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This story is a sequel to Squarepants are Magic

After the events of the Storm King, Twilight realizes she never invited her old student to the Friendship Festival, and SpongeBob himself misses his friends in Equestria. But now, with a little magic, SpongeBob and his friends set up a special reunion between them and their friends in Ponyville. But Starlight Glimmer fears she might be replaced with Twilight's old student, and Plankton secretly returns for revenge against the ponies.

Thanks to SuperPinkBrony12 and The-Doctor-W for their help!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

Seriously, I’m already loving it so far! Also screw you Trixie for bring Starlight down!

Great story. Do u think if u can make a 3rd one of this it can be called when worlds collide and involve invader zim?
Here’s a synopsis. With operation impending doom 2 almost over, the tallest decided to reveal to zim his mission on earth was a fake all along, but before they get to earth, one of zim experiments accidentally combine the spongebob world with the my little pony world and soon spongebob, twilight and the others need to figure out what’s going on. Meanwhile after the tallest Humiliate zim infront of earth and strand him on earth. Zim seeks revenge and discovers the final planet of operation impending doom 2 is on the planet equis, (the planet equestria is on) so with the help of gir, mini moose, and the membrane family, zim must help spongebob, twilight and their friends save the universe from the irken empire. All of this is just a thought. You don’t have to make it if u don’t want to. Great story by the way 👍

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