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The Sponge Has Entered Equestria - yodajax10

SpongeBob and his friends are returning to Ponyville! But how will things turn out?

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The Sponge Has Entered Equestria (Part 2)

“And so, the story continues back in Equestria. The party was all set to begin, all of the folk in Ponyville were all ready to welcome the return of the first student of the Princess Of Friendship...Although, sadly...her new student was nervous of her first impression.”

Starlight was now sitting on her bed, still thinking about what Trixie said. She thought she’d be happy to meet SpongeBob, after all the times Twilight talked about him (even shortly after she herself became Twilight’s student). But she was still unsure.

Oh, just look at the poor misunderstood creature. On a day that should fill one’s mind with happiness and celebration, here this one is, simply staring off into despair. Not even a word, just sitting there, sitting there in absolute sil-”

“Excuse me!” Starlight looked up at the ceiling, annoyed.

Pardon, madam?

“Look, smart guy. I don’t know who you are, where you came from or how you got here,” Starlight growled. “But right now, I could do without you pointing out the obvious!”

Oh, my apologies, it was not my intention to-

“And why is it that sometimes, certain ponies hear you and can’t later?” Starlight interrupted.

Well, if you must know, it has to do with-”


Starlight turned and saw Twilight standing outside her bedroom. “Starlight, who were you talking to?”

Starlight cleared her throat. “Uh, no one. No one at all, just talking to myself.” She gave a nervous giggle.

“Ok, but what are you doing up here?” Twilight asked. “SpongeBob is going to be here soon, and I’d really love for him to meet you.”

“Oh, that!” Starlight nervously replied. “Well, I, uh...I’ve just started getting a cold.”

Twilight was confused. “A cold?”

“Uh, yeah! I’ve been…” Starlight let out a fake sigh. “Feeling kinda woozy just now.”

“But don’t you at least want to meet SpongeBob?” Twilight still asked.

“Yeah, of course I do!” Starlight nodded. “But I just got…”

Twilight grew concerned. “Starlight, is something wrong?” Twilight put her hoof around her new student. “You can tell me.”

“Well...the thing is,” Starlight tried to say.

“Hey, Twilight!!!!” Pinkie’s voice called.

Both Twilight and Starlight heard Pinkie’s call.

“You better go, I’ll...I’ll be ready to meet him soon!” Starlight forced a cough.

Twilight was still unsure, but she still reluctantly nodded. “Okay. But I hope you get better. You won’t wanna miss the party.” As Twilight left, Starlight looked down sadly. But she quickly darted her pupils to the left and right, as she put on earmuffs.

Twilight walked out of the castle and noticed Pinkie with a big grin with her hooves behind her back.

“Pinkie, what is it?” Twilight asked. “Did you see SpongeBob and his friends yet?”

“Nope! But I have more good news!” Pinkie spoke. “I know you were disappointed that Shining Armor and Cadance couldn’t join the party, but I know someone who could!” Pinkie pulled her hooves out and revealed their baby daughter, Flurry Heart, who was sleeping.

Twilight gasped, happily. “Flurry Heart’s here?”

“Shhhh!” Pinkie shushed. “She’s asleep right now! But when she wakes up, she’ll be one hay of a party animal! Sunburst brought her over, and he made sure she’s up to date on all her spells. No magic surges for this little one.”

“Okay, good,” Twilight whispered. Any chance of a repeat of Flurry Heart’s crystalling had vanished. “Just take her inside, Starlight’s in there. She should be able to keep an eye on her.”

“I gotcha!” Pinkie winked. “I’ll be joining you guys, soon!”

As Pinkie sped inside the castle, Twilight was about to go to the rest of her friends, when she heard a couple more voices.

“Twilight! Twilight!”

Twilight saw the Crusaders running up to her, happily. “Girls? What is it?”

The Crusaders began bouncing around her enthusiastically. “We saw SpongeBob!” Apple Bloom said. “He’s here! He’s back in Ponyville!”

Twilight’s eyes widened. “He is?”

“Yeah! Follow us!” Apple Bloom spoke as Twilight followed them.

Right now in the skies of Equestria, SpongeBob and his friends were riding aboard Strife who was flying them towards Ponyville.

“See? I told you guys we could breath out here!” SpongeBob spoke. “Because the spell that was cast to first bring me here, I guess it worked on you guys when you came to find me!” As SpongeBob laughed, Squidward and Mr. Krabs forced one out.

“I’m still thinking we could’ve almost died.” Squidward muttered to Mr. Krabs.

“Hey, SpongeBob, look!” Patrick pointed down at a hill. “Down there!”

SpongeBob saw what Patrick was pointing to and grinned excitedly. “It’s Twilight and her friends!”

Unknown to SpongeBob, Plankton was hiding in one of his holes, and grinned looking down at the familiar Equestria.

SpongeBob turned to his draconequus friend. “Okay, Strifey! Let’s hit it!”

Strife then flew down towards where Twilight and her friends were all waiting.

“Twilight!” SpongeBob called as Strife then landed before them.

Twilight could hardly contain herself. “SpongeBob?” She then immediately flew over to him.

“I’m so glad to-!” SpongeBob paused when he noticed Twilight had wings, and now looking more older and regal than the last time he saw her. SpongeBob immediately bowed and cleared his throat. “See you again, your highness.”

But Twilight only chuckled as she pulled SpongeBob into a loving hug as Spike quickly joined in. “Please, I still go by Twilight.”

SpongeBob smiled and shared the hug.

“We really missed you, SpongeBob.” Spike said.

“Mutual feelings, Spike! Mutual feelings!” SpongeBob chimed in.

As the group hug ended, SpongeBob suddenly heard a couple familiar voices.

“SpongeBob, you’re back!”

SpongeBob turned and saw the Crusaders running towards him.

“Girls?” SpongeBob grinned, recognizing the fillies. “Is that-”

SpongeBob was suddenly tackled by them as they fell over laughing.

“I can’t believe you’re really here!” Sweetie Belle laughed happily.

“Honorary Crusader, reporting for duty!” SpongeBob saluted.

“And we got something to show ya!” Scootaloo spoke. The Crusaders all showed SpongeBob their special marks.

SpongeBob gasped, happily. “Oh my gosh! You have your cutie marks?! Look at these! Look at these, they’re better than I hoped they’d be!”

“Yeah, they’re one of a kind,” Scootaloo pointed out. “We’ll tell you the story later, but I think you’ll love it!”

As SpongeBob continued his reuniting with the Crusaders, Pinkie suddenly appeared by Twilight.

“Bad news, Twi!” Pinkie yelped, frantically. "I accidentally squirted frosting up my nose!”

“Uh, Pinkie,” Twilight cleared her throat. “I don’t think now’s the best time…”

“What? What are you trying to say?” Pinkie asked. “Don’t leave me in the dark, I-! Oh...they’re here…” Pinkie noticed SpongeBob and his friends.

“OH!!!!” Pinkie yelped as she then pulled her tail which had her back feet running like a race car. She quickly sped off until she ran straight through a rock. She then slowly walked out of the rock, unharmed and now wearing her appropriate party outfit. She pulled out a trumpet and let out blew into it. “Now, who’s ready for the PARTY?!!!”

Starlight was still on her bed, thinking of what she should do until she heard voices. She turned and walked towards her window and saw her friends along with SpongeBob’s gang at the gate. But she only peeked so she wouldn’t draw attention.

“Your own castle! Wow…” SpongeBob and Patrick both gazed upon the sight. “I do feel kinda bad Plankton couldn’t join us.”

Twilight and her friends were surprised. “Plankton?!” Rainbow Dash spoke up. “You mean that rotten pipsqueak who also tried over-throwing Equestria?”

“Why would you feel bad not bringing him?” Fluttershy asked.

“Aww, you know.” SpongeBob said. “While he may be nasty, short-tempered and usually diabolical 24/7, he does have his good points. Think of him as...an occasional friend.”

It was around that time that Plankton jumped out of SpongeBob’s holes and snuck out on his own to the castle.

“So, what you’re saying is, you two are related?” Mr. Krabs asked Pinkie Pie and Applejack as he watched them preparing the food for the party.

Applejack corrected. “Well, actually, we’re fourth cousins twice removed. I think. We don’t really know, the record’s all smudged. But my great-aunt Goldie Delicious does seem to act like her.”

“And Applejack says I’m an Apple on the inside, and that’s all that counts!” Pinkie giggled. “Hey, how would you like to be our taste tester? Spongebob says you run a restaurant.”

Mr. Krabs nodded. “Sure do, ladies. Been running the Krusty Krab for ages now. It’s the number one eating establishment in Bikini Bottom,” Under his breath he added. “It should be the only eating establishment in Bikini Bottom. That Plankton sure is persistent.”

“Then how do you feel about Apple Upside Down Sponge Flavored Cake?” Applejack suggested as she presented a slice of the dessert. “It was Pinkie’s idea. She comes up with the strangest desserts sometimes. Some of ‘em are really good, others… not so much, but we don’t talk about that.”

“Well, I’m not exactly the cooking type, but let’s see what me can do.” Mr. Krabs reached for one of the uncooked desserts, but suddenly, it exploded his touch, leaving both Applejack and Pinkie speechless.

Mr. Krabs chuckled nervously as he looked towards Squidward, who wasn’t even doing much.

“Go on, Mr. Squidward!” Mr. Krabs said, gently shoving Squidward towards other ponies. “We need to interact with our out-of-universe customers! Get social!”

“Hmph,” Squidward dusted himself and walked away.

Squidward then spotted Fluttershy near a conductor having animals sing. He slunk over in reluctant boredom.

Squidward cleared his throat. “Uh, hi, how’s it going.”

Fluttershy turned around. “Oh, hello! You must be Squidward.”

“Uh, yeah and you’re uh...Shutterfly?” Squidward spoke.

“Close, it’s Fluttershy.” Fluttershy corrected.

Suddenly, Squidward and Fluttershy both cringed at the sound of birds squawking. “Gagh! What is that?”

“Oh, I believe that’s the music that’s playing.” Fluttershy said.

Squidward covered his head. “Oh, this is madness.” He walked up to the conductor. “Why not try this on for size? He pulled out his own sheet music.

The conductor looked at the sheet music and shrugged. He then began to conduct as the animals sounded much better than before.

“Oh, my!” Fluttershy. “That’s awfully nice music.”

Squidward smiled smugly. “Well, I do have good taste.”

Meanwhile, Strife was out sitting by the balcony, looking out at Ponyville, as well as just getting view of Equestria in general.

Discord noticed Strife and felt a bit nervous. Sure, he helped him turn over a new leaf the last time he was here, but he was starting to feel that wasn’t enough. After all these centuries apart, it wasn’t going to be easy patching things up.

But then, he suddenly noticed that the bottom of his body was now joining Strife at the balcony, as he saw his brother looking at him, confused. Discord grinned nervously, as he moved the rest of his body up to the balcony.

The elder draconequus cleared his throat. “Strife.”

The younger did the same. “Discord.”

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” Discord said, looking at his claws.

“Yeah, same.” Strife spoke, scratching his chest.

Strife secretly glanced over his shoulder, and noticed SpongeBob gesturing him to continue. Discord secretly glanced over his own shoulder and noticed Fluttershy gesturing too.

“So…” Discord started. “You do anything special in your...underwater habitat?”

“Well,” Strife spoke. “I try to bond with the fish folk, but I feel like something of me isn’t getting out much.”

Discord turned to his brother. “Why is that?”

“I feel like I have good ideas to share, but it’s clearly been a while...and I’m having trouble expressing them.”

Suddenly an idea popped in Discord’s head. “Well,” Discord leaned in close to his brother. “I’ve gotten used to here quite fast, and I wouldn’t mind hearing what your ideas are. Enlighten me, oh brother.”

In Trixie’s wagon, the unicorn was by herself doing her own little things. She pulled out a sharp, metal pin and pulled out a picture of Starlight with Twilight.

Trixie sighed. “Not a bad picture, but needs serious improvement.” She then used the pin to rip Twilight’s face out of the picture. “Much better.” She chuckled devilishly.


“Oh, now what?” Trixie grumbled. She got up her chair and walked to her door to open. “If this is another invitation, Pinkie Pie, get lost! Preferably somewhere far away!”


“Aaaaugh!!!” Trixie got up, her fur and mane soaking wet from a bucket above her door.

She then heard the sounds of laughing as she saw Discord above her.

“DISCORD!!!” Trixie yelled. “I should’ve known this was one of your pranks!”

“Now, now.” Discord held his claw and paw up. “I’m flattered, but I don’t wish to take all the credit.”

Trixie looked up and sitting on her wagon was Strife, slyly waving to her. “Hi there. The name’s Strife, brother of Discord. But you probably know who I am by now.”

“Oh, please,” Trixie laughed. “If this is all you and your brother can do, a bucket of water prank is simply pathetic for the draconequus type.”

Strife simply shrugged. “Who said it was water?”

“Huh?” Trixie then heard the sound of cracking, and she saw the water she was in was now turned into cement, trapping her in that spot, causing her to shriek.

Both Discord and Strife laughed at this. “You were right, brother. Pulling one prank and turning it into another was a fun idea!”

Strife really felt like he was having fun in a long time. “You wanna see what else we can do with this?”

“Oh, would I?” Discord snapped his fingers, causing him and Strife to disappear.

“Okay, you two, joke’s over! Now free Trixie!” The blue unicorn folded her arms, stubbornly. “Hello! I’m serious!...I know you can hear me! Trixie is NOT invisible!”

While the preparations were unfolding, Plankton was up on the railing, looking down at everypony. He had his zapper ready to aim at the most powerful pony he could find. “Hmm...now, which to steal the magic for?” He aimed at several different ones. “Hmm...too lame...not enough pizazz...too weird…”

Unknown to Plankton, little Flurry Heart had just crawled out of her room, looking a bit drowsy. Given her powerful magic, getting out of her bed was no problem. She gave a small, tiny yawn and looked around. She then noticed Plankton not too far from where she was standing. To him he looked almost like a toy.

“Ah-ha!” Plankton spotted Twilight talking with SpongeBob and the Crusaders. “I remember this one, quite the expert in magic. She’ll be perfect.” Flurry Heart happened to see that he was looking at Twilight, and starting to aim his zapper! She then glared sharply at the tiny villain. She didn’t know what Plankton was doing, but from the looks of it, he was going to hurt her aunt! Nopony was going to hurt her favorite aunt on her watch!

Plankton was about to push the button to activate the zapper, until he noticed himself and the zapper get levitated in the air.

“HeEEYY!!!! What the barnacle?!!!” Plankton began getting shook violently in the air until he let go of his zapper and fell. He noticed his zapper get levitated in a trash can.

“How did-?!” Plankton looked up and saw Flurry Heart glaring at him.

“Babies?!” Plankton stood back. “What’s this?”

Flurry Heart babbled angrily and her horn ignited. Plankton yelped as he was lifted in the air. “Hey, hey now! Take it easy!...you stupid baby!”

Flurry Heart then used her magic to repeatedly slam Plankton into the wall, bruising and injuring him, giving him the greatest of pains.

Plankton fell on the floor and once seeing Flurry Heart again, he took cover behind the trash can.

Suddenly, Pinkie appeared and scooped up Flurry Heart. “Oh, there you are!” Pinkie cooed, making Flurry laugh. “Did you have a good nap? I bet you did! I bet you did! Well, let’s get you downstairs, your Auntie Twilight will be more than-”


Pinkie lifted her hoof up, and saw what looked like green slime. “Eugh!” Pinkie queased. “I just stepped in something icky...Oh, well. Into the trash it goes” Pinkie began scraping her hoof on the edge of the trash can. “Scrapy Scrapy Scrapy Scrapy!” Pinkie happily scrapped what looked like green slime, not hearing the screams of pain from Plankton.

Pinkie was done scraping Plankton, and she began humming to herself as she hopped downstairs with Flurry Heart.

Plankton got himself out of the trash, growling. “This...is why...I don’t. Want. KIDS!!!!” Suddenly, the trash can wobbled as it fell over, causing Plankton more pain. “Ugh...I never had this problem working with Crocker.”

Once Plankton saw the coast was clear, he pulled himself out of garbage from the trash can. He then picked up his zapper. “I need to get myself cleaned up.”

Plankton then began to look for the nearest bathroom to clean himself up, while dragging his zapper.

Meanwhile, Starlight reluctantly opened her bedroom door. She let out a sigh. "Twilight’s right. I...I need to get out there and make a good impression!...Well, here it goes.”

As she walked, she began practicing. “Hi, SpongeBob! I’m Starlight Glimmer!” Starlight practiced. “Guess we’re student buddies!...no, that’s sounds stupid…”

“WHOA! HEY!!!!”

Starlight looked up. “Huh? Who said that?”

“No-no-no! Stay back! Aaaaaugh!!!!” A squishing sound was heard as Starlight looked startled. She looked down and lifted her hoof.

“What the-?” Starlight looked closely on what was on her hoof. “Who the hay are you?”

“An innocent bystander you STEPPED ON!!!!” Plankton yelled. He quickly changed his tone to sound innocent. “I...I mean, hello there!”

Starlight looked closely at Plankton. “Wait a minute...Small...one eye…” She gasped. “You’re Plankton!”

Plankton dropped from Starlight’s hoof. “I, uh...take it you heard of me?”

“Twilight told me all about you!” Starlight snarled. “You probably snuck aboard to cause trouble!”

Starlight tried to grab Plankton, but missed. “Now-now-now-now! Take it easy! No need for more abuse towards my fragile yet handsome body! I come in peace!” Plankton tried to climb up a tapestry.

“You’re not fooling anypony!” Starlight shot a beam towards Plankton.

“No, I’m serious!” Plankton dodged Starlight’s beams. “We can talk this over!” Plankton let go of the tapestry and ran for his life as Starlight began to chase him.

Starlight then stopped. “Wait, what am I doing?” Starlight ignited her horn as Plankton was lifted off the floor in Starlight’s magic.

“Gotcha now, you little troublemaker!” Starlight growled.

“Please wait! Don’t you know I’m an occasional friend? It’s true, I tell you!” Plankton tried to say.

Starlight paused. She’d overheard that little detail when SpongeBob and his friends first walked in. Maybe Plankton was telling the truth. And if he was, the last thing she wanted to do was make a bad impression on SpongeBob’s friend.

“So, basically, I kind of blamed cutie marks for all my troubles and tried to take them away from other ponies,” Starlight told Plankton as they were now in her bedroom. “And when Twilight and her friends exposed me, I tried to stop them from ever coming together. Except they defeated me again, or rather Twilight did,” She sighed. “Since then I’ve kind of been her student. She took me in because she saw possibility with me, and that I had magic that she had never seen before.”

“That powerful?” Plankton asked.

“Uh-huh.” Starlight nodded. “But often times, it feels like I haven’t really changed. Like everypony still silently judges me for who I used to be, and they’re just waiting for me to slip up.”

Plankton nodded. “I know how that feels. I don’t have the best track record back where I come from. I’ve even teamed up with other bad guys from other worlds to try and take over. Of course, I never really wanted to do any of the things they did, but I went along with it because I thought it’d be fun. It wasn’t,” He let out a sigh. “But it seems like I can never go a day without getting stepped on and people treating me like I’m a menace. I count on one finger the number of times the Chum Bucket’s ever had a customer. The only reason I ever want the secret formula for the Krabby Patty is so my restaurant will be a success. Why should Krabs get to hog all the glory? He can share.”

Then Plankton looked down and began to think. He then looked back up at Starlight. “Look...maybe...I can put in a good word for ya downstairs.”

Starlight looked over at Plankton. “You mean it?”

“Believe me,” Plankton said. “I’ve done more kind yet revolting things. Come on. You can trust me.”

Plankton leapt off the bed as Starlight began to follow. “You know,” Starlight said. “I think I’m starting to get why you’re an occasional friend, Plankton.” She winked.

Plankton grinned. “Yeah, on occasions…” But to Starlight’s surprise, Plankton pulled out his zapper from behind his back. “But not THIS TIME!”

“What?!” Starlight exclaimed, but it was too late! With an evil laugh, Plankton then fired at Starlight’s horn as she began to glow. She groaned in agony as she felt energy being sucked out of her!

Twilight was still concerned for Starlight while the party was going on, after all Starlight had never showed up like she promised. But Pinkie walked up behind her.

“Hey, Twily-Twi!” Pinkie chirped. “You enjoying the party?”

Twilight nodded. “Of course,” She then looked down. “I wish Starlight would come down soon. She’s been up there a long time, I’m starting to get worried.”

“Aww, don’t worry, Twilight!” Pinkie spoke, not noting Flurry Heart playfully fly out of her mane. “I’m sure Starlight will be ready to shake her groove thing sooner or later! She never misses a party!”

Suddenly, there was a loud thunder clap that shook the whole castle! Gusts of wind began blowing as silverware began flying! Everyone looked and saw the cause was a green puff of electrical smoke.

Twilight quickly wrapped her wing around Spike to hold him close. “What’s going on?!”


The smoke poofed away as emerging from it was a glowing Plankton, who was floating in mid-air.

SpongeBob gasped. “Plankton?! H-how did you get here?!”

“So glad you asked, Sponge-Boob.” Plankton grinned, evilly. “You simply drove me here. Of all this talk of returning here, I simply couldn’t help but join in the fun. All I had to do was to hitch a ride, And I can see a lot of your friends missed me!” He then pinched Spike’s cheek before Twilight swatted him away.

“W-why is he floating and glowing?” Fluttershy timidly asked while hiding behind Applejack.

“Oh, so glad you noticed!” Plankton responded gleefully as he floated over to Fluttershy, making her more afraid. “It’s part of the new magic I have in this world. Neat, isn’t it?”

“New magic?” Twilight whispered.

“Oh yeah?” Rainbow Dash called out as she and Rarity were about to charge. “If you have new magic, why don’t you pick a fight?”

“Gladly, ladies!” Plankton then zapped from his hands towards Rainbow Dash and Rarity. As they were zapped, they’re horn and wings began glowing strangely. As they fell over, Rainbow Dash looked at her back. “MY WINGS!!” Her wings had now been transformed into small butterfly wings, barely carrying her.

Rarity slowly reached for her head and to her horror, saw it was turned into a candy cane. “Agh! MY HORN!!” Pinkie slowly reached for it with her tongue hanging out. “Do. Not. Touch.” Rarity spoke as Pinkie slowly stood back, giggling nervously.

“But this is childs’ play,” Plankton cracked his knuckles. “Let’s see what my new powers can REALLY do!”

Plankton raised his sparkly and electrical hands high as he suddenly began to grow in size. Everyone inside ran back and some even ran out of the castle as Plankton crashed through the ceiling, causing part of the castle to crash down.

“OH YEAH!!!!” Plankton laughed evilly, gazing upon his new gigantic size in a booming voice. “NOW THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!”

Even Mr. Krabs was in shock eyes shrunk into his body. “Okay, Plankton!” He spoke in a high pitch. “Let’s not get carried away, alright?”


“SpongeBob!” Mr. Krabs called out as he was snatched up!

“Mr. Krabs!” SpongeBob jumped up and grabbed Mr. Krabs by the claws, trying to pull him from Plankton’s grasp.

“Heave, boy! Heave!” Mr. Krabs yelled. “Come on, lad!”

But it was no use, SpongeBob fell back with Mr. Krabs’ arms.

“Ah! Me arrrrrrms!!!!” Mr. Krabs called as Plankton lifted him into the air.

“QUITE A GRAND SIGHT, EH, KRABS?” Plankton taunted as all the ponies began screaming and scrambling in fear. “AND TO THINK, ALL THIS MAGIC WAS FROM ONE PONY!”

Twilight paused. “One pony? What’s he-”


Twilight turned at the mention of her name and gasped. Starlight was on the stairs looking pale and weak. “Plankton took my-!” But Starlight tripped and tumbled down the rest of the stairs.

“Starlight!” Twilight ran over and tried to help Starlight up. “What happened to you?!”

Starlight weakly looked up at Twilight. “Twilight, I...I’m sorry.”

Twilight looked horrified at the state that her student was in as she glared at Plankton in the distance, she now knew how Plankton got his ultimate power. She immediately turned to Spike, SpongeBob and Patrick. “Boys, get Starlight to safety! I'll get everypony else out of here!”

“You got it, Twi!” Spike saluted as Twilight flew away. He then ran to help SpongeBob and Patrick with the weakened Starlight.

“Okay, easy does it!” SpongeBob spoke, trying to lift Starlight. He then yelped as Patrick held all three easily in the air with his strength.

Spike and SpongeBob both looked at each other in surprise. “Alright, Patrick! We got her!” SpongeBob spoke determined. “Now let’s move slowly, and gently an-”

“TO SAFETY!!!!!!” Patrick yelled as he ran towards the gate carrying his friends, much to their terror. But to their surprise, Patrick stopped at the stairs and slowly walked down them. SpongeBob and Spike both sighed in relief.

“TO SAFETY!!!!!!” Patrick yelled again, running off into Ponyville as SpongeBob and Spike struggled to hang on.

Meanwhile, everypony was evacuating the castle with the help of Twilight and her friends. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were helping families a safe way out of the castle to avoid Plankton.

“Reporting for duty, Ms. Twilight!” Pinkie spoke as she appeared next to Twilight.

“Pinkie, I need you to-” Twilight’s eyes widened. “Pinkie...where’s Flurry Heart?”

“Where’s Flurry Heart?” Pinkie giggled. “Oh, she’s fine. She’s up here in my-” Pinkie felt her mane, but to her surprise, felt nothing. She gasped in horror as she began shaking Twilight. “TWILIGHTWHERE’SFLURRYHEART?!”

“YES! YES! COWER YOU FOOLS!!!!” Plankton laughed as he towered over the ponyfolk. “COWER BEFORE YOUR NEW SUPREME RULER, PLANKTON!!!!" He then spotted a familiar sight. He saw Flurry Heart, staring at him curiously. Plankton grinned evilly. “WELL, WELL. LOOK WHO’S THE BIG ONE NOW!!!!” He then reached out to grab the alicorn infant.

Twilight and Pinkie were still looking for Flurry Heart until the party pony saw Plankton in the distance. Pinkie gasped in horror. “Twilight, look!” Pinkie pointed to the giant Plankton with Flurry Heart in his grasp, grunting and struggling to break free.

“Flurry Heart, NO!!!!” Twilight without a second thought, flew off in their direction to rescue her niece. “If Plankton hurts her I’ll never forgive myself!”

“WHAT’S THE MATTER, CUTIE?” Plankton teased as he held the baby alicorn in his grap. “DON’T YOU LIKE BEING AROUND YOUR UNCLE PLANKTON?”

Flurry Heart glared at the laughing giant as her horn glowed. A powerful beam then shot out of her horn and right into Plankton’s eye, causing him to scream and drop Flurry Heart. Before Flurry’s wings could do their thing, Twilight immediately caught her niece in her hooves.

Twilight saw Plankton yelling in pain and covering his eye, and looked down at Flurry Heart, whose horn was steaming and she was blowing a raspberry to the villain. “That’s right, Flurry Heart!” Twilight cooed. “You sure showed him! You’re auntie’s so proud! Don’t tell your mommy I said that.”

“You got lotsa nerve, Mr. Plankton!” Pinkie called out to Plankton. “I’ve heard of party crashers, but you take the cake! And you don’t deserve a piece!”

“SILENCE!!!!” Plankton shot an electrical beam from his finger towards Pinkie, as Twilight flew in and pulled her out of the way.


“No, no! I say we don’t! Where are we going?! Put me down! NOOOO! STOOOOP! PLAAAAANKTOOOOOOOON!” Mr. Krabs yelled out as Plankton walked away with Mr. Kabs in his grasp.

Twilight turned to Pinkie. “Pinkie, you take Flurry Heart somewhere safe! I have to find Starlight!”

Pinkie saluted as Twilight flew away.

Twilight flapped her wings and took off. “Hold on, Starlight! Together we’ll figure a way out of this mess.” She thought to herself.

Meanwhile, Discord and Strife were setting up another prank.

“Any ideas how we should set this up, brother?” Discord asked.

“Well, I know this is kinda first draft, but I was thinking,” Strife started to explain. “Instead of just a plain old whoopee cushion, it’s one that shoots out whoopie pies?...Again, kinda first draft.”

“Hmm,” Discord started. “Not a bad start, but we’re getting there. What else?”

But then suddenly, an aurora glow in the distance caught Discord and Strife’s attention. “What’s that down there?” Strife asked.

Discord and Strife both began to fly where the glow was coming from, and they both saw the giant Plankton laughing evilly, flicking Mr. Krabs in the air. They both watched from a building, watching the villain continue his torment by preparing another mighty flick.

“No! No! Not again! I’m beggin’ ya, Plankton!” Mr. Krabs pleaded. But it was too late, Plankton flicked him in the air again, sending him high in the sky.

“MY, HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED! NOW YOU’RE AT MY MERCY!” Plankton laughed as Mr. Krabs landed on his other palm.

“Ugh…” Mr. Krabs got up feeling dizzy. “I think I’m gonna be sick…”

“HAD ENOUGH, EUGENE?” Plankton stared down at his rival. “HOW’S ABOUT THAT SECRET FORMULA?”

“...Never…!” Mr. Krabs weakly protested.

Plankton growled, but it was followed shortly by a grin. “OKAY, KRABS. YOU ASKED FOR IT!” Plankton then turned Mr. Krabs upside down.

Mr. Krabs’ eyes widened as he realized what Plankton was about to do. “No! No, Plankton! You wouldn’t dare!”

“I WOULD!” Plankton laughed as he began to shake Mr. Krabs, causing all of his money to fall out.

A couple ponies came out of hiding to look at what was on the ground. “Hey,” One stallion asked, picking up a dollar bill. “What’s this stuff?”

“No-no-no!!! Don’t touch me money! IT’S MINE!” Mr. Krabs yelled.

“Wait,” The stallion said. “This is money?”

Mr. Krabs turned white as more ponies began to appear out of hiding to look at and take his money.

“AAAAAAUGH!!!! AAAAAAUGH!!!!” Mr. Krabs began screaming in various poses while in Plankton’s grasp, even exhaling heavily to scream more, much to Plankton’s enjoyment.

Discord and Strife were continuing to watch. “So, he’s really doing all of this for a sandwich?”

Strike spoke in an uneasy tone, remembering his alliance with him in the past. “...Yes…”

“Goodness,” Discord spoke. “And I thought I was wacky in the Season 2 Premiere!”

Plankton looked over and saw the two draconequui. “WELL, WELL, WELL!” Plankton spoke, staring down at them. “IF IT ISN’T MY OLD PARTNER IN EVIL!” Plankton then grabbed Strife in his clutches. “QUITE A SHAME, STRIFEY. WE COULD’VE HAD IT ALL! AND RIGHT NOW, YOU OR NOTHING ELSE CAN STAND IN THE WAY OF THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURE IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Plankton turned and saw a shadowed Discord upon a higher building in a superhero outfit against red, thundering skies. “But enough of this kind of intimidation,” Discord pushed the background behind him out of the way. “I’ll just simply ask. Put those two down...or else.”

Plankton laughed at the creature of Chaos. “OH, I’M SO SCARED BY A DONKEY IN UNDERWEAR!”

“Underwear?” Discord smirked. “You’re one to talk.” Upon the snapping of his fingers, large underwear poofed on Plankton as the citizens of Ponyville began laughing.

“YAAUGH!!!!” Plankton quickly tried to cover himself, letting go of Mr. Krabs and Strife in the process.

Mr. Krabs screamed in terror as he was falling, until Strife flew up, having him land on his back. Mr. Krabs sighed in relief. “By Neptune’s beard, what a day.” Mr. Krabs noticed there was something missing. “Uh...could someone get my arms?”

“But enough of this,” Discord flew up to Plankton’s eyes. “What do you say we fight like big boys?”

In a flash of light, Discord suddenly transformed into a giant beast and roared at Plankton.

Plankton was surprised, but he wasn’t giving up. He raised his hands as they ignited in an aura flame. “BRING IT ON, FREAKSHOW!” Plankton then tackled Discord as they began to fight in the town!

Meanwhile, Trixie had just walked into Ponyville, brushing her mane. “Ugh, finally! It’s about time I got out of that-”

Trixie looked up and saw Discord and Plankton battling, and the draconequus lifted a cement tower to throw, causing some to fall out.

“Oh, noooOOOO!” Trixie yelled as cement once again fell on her, trapping her in it! Trixie grunted, then she flailed her arms screaming, before folding her arms and pouting stubbornly. “Why do these things always happen to Trixie?”

Twilight was now with SpongeBob, Spike, Patrick and Starlight in hiding. Starlight, was starting to feel more stable. So she was explaining the situation to Twilight.

“And that’s how it all happened, Twilight.” Starlight looked down.

“So, Plankton pretty much zapped all your magic away?” Spike asked.

“Yeah. And it’s all my fault,” Starlight spoke in shame. “I never should’ve listened to him.”

Twilight put her hoof on Starlight’s shoulder. “No. Don’t blame yourself, Starlight. It’s Plankton’s fault.”

“But he tricked me,” Starlight spoke. “If I didn’t have the big idea to trust him...”

SpongeBob felt bad for Starlight, getting manipulated like that. But he stood up, smiling, knowing what could make her feel better. “I believe we haven’t been introduced,” He held out his hand. “I’m SpongeBob SquarePants, former student in magic.”

Starlight smiled upon that as she shook SpongeBob’s hand with her hoof. “Uh… I’m Starlight Glimmer... current student in magic.”

SpongeBob spoke. “And I have to say, we can’t just stay in here, hiding! There’s gotta be a way to get your magic back.”

“Maybe with that device Plankton used,” Twilight nodded. “If we could find it.”

“That would work,” Starlight realized briefly, before an awful thought struck her. “But I last saw it in the castle. And right now,” Starlight looked over to the broken castle. “I doubt it made it out.”

“Yeah,” Patrick sadly looked down. “All that made it was this souvenieur I tripped over.” Patrick pulled out a strange looking object.

Twilight, SpongeBob, Spike and Starlight’s eyes widened! There was no mistaking what it was! “The device!” SpongeBob grinned. “Patrick, you’ve wearing pure genius!”

“Actually, I just wear shorts.” Patrick spoke. Twilight, SpongeBob, Spike and Starlight all glanced at each other upon that.

“We gotta find some way to shoot that at Plankton!” Spike spoke up.

Twilight looked at Discord and Plankton battling. Plankton pounded on his chest like a gorilla, while Discord shot blue fire from his mouth.

“I can’t aim it right!” Twilight struggled as she grit her teeth. “They’re moving around too much!”

Suddenly, Starlight got an idea. “I think I know of a way we can get the proper aim!”

“Really? How?” SpongeBob asked.

Starlight grinned as she lowered her back. “Hop on and I’ll show you.” SpongeBob grew excited as he jumped on Starlight’s back.

“Are you two gonna be okay?” Twilight asked.

“No worries, Twilight!” SpongeBob began

“Student business, we got this!” Starlight spoke proudly as she rode off with SpongeBob.

While the battle was still going on, two different Discords were sitting in two chairs. One was tall and skinny with a bald haircut, while the second one was shorter and chubbier with white hair and large glasses.

“Well, I for one think this battle is going splendidly, Discord.” The tall Discord said. “Mostly because Discord just keeps surprising us.

“I highly agree, Discord.” The small Discord nodded his head. “Discord just never fails to surprise us.

Plankton was searching for Discord in the mist of smoke. Until he saw Discord, back to his original size looking up at him.

“I’m quite impressed with how we’re doing.” Discord spoke. “And what’s more...I’m not even trying.”

“OH YEAH?!” Plankton raised his hand and formed a fist. “TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE!” Plankton then brought it down to crush Discord leaving a loud KABOOM!

There was a huge hole where Discord once was as Plankton laughed. “I WIN! I’VE BEATEN YOU!”

But to Plankton’s surprise, Discord was at the bottom of the hole, simply stopping Plankton’s fist with his finger.

After a casual yawn, Discord turned with a smirk. “Missed me.”

Plankton growled before screaming in fury. “NAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGH!!!!!!”

“Oh. Wow!” The tall Discord spoke before he applauded. “He just keeps surprising us.”

“Tell me about it! This is amazing! And me without my popcorn.” The short Discord joined in.

Discord’s voice than spoke as an announcer. “We’ll be right back to At The Climatic Battles With Discord & Discord after these toy commercials!”

The two Discords looked up to see Plankton’s fist. “Yipe!” They both disappeared before he could smash it down.

Both SpongeBob and Starlight flew around, in search of what the unicorn was talking about, Pinkie’s special party cannon that rested on a nearby hill.

“Wow! With this, one of us could fire right at Plankton! We wouldn’t have to aim!” SpongeBob eagerly spoke.

“You should probably go inside the cannon,” Starlight spoke as she handed him the device. “You can take shape right?”

“Can do!” SpongeBob shaped himself to look more round, not unlike a cannon ball as he jumped inside the cannon.

Starlight made sure to aim right in the distance of Plankton. “Ready...aim...FIRE!” Starlight pressed the button on Pinkie’s cannon to fire, it shot SpongeBob out in confetti!

“Huh,” Starlight commented. “Festive. But with Pinkie Pie, anything’s possible.”

In the air, SpongeBob took on his regular form as he got out the device. But suddenly, the giant Plankton looked up with a sinister grin, much to SpongeBob’s horror! Plankton held out his hand as SpongeBob landed in it, only to harshly grab him!


SpongeBob smirked. “Well, not to brag, Plankton, but…” SpongeBob pulled out the device.

Plankton’s eye widened in horror as he recognized his device from earlier, still intact! “NOW-NOW-NOW-NOW! DON’T DO ANYTHING HASTY, SPONGEBOB! I MEAN WE’RE BUDDIES! BUDDIES ON OCCASION!...LIKE RIGHT NOW?...”

“Hmm…” SpongeBob thought for a moment. “...Nope, not right now.” SpongeBob then activated the device and zapped at Plankton.

The giant could feel the magical energy sucked out of him as he began shrinking. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Plankton threw SpongeBob in the air due to his shrinking, as the sponge began plummeting while yelling.

Rainbow Dash heard SpongeBob’s yells. “Whoa! Hold on! I gotcha, SpongeBob!” She tried to fly up with her butterfly wings. “I gotcha! I gotcha!”

SpongeBob then landed on Rainbow Dash as they both fell to the ground. SpongeBob got up, smiling. “Whew! Thanks for breaking my fall, Dashie!”

Rainbow chuckled sheepishly. “Anytime, kiddo.”

Plankton continued screaming and shrinking until he was down to his original size, and the stolen magic from Starlight was back in the device. SpongeBob saw the glowing energy in the device and looked over to Starlight. “I think I know who this belongs to.” SpongeBob proudly aimed the device at Starlight and zapped.

Starlight glowed as her magic began to return. Once she’d stopped glowing, she looked at herself. She was no longer pale, and her horn was sparking, surging with magic. “Guys, I’m back!” Starlight spoke, filled with life and energy. “My magic’s back!”

Everyone cheered for their victory and Twilight ran up to embrace Starlight as Spike did the same!

Plankton however, wasn’t happy. “It’s not fair! It’s not fair! My beautiful, malicious world was taken, just when it was created!” Plankton pounded his fists on the ground in frustration. Then Plankton noticed a couple shadows over him and looked up. Twilight, Spike and Starlight were all staring down at him with glares.

Plankton was afraid, but quickly thought up something. “I-uh-Oh! Where am I? Oh, hi, there!” He laughed, nervously. “Funny story, there was this guy who looked just like me and took your magic! You know, he also sounded like me! And he may have had my exact name! And he-”

“I think you better take it up with him.” Starlight shoved Plankton towards someone else. Plankton looked up and gasped at an angry Mr. Krabs.

“Eugene!” Plankton grinned, innocently. “Heeeey, how you doing?”

Mr. Krabs grabbed Plankton looked him in the eye. “There’s green stuff in my pocket missing! And I know just how to fill it up!” Mr. Krabs then stuffed Plankton in his pocket and zipped it twice.

Twilight and Starlight chuckled at that. But Starlight looked up at the destroyed castle, and felt guilty. “But what are we gonna do about-”

Suddenly, magical wind blew around Ponyville, returning the town back to its original state, even returning Rainbow Dash and Rarity’s wings and horns. And even Twilight’s castle was back to the way it was. Everyone turned to Discord, sitting in a beach chair reading a Nickelodeon magazine. “You’re welcome,” He spoke before continuing to read. “Now, what’s this sleazy company up to now?”

Starlight smiled at that, but turned back to SpongeBob. “I’m still sorry all this happened, Spongebob,” She spoke with a blush. “I guess I kinda thought you were gonna replace me when you returned.”

“What?” SpongeBob asked. “No, I wouldn’t do that! To tell the truth, I was kinda nervous about meeting you. Hearing that Twilight has another student, those were some big shoes to fill.”

“Well, I can say you made a better impression than you might have thought. You certainly filled those shoes, whatever they are.” Starlight giggled.

“Oh,” SpongeBob grinned. “That reminds me! You wanna see a magic trick I’ve been working on?” SpongeBob pulled out his wand, and began waving it around doing many poses.

“Hit the deck!” Patrick yelled as everyone ran into hiding. Starlight however, noticed SpongeBob was going to slip, and used her magic to keep his legs straight. With that, SpongeBob shot out beautiful fireworks out of his wand!

Everyone was in awe as they then cheered at the sight. “Woo-hoo! Right on, SpongeBob!”

SpongeBob himself was surprised. “Whoa! That’s the first time it worked!”

Starlight walked over to him and rubbed his head, affectionately. “Guess you can say it was the magic touch?”

SpongeBob smiled upon that, as Pinkie Pie spoke up. “Hey, everyone! Isn’t this supposed to be a party?”

Everyone cheered as music began playing, everyone started dancing, talking, making fun, and just having an all around good time.

And so, with Plankton defeated and Starlight Glimmer’s magic returning to where it belongs, the party could continue, with both students now becoming very good friends.

“Hey,” Patrick said. “That’s Frenchie! Where have you been? We haven’t heard from you in a while!”

Well, Patrick, let me explain everything…

Discord and Strife continued to watch from the roof of a building. “You much of a dancer?” Strife asked.

“Who, me? Nah.” Discord shook his head. “But, it was great to see you again, though.”

Strife smiled. “Same…” He then thought for a second. “Does this mean we have to hug?”

“Well, around here it would look awkward.” Discord spoke.

“Agreed.” Strife nodded. “...Quick one?”

Discord and Strife hugged for half a second before sitting back down and whistling.

“But you know,” Discord spoke. “I can’t help but feel we forgot something.”

“Hello! HELLO! Is anypony around?!” Trixie yelled, still stuck in cement. Suddenly, Discord and Strife appeared.

“Stuck I see?” Discord asked.

“Yes!” Trixie snapped. “Now get me out of this cement!”

“Oh, but Trixie, who said it was cement?” Discord asked.

Trixie looked down and saw it was water as she was released in a splash.

Discord pulled out a camera and got in with Strife and Trixie. “Smile, everyone!” Discord took a picture of him, Strife, and an irritated Trixie.

In loving memory of Stephen Hillenburg, he was number one. (1961-2018)
And in loving memory of Tim Conway, our Barnacle Man. (1933-2019)

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Great story. Do u think if u can make a 3rd one of this it can be called when worlds collide and involve invader zim?
Here’s a synopsis. With operation impending doom 2 almost over, the tallest decided to reveal to zim his mission on earth was a fake all along, but before they get to earth, one of zim experiments accidentally combine the spongebob world with the my little pony world and soon spongebob, twilight and the others need to figure out what’s going on. Meanwhile after the tallest Humiliate zim infront of earth and strand him on earth. Zim seeks revenge and discovers the final planet of operation impending doom 2 is on the planet equis, (the planet equestria is on) so with the help of gir, mini moose, and the membrane family, zim must help spongebob, twilight and their friends save the universe from the irken empire. All of this is just a thought. You don’t have to make it if u don’t want to. Great story by the way 👍

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