• Published 16th Oct 2019
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Trixie's Infiltration - BronyOverlord

Trixie infiltrates the Castle of Friendship to seek out Twilight's secret library of 'Adult Material'!

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This was fun and I think that sequel idea sounds good.

Fuck, finished the Starlight one and then discover the sequel AND this?! Oh blessed day.

“I asked Sunset if she had another copy of that Cards Against Equestria game.” Trixie’s face split into an evil grin. “Guess what Pinkie’s taking to Twilight’s ‘Welcome Home’ party?”

Daaaamn, Trix's eeevil! :rainbowwild:
I love it :twilightsmile:

The sequel idea is pure gold, do it! :rainbowlaugh:
Just remember Twiggles takes her books seriously, there's no way any of those volumes are any less than thirty thousand words at least. Sure, it's going to be excerpts, but it's still going to be absolutely hilarious :derpytongue2:

TDR #4 · Oct 16th, 2019 · · ·

“I asked Sunset if she had another copy of that Cards Against Equestria game.” Trixie’s face split into an evil grin. “Guess what Pinkie’s taking to Twilight’s ‘Welcome Home’ party?”

Oh shit.....

“Sunset Shimmer,” Starlight replied instantly, shamelessly passing the buck. “She sent it through the mirror for me, she thought it would be a good way for my friends and I to bond at the sleepover.”

Damn at least get the number of that carriage you tossed Sunny Buns Jr. under.

Oh wow, twilight Is a perv, and she still acts as if she is pure to the princesses? wow, she really is in the closet XD, anyway, I really want to know why she was sore in the after-party, perhaps she did a dare in running? or in levitating Celestia? or competing in strength with the guards? I can't wait to find out :D

Cards Against Starlight. Oh dear

Kind of expecting Twilight to turn around and give Trixie some 'hoof-on' demonstrations of what's in her books.

I can see discord pop a copy and play with the other villiens he say it be fun, but afterward we find out it was they punishment.....
also got to do one with the CMC spike dimond and silver spoon in one major group

All your "Cards against..." stories are so very hylarious, I really really applaud you. Regarding the idea for a sequel, well I do love me some Trixie, and I love the you write her. So if you want to do it, go for it.

Hehe this was silly and dirty fun

Trixie’s smirk grew as she levitated a book out of her carriage. Tales of Trixie Vol. 37: Trixie, Slave of Sombra. “This is the next one that Derpy wanted to borrow, but she couldn’t figure out how to get the bookcase open. Imagine how much its going to annoy Twilight when she can’t find this one no matter where she looks.”

...Trixie, you are evil… It's so annoying when a book is missing from a collection and you don't know where it is. Or just knowing that your collection is relatively complete, except for a few holes. Or, for comic books, that you have copies of the first few and the most recent hundred or so (with a few holes because comic collecting is a task), but you're missing everything in between because they're too old to be new and too recent to be classic, and you're never gonna complete your collection of Sonic the Hedgehog comics and rrgh!
...It also bugs me that I don't have the Genesect movie. At least I got a copy of Zoroark, though, the Zorua line's one of my favorites...

Kinda surprised that she didn't burn the library down. Or flooded it with cheese.

You could have twilight picked up volume one of the tales of celestia, luna, or nightmare moon, candence, discord , and crysaliss and magically send it to their receptive owners and then step back and watch the chaos occur.

she could also have taken volume one from starlight and given it to her, it would be interesting to see his reaction.

Twilight looks so cute!:rainbowkiss:

“After party” you say? Well that’s something to look forward to in the sequel.

“Guess what Pinkie’s taking to Twilight’s ‘Welcome Home’ party?”


I know the rules don't allow mst3king other fanfiction I have no idea what they would make of doing it to fictional fiction inside a fiction

(Un)fortunately, Chrysalis is currently a rock.

(Right, automated translation. That first word is either or both of "fortunately" and "unfortunately" depending on how you look at it, and most native English speakers would recognize it as such)

Not bad. Not bad at all!:moustache:

thanks for the tip
well could she be normal in your universe?
but the others I mentioned (including thorax instead of crysaliss) are not with the full schedule. xDD

Trixie; you glorious bitch. :ajsmug:

I wanna read that story!

Honestly the idea of Trixie reading snippets of porn about herself is very hot and sounds like a splendid idea.

I'm not the author. I'm barely even an author.

*Gets whiplash from headsnapping just for the dramatic effect.* MANE SIX NEXT? PLS ANSWR YES OR NO?!

sorry online translator
I meant.
it would be nice if in the universe of this story.
crysallis were not stone
would have more comedy.

If all goes according to plan, I'll actually be putting up two sequels to Cards Against the Princesses at around the same time. One of them may or may not involve the Mane 6...

Yeessss . . . . Yeeeessssss . . . . .Goooooood . . . . .Goooooddd. . . . . :pinkiecrazy:

If you want a laugh, try feeding its own output in backwards, translating the English back into whatever your native tongue is. It'll look just as broken as the things you apologize for.

I have to say, that pic of Trixie is hella cute!:moustache::trixieshiftleft:

Please include the after-party in Twilight's story, whether it's as a comedic scene or a legitimate NSFW bonus chapter. X3

Well damn, that fictional porn of porn was really good :rainbowlaugh: I'd love to see a sequel of Trixie commenting on Twilight's work.
Hope Maud doesn't find out Trixie introduced the game to her sister after all! She'll be in waaay more trouble.

I write without errors, but the online translator translates the wrong sense most of the time.
Unfortunately this is only when I will comment. ¬¬

I'd like to see one with the Young Six.

Really, really funny work yet again! Whatever keeps your wheels rolling I’m sure it’ll be awesome :yay:

I love the idea that Twilight has a secret library of smutfic she's written herself (alongside her Secret Shipfic Folder) where she vents her frustrations after each episode/special (Let's just say that the one tied to "Magical Mystery Cure" would have most likely ended with Cadence intervening, claiming domain infringement)

Oh my... That Trixie really IS one sadistic bitch.

On a side note, I REALLY want to see how the princesses’ game goes! :trollestia:

Hah, this!! I wanna see Yona get her freak on. :rainbowlaugh:

They must react to Tiwlights stories


Most hilarious.

“I asked Sunset if she had another copy of that Cards Against Equestria game.” Trixie’s face split into an evil grin. “Guess what Pinkie’s taking to Twilight’s ‘Welcome Home’ party?”


If she'd expected Twilight to like it it could have been awesome to write some cheese into it too. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::trollestia:

Ok why do I get a feeling sunsets gonna get a visit from twilight in her manic phase and simply says PINKIE PLAYED CARDS AGAINST ABD DECODED TO MARKET IT then she leaves but forgets a book titled the sunset series vol1 the dark hallway

There is it's called cards against creatures

Huh that sounds like a premise for a good revenge fic of her finding out from pinkie hunting Trixie and then breaking into the castle in a badass way twilight getting punted through a wall as she walks though the portal after sunset

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