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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Princess Celestia feels like she's gotten really ugly and fat when she became pregnant. You give her some tender loving to alleviate her fears.

I do no such thing.:ajbemused:

I do want more. I want more!!!! Hyper fat and preg story please!!!!

Could be hot and funny.

Fat I'm not into, but macro and preg combined? Allllllll of my yes. Combine that with hyper preg with superfetation and you've got my dream combo, but that's just me. I'll take what I can get when it comes to things like this, and you've got a good start here.


What is that?

Do you have any tips about writing a pregnancy story or a weight gain/fat story?

Well, obviously there has to be more now! You didn't even get to the good parts yet!

I'll try my best. I might even get an editor to look over it with me. There isn't many big pony x human romance/clop stories sadly, let known ones where the mare is pregnant.

Not so much, since this the first time I'm doing it.

I'll try.

This is a cute and funny story so far.

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