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Jet Howitzer

If you close your eyes, it's like nothing's ever changed.


You've lived your life as innocently as you could for the past few years. Every so often you are forced to relive memories of things you did, and things you failed to do. For the past few months you've found solace in the form of a romantic pen-pal, and soon you'll finally get to meet her. Sadly, some secrets are harder to keep than others, and yours may doom more than just you...

Sequel to both I Would Give to You, and The Color of Apples.

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1212823 I dont think he did, I think this is when he saved applejack in the train then it gets wrecked. Me thinks this started around there.

...You never finished I would give to you so how can we have a sequel?
Not that I'm complaining, I love your work man.

You had better not have done to Taupe what I think you just did to Taupe.

Nah, this is the big announcement that hasn't happened yet in IWGtY, so it isn't really breaking anything timeline-wise.

"A romantic pen pal" eh? This sounds like it could get interesting. And Rarity is best pony, so I can't wait to dig in.

Although it would be nice to see how I would give you ends as well.

Goodie, another story! And now I'm the last Changeling? Sounds interesting, I wonder if Rarity will still be infatuated if she finds out...


In I would give you, the Mane Six and the pegasus protagonist visit a heavilly injured (albeit still alive) Taupe in this hospital. This is in direct contradiction to previous testimony!

Taupe does die, but he is revived in the hospital moments later, after being teleported to the hospital. You don't have all the evidence. Read the scene where Taupe passes out after the train crash, and you'll see that you are brought back in the hospital.

1212916 You got it.

Alright. Let's do this shit.

"You don't have all the evidence"

In all seriousness, though, great story so far. I really get the feeling I'm going to like this protagonist.

Hold on a minute. I love where this could go, but one thing…

In the first chapter I/we/He saw Her at the palace and had, quote, "… nearly every facet of the mare memorized, and she quickly became a focal point for you.". But now he doesn't remember how Rarity looks? Did misinterpret something?

1219047 It's been a few years for 'you'... I need to do some editing here, I'll admit. For now, ignore incongruousness like that. I'll take care of it when I really get started with this story.

Ah, we finally get to meet ourselves. Well, the stallion mentioned in the last fic ar least.

I can't have been the only one whose first reaction was, "You killed me! I can't believe you just killed me!"

I uhh... have 1 question. In chapter one, Quill and Rarity met at a royal meeting, or Quill at least saw her, which started the infatuation. It said, "She had a beautiful coat, and her mane was even more beautiful than her coat was. You couldn’t recall the events of that meeting, but you knew that it was serious. By the end of the meeting you had nearly every facet of the mare memorized, and she quickly became a focal point for you."

So, why in chapter 2 does he not know what Rarity looks like? :applejackconfused:

Mistake: Celestia said "Hero's tend to be noticed". Heroes would be the proper one to use in this context

1222930 Yes, I know.

It's been a few years for 'you'... I need to do some editing here, I'll admit. For now, ignore incongruousness like that. I'll take care of it when I really get started with this story.
-Jet Howitzer, said in a previous comment

I need to check up on things like that. It's probably because I wrote this while incredibly tired, and I just wanted to get it out while it was fresh, sort of, in my mind.

1223001 Yeah, I fixed that in my word document, but I think I did it after copying it over... Oops.

1223388 Ah, I see, I somehow missed this already being addressed :facehoof:

Anyways, that aside, I'm really looking forwards to more of this story, and I would give to you too!

Well fuck. Now scootaloo is dead in 4 fics. Dammit all

1226457 No. She died in the non-canon version of that chapter. She isn't dead. Since this story takes place after the events of Apples, and IWGtY, she can't be dead. Since she appears in those stories.

My one quip that hasn't already been touched on in the comments is that in the first chapter Tumble says he has "people to see." I didn't know Tumble had the power to walk between universes; he must be quite the magician.

Other than that, this seems to be going well, just as I expected. I'll be tracking this fic as well.

1226488 Tumble's a pretty powerful guy. One does not mess with Tumble.

1226513 Actually, Storm does just that. Albeit he kind of runs into it, but that's just a matter of semantics.

anyways, I really think you should make him feel conficted, in the sense that he is really just a tool of Celestia's, to be disposed of when he is no longer useful.
But thats my take on things anyways.


So I'm guessing this, and I Would Give to You are going to link up at some point before you begin to finish I Would Give to You? Maybe with joint chapters where you give the details from each of "our" perspectives?

1226462i already told leaf that she isn't dead. He wont listen...:ajsleepy:

For some reason, i keep remembering MLD :fluttershysad::fluttercry::ajsleepy::raritydespair::pinkiesad2:

I think he is going to be okay.

1214006 lol omg i love pheonix wright and i agree i've read all 3 stories and taupe is in the hospital but still very much alive
PHEONIX WRIGHT FTW!!!:trollestia:

Great so far, I'm really liking how you're managing to juggle,like,4 stories at once:yay:, AND to link them into one big epic ball of pony awesome!:pinkiehappy:

You could only name one of them: the lavender unicorn who you knew to be called Twilight. Other than that, you had no clue which one was Rarity.

How does he not know which one is Rarity? Chapter 1 said he saw her in person at an important meeting about stolen artifacts (even taking the time to memorize the details about her), and he got her address from Celestia after inquiring about her. Even if it had been years between then, surely he would've remembered what her coat color was since he was stricken instantly by her beauty.

1289964 Yes, I know. I need to go back and change a few things about this story. To be fair, I wrote both chapters a bit quicker than I usually write, and so I may have made a few mistakes. With IWGtY nearly complete this story will soon be the focus of my attention, and once this is done I'll be shifting back to Rising Sun, in the hopes of finishing it.

1300567 Why you no read previous comments.

Oh. and you still remember that howie? im not sure whether to be happy that you still remembered or insulted that you still remember

i am now revoking my commenting privileges after 2 complete fails on my part

So you're going back to Rising Sun after this eh?

No Pinkie/Fluttershy stories leading up to the final story that reveals this hidden asshat or anything? Or will you get back to those once Rising Sun is done?

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