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Are you not entertained?


Mere days before Twilight Sparkle's coronation as the sole leader of Equestria, Princess Celestia invites an old friend to help her answer a question: How did I do?

Cover art: Celestia Studying, by buttercupsaiyan

Thanks to Noble Thought for editing.

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Comments ( 20 )

You know when I first saw the picture I thought the clock was an eye.

I wasn't sure who he was, but I knew he was an immortal - wasn't until he put his cloak on that I knew. I did enjoy the honest assessment of Celestia's rule (or of any possible rule) too.

Glad you liked it.

Celestia will die in a week?


I think he was just referring to how she was retiring in a week?

Yes, just her retirement, like 9914654 said.

Always in a good way I hope. :twilightsmile:

So who is this mysterious figure?

I'm poor at arguing, but I feel that Celestia could've defended herself better. Also,

“Ah, yes. I suppose... congratulations on your retirement are in order?”

I'm a little confused. What about that line?

If I'm acting daft, I do truly apologize, but I don't quite understand what,

congratulations on your retirement are in order

is supposed to mean.

Coworkers or friends and family will often throw a party when someone retires from their job to remember or appreciate what they've done over the years. He's being a little socially awkward in the story, not sure if it would right for him to say so.

For the rest of time there would only be that one number of ponies born in one year. And every year that number wilts away.

Am I supposed to read this as a decline in births per annum, or just the aging of a history book?

In any case, yeah, not the fellow to ask for comfort, sympathy, or an apprdciation of the niceties of life. Still, he provided them as best he could, and gave some good advice of his own. Nicely done.

Now imagine how Twilight will react when he first pays his respects to her. :twilightoops:

Like steppin' into the Twilight Zone...

And it was meant to be about the aging of that number of ponies. Sorry about that.

Beyond the revenue agents, the other certainty in life.

All are truly equal in the eyes of death.

Death, this reminds me of Death from the Discworld novels.

I want to like this for how good it is, but I can't bring myself to click it. I don't want celestia to... to.....

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