i kind of forgot:twilightsheepish:

don't worry, i don't do herd relationships. only because i don't think i can make a good enough story around it, plus, all herd type storeis are basically sex-filled ones after a bit of dialogue. and i find that boring.

This is so far a great story!

If I might make some ideas/suggestions for chapter ideas:

A chapter where Rarity visits Tenor in Canterlot while trying to make Twilight’s present, but things get complicated by being in the town. She might encounter his father in this proposed segment or in the next two proposed ideas.

The aftermath of Discord or the aftermath of the Changeling invasion, his father berates him for doing a poor job in protecting the ponies and especially Celestia.

These are just ideas/suggestions. You can do what you want to do, it’s your story. Keep up the great work!

i actually like these ideas. i've actually been stuck on how i wanted Rarity to 'meet' Iron Brigade, so thanks for the inspiration. i will make a mention in the Authors notes for when i get to those chapters.

how do you like the part where Tenor describes his relationship with his father, and why he's still a guard and not a singer?

Are there going to be scenes between Tenor and Shining Armor?

i'm not sure. because i setted up that Tenor and Twilight are friends from Canterlot, Tenor is also a friends with Shining.

the action isn't going to be a recurring thing in the fic.

Great chapter!

Is the next chapter going to feature Rarity?

Is Tenor going to be staying in Ponyville much longer now, maybe even live there again?

Is their going to be a court case?

question 1: not yet.

question 2: yes, eventually.

question 3: you better believe it!

trust me, this isn't the last you'll see of Iron Brigade.

i hope theres more to come im enjoying this a good bit

Great chapter!

“Ugh….yes?” Tenor said.

May I suggest that Tenor says “Uh” instead of “Ugh”? Since it sounds like he’s saying it out of disgust.

Great story!

Is there going to be a sequel?

A Magnificent End To An Equally Magnificent Story I Can't Thank You Enough For This Ninjamare!

If And When You Do I'll Bet It'll Be Just As Good As This One :)

Maybe It'll End Up Being A Oneshot ;)

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