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You spent quite a bit of your time back home honing your flying skills, but an accident grounds you. Without a place to stay any longer, you move in with your cousin, who gladly takes you in. However, you take note of a mare in town, and you begin to wonder if there could be more to life than flying...

Sequel to The Color of Apples. Reading The Color of Apples isn't really necessary, but I do recommend it, as some events may not make sense without the context.

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Thank you! i just finished the color of apples yesterday and was wondering when i could see this. i bow to your expert timing.:pinkiehappy:

Hmmm a mystery about what happen to him I see where this is going already.:ajsmug:

This is what everypony was hoping for. I kind of wish there was more to this chapter, but I'm more than content with waiting for more :scootangel:

How unlucky of him to do that twice

Round two already? My my Twilight dear you are popular..

saw the story name, meh, looked at description, blah blah, the colour of apples, blah, wait what. :rainbowderp: .... :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: FAVA!!

....my god.... the legends are true. There IS a sequel!!!!!:pinkiehappy::twilightblush:

:pinkiegasp: That was a pretty good start for your sequel. As always your story gives me that image of true greatness and awesomeness. Keep up the good work :ajsmug:

I'm liking this already. and YAY sequel woohoo!! :pinkiehappy:

Plz moar this storyline is AWSOME! Also (random time ) I submitted a new story how long does it usually take to be approved?

Twilight shipfic! Yesyesyesyesyesyes!

You did excellent, infact all your fanfics is really good! continue the good work buddy! really excited for the next chapter :yay: also im going to follow you :pinkiehappy:

So, does this happen after The Color of Apples, or during roughly the same time frame?

1015189 1015225 I would say it takes place just after Scoots finds the letter and AJ and T are off to find T's sister, so at the same time, near the end.

Damnit Howitzer adding more RS hints.

Bwaahahahaha! Bloody brilliant so far! I enjoy how you write Howitzer, keep it up! Thumbed-up and faved, just like the last story!

:pinkiegasp: Another second person story after perhaps the greatest Aj ship (not that im a huge fan of shipping. Some are good) of all time? Howitzer, dude, you've made your heavenly contribution to us mortals. Txt me wen u get 2 valhalla

This chapter made the wait worth it, and now comes the long, unberable wait until Ch 3 come ot.

another brialliant chapter, keep it up.

Immense amounts of magic you say? I think we might just have some of that here somewhere. :rainbowlaugh: Clever play there Howitzer, and really glad to see an update to this!:twilightsmile:

Loving the story. Here is one mistake that I found.
“I’m ready to go Flutterhsy.”

Pretty easy fix. Other than that, the story seems good for grammar & spelling.
Can't wait for chapter 3!


That has got to be one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen.

1049094 Thanks. I found it one day while roaming the internet, and when i saw it i was like, "I must have this".

She looked up at you as you approached, and she had a large smile on her face. “I’m ready to go Flutterhsy.”
not to be a grammer nazi but i though i'd point that out

great chapter i'm looking forward to more

Totally worth the wait my good sir. :ajsmug: Although I'm really waiting for RD to come into the picture.:rainbowwild: Not because she's my favorite but she'll be good for getting some more information on our hero. :rainbowhuh: oh and one more thing...needs more applejack :ajbemused: :D

Sequel...I think I just died a little..... Of happiness ooooooooooooophhhhhhhhh yyyyyeeeaaahhh :rainbowkiss:

1049324That would be impossible. She was leaving with Taupe as this guy was coming into PonyVille.

1048910 It seems that you are first. And thanks, I do like to think I write good stories.

1048951 Hopefully it won't be too long till I get out the next chapter.

1049041 I aim to do just that.

1049071 Well, it looks like things might work out for you. I've just got this feeling I can't quite shake...

1049073 Mistake has been fixed. Thanks.

1049094 Agreed.

1049098 ... Maybe.

1049197 Do you enjoy your apple juice?

1049201 I appreciate you pointing out the mistake. I'd rather be informed of things like this, than left in the dark.

1049324 Dash will be showing up soon enough, have no fear. As for Applejack? Well, you'll have to wait a few in-story days for her to even have a chance of showing up, given that she's off having some 'fun' in Manehattan.

1049494 Don't die just yet. I've got plenty more to write for this before you can die.

1050458 At least, it'll be impossible for a few days. They do make it back in time for the Summer Sun Festival.

1050591Meh,screw your logic.

:pinkiesmile:Someone call me?

Wha- Pinkie, what are you doing here?

:pinkiesmile:I heard someone say screw logic. I thought you were calling my name.

No, I wasn't. Sorry Pinkie

:pinkiesad2:Oh, do you not want me around?

No, no it's not like that. I, you, but...


Hey Pinkie, is that a new pony? Maybe you should throw him a party.


Celestia... that was close.

Fuck that one dislike... Fuck it hard. I mean, the writing style is almost perfect, the details extravagant, and the plot unfolding slowly! Who could ask for more from a story?

What's this!? A plot setup!? My my I was wondering where that would come from. Nicely painted, now it's time for the plot guided narrative missile.

:pinkiehappy: great chapter! Pinkie has plans :pinkiecrazy: Anyways nice chapter. MOAR! :flutterrage: i mean. If you can :fluttercry:

Very good so far. I have to say Taupe is an odd name for the Reader's character in Color of Apples. Not to say it's a bad name. Its a bit like Dell Conaghier. Not bad, but definitely unique.

Anyway, love this story, its going in my Favourites list. I eagerly await more.

Would you look at that. A feature. I have yet to read this, though. :P

very good chapter. No grammatical errors as far as i can tell, and it flows nicely, so well done!

Mistakes: Fourth paragraph. "Would you get some music going." Needs a question mark.

Seventh paragraph. "Flutterhsy"

Aside from the wingboner thing (a concept I always thought was stupid), very good chapter! Twi and the reader character already make a cute couple, and set up the next chapter to be rather interesting. Good job!

Good chapter, I'm liking this story more and more! :pinkiehappy:
Next chapter should be just as good and I look forward to it. :twilightsmile:

Not bad, I like how you didn't rush the romance. Most people make that mistake and turn these types of stories into complete poo. But as always. GOOD FREAKING JOB :ajsmug:

Not bad, I like how you didn't rush the romance. Most people make that mistake and turn these types of stories into complete poo. But as always. GOOD FREAKING JOB :ajsmug:

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