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While in class, Smolder finds a thought nagging her mind. Through support and encouragement, she eventually reveals her love for dresses and all things cute and girly still exists, and her friends encourage her to ask Rarity to make her one for the upcoming school dance.

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Is it kind of weird that the background on the Cover Art is actually of CHS in the Human World? ^^;

Same thing I thought when I first saw that artwork. I might dive into Photoshop and fix that

This is really good! When will the next chapter come out?

Yona and Sandbar aside, shipping was not intended in this fic.

... The show didn't make Sense either.
Not a single sign or chemistry...
Might as well ship Spike and dash :/

What's the point of that Romance Tag?

My thoughts exactly. She's All Yak made no sense.

suprisingly that makes a ship spike and dash i mean she would have oppotunities to help train him in flying and they could find a mutal bond that could grow over time into somethimg more

Aww smolder I'm sure she was very nervous to tell her friends about her secret and yeah it can be a little scary so I know how that feels

Well in your category it did not say it's romance So Is just going to a dance for fun

Thats a nice Interaction between smolder and rartiy I really wish the show Could have done something like this and I'm glad she opened up about her likes of dress

Unable to take it all in, tears started spilling out of Smolder’s eyes as she rushed into Rarity’s arms and gave her a big warm hug.

Omg that gave me such an aww 🥰🥰

“Thanks for accepting me into the dance hall, and I’m happy you enjoyed my dance. Everyone knows dragons as a certain way, but I’m here as a living, breathing example that that isn’t always the case, and that we all can be happy and unique in our own ways, even if it goes against what is typically perceived of us. It’s important to be happy and proud for who you are and what you love, regardless of it being visible to others or not. Regardless of their perception. Always assume the positive. If you’re comfortable with this, I’ll come and dance here in my dress every time the school holds a dance event. Maybe I’ll even hold a tea party as well. We can all come and chat together over some warm tea, eh? And to Rarity and Gallus, thank you.”

Thats a pretty good lesson I like that

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