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In an alternate universe where equestria and bikini bottom co exist, an evil army led by the storm king threatens to end the world. Now it’s up to spongebob, twilight sparkle, and their friends to go on a journey beyond equestria to save the world where they meet new friends and overcome challenges and learn even hope can be found in the most unlikely of hero’s

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Also be sure to listen to the songs cause they are all part of the story. Just letting you know.

You put a lot of work into this.

Also, in the author's note at the bottom of Chapter one you spelled Lauren Faust wrong.

I just can't imagine those worlds collide.
I can buy a lot - TF2... Warhammer... even EG brought us Fluffle EG♥....
...but BOB!?

I rather stop right here.

Ok, ever since I first started reading your story I alrighty got hooked on it! It’s a combination of The SpongeBob Musicial and The My Little Pony Movie, great story so far man!

I’m sorry but, how’s the production of the next chapters Jedi? I’m sorry I really want to see more! I’m always getting excited to know when will be the next chapter. Can you at least hint us to know how’s you’re progress? But aside that, I always have a good time reading you’re story so much!

This is so great so far Jedibrony! And I have to say, what’s SpongeBob gonna do with a Fire Extinguisher? And please make more as soon as possible! I’m already siked to know what’s gonna happen next!

If this is the end, make sure to mark it complete

I shall be the first to comment on this story

"Well Look what the cat dragged in...HIMSELF." Rarity said still annoyed that capper tried to sell him.

Don't you mean Her?

"I'm sorry too." SpongeBob said as twilight hugged back. "I was wrong also. I do need you. Friends mess up sometimes but we never should've-"

You mean I was wrong as well

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