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After a long, tired day of constant paperwork, Princess Celestia receives a large package from a fan in Fillydelphia. Opening it, she discovers an amazing, new item that will change her life.

WARNING - this is not a very well-written fic. I was tired as heck when I finished the first chapter at around 12 am one Saturday and wrote the second one early before sunrise on Tuedsay.

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While in class, Smolder finds a thought nagging her mind. Through support and encouragement, she eventually reveals her love for dresses and all things cute and girly still exists, and her friends encourage her to ask Rarity to make her one for the upcoming school dance.

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This story is a sequel to Six Discoveries

Silverstream and Smolder start to discover all the fun and joy there is to BMX and skateboarding. Scootaloo soon joins in with her scooter, and they decide to form a trio team called "The Synthesizers". However, their stunts, tricks, and high speed runs are soon picked up by newspapers and photographers... and The Washouts.

As the three set out on a journey to have wild and daring fun, conflicts with legal authorities, the lingering effects of injuries, fame, and money start to drive the close-knit trio apart, threatening their friendship.

NOTE: "Sad" tag for the low and solemn moments in the story. Also, the bike and skateboard shown on the front cover are mere placeholders - they are not exactly the same as the ones mentioned in the story.

Loosely inspired by the Bones Brigade skateboard team from the '80s. Learn more about them here.

Cover art (c) me and Nathan @bookcovermall
BMX image (c) WeThePeople Bike CO.
Skateboard image (c) Birdhouse Skateboards
Scootaloo's scooter vector (c) CaffeineJunkie

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After hearing about a rumour of portals briefly opening into Equestria with items travelling through them, the Student Six skip gym class to try and discover the objects before they are confiscated for research purposes.

Cover art (c) me and Nathan @bookcovermall
Artwork in cover (c) Cmaggot and CloudyGlow

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After Songbird Serenade's concert, Twilight Sparkle attempts to give Tempest Shadow a fresh start on life, but Tempest is anxious and stubborn, insisting that there'll be nopony that she can relate to heart-to-heart, the frightened townsfolk of Canterlot only adding to her attitude.

While attempting to restart the Mirror for a teleportation presentation, Twilight Sparkle causes a serious malfunction. Tempest tries to use her horn to blow a fuse and terminate the portal's magical power supply, but ends up overclocking the portal, which becomes overpowered and pulls them all in. Moments later they fall through storm clouds, eventually hitting hard pavement. Dazed, the group of friends finds themselves on the run-down streets of downtown Toronto, where they face even greater troubles - and a group of friendly faces.

WARNING: This story contains:
- Discussion about drugs
- Violence and some blood
- Cursing, though no vulgarity
- Sex tag is for romantic talk only.

P.S.: This story takes place after the events at the end of the MLP Movie. My Little Pony as a TV show and a franchise does not exist on Earth in this story, so no human knows of the characters' names or existence.

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Brian Fredrick Spilner.

It's not a name that many would think highly of, but to the army it means something. It is a name of someone who dreams of joining them in the air, patrolling and fighting enemies, protecting the proud and strong country of America.

Yet during my second period of working to achieve this, two interesting events happened that shook me. First a grayish-blue pegasus in a blue and yellow uniform appears on the Air Force base, then I find a half-bird, half-lion mythical being in my garage, along with three little ponies. The world just got stranger.

Rated T for slight suggestive references and mild language.

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This story is a sequel to The Shy Driver

Twilight Sparkle successfully performs a portal spell along with a crystal mirror portal in the Friendship Castle, connecting it to Justin Davis's portal on Earth. After some hum and ho, Fluttershy decides to invite her friends to meet Justin and show them her car. Things take a wrong turn when Pinkie Pie lets her tongue slip, and word gets out about the top-secret portal. It doesn't help that Justin finds out that his methods of keeping the portal's functions and development stage logs are under security and secrecy that even he finds hard to decode.

Rated E this time, although there does exist some mild violence.

2019 DISCLAIMER: This story was started off too eager and delved into too complex and far-reaching of a conflict for it to continue on with the other ideas that came up at the same time frame; thus it was cancelled. Looking back now, it's rather good, but I could've made a much better choice with many of the details.

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Side story to "The Shy Driver"

A hole opens in the sky and Princess Luna falls into the Earth sky, on a rainy night in Abu Dhabi. She then takes shelter from the rain and thunder in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Not the best idea.

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Fluttershy gets caught in a storm and ends up on Earth. She is taken in by a family in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she learns how to live with humans and also learns to drive. Later, a millionaire/inventor approaches her and says that he can return her to Equestria with his experiment - an alternate universe portal. However, she must perform one task: drive his 1200whp Toyota Supra from a garage in Albuquerque, New Mexico to his mansion in Malibu, California. Sounds pretty easy. Or is it?

2019 AUTHOR'S NOTE: I edited this story to remove some unnecessary details. There's a lot of forced emotion in this story, which is a reflection of some of my own emotional issues I went through as a teenager when writing this story, as well as many videos and news articles I was exposed to during my random surfings of the wild wild Internet. I can happily say I'm better now as a person, and as a writer too. However, I won't try to edit out those emotional or "crazy unexpected" moments. I want readers to acknowledge that I'm not perfect and that my style and choices in writing changes and improves over time. To be on the safe side, I'm still keeping it T-rated.

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2019 UPDATE: Added professional-looking cover art and re-titled.

While taking a longer route through the edge of the EverFree forest during lunch break at school, Scootaloo discovers a large old abandoned object. Excited, she shows it to Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, who take interest. Eventually, Apple Bloom convinces her older sister and brother to remove it from the forest and keep it in one of the barns. There the CMC realize that the "object" is actually a car, and decide to do everything they can to restore it in time for the Summer Harvest Parade. Later they have more adventures and fun with the car. (This story takes some elements from the episodes "One Bad Apple" and "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", so it inevitably will have spoilers.) Please do note that some parts of the car in this story do not fully match up with the one featured on the cover image.

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