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It's that time of the week again folks!

Indeed he does. That's about it.



The premise had potential. It would take about 15,000 words, and you would need to watch about a dozen Alfred Hitchcock movies first, but one could write a good story where the Element of Loyalty drives a pony to suicide. (Especially the Element of Generosity, by setting her up to fail in fulfilling promises.)

Well just when I thought you’d completely strayed from your old style I’m treated with not homophobia but transphobia and just when I thought you couldn’t do better

I'm considering adapting a Hitchcock movie at some point.

That’s worth a follow!

The cover art art is hilarious

Why does this story have so many dislikes? I mean, it can't be that bad, right? ...Right?

Is this a particular issue?

Mind trying something, y`know... actually funny next time?
I was wondering what`s this "troll troll" is all about... And you`re just $*!@ boring.
Seriously, just... try to make something witty next time. Not putting high hopes it will actually be, but at least give a darn try.

Ah, don`t discount the power of boredom. Nothing hurts troll more then being overlooked because they have no new material.

His current material has readers flocking over here like moths to a strip light.

And yet, it`s already boring. Novelty wears off faster then glitter, yanno.

Especially if you don't use enough glue.

Hey everypony thanks for commenting!!! :pinkiehappy: im glad u are all enjoying and pls feel free to check out my other stories!!! :pinkiesad2: im working on another right now so look forward to it!!! :pinkiehappy:

"Why thank you, Rainbow Dash," Rarity said, surprised Rainbow Dash's kind words. "While we're at it, I would also like you to be the first to know I am trans." To prove it, Rarity pulled out her massive ten inch cock and showed it to the pegasus. However, Rainbow Dash screamed in terror.


It does come out of nowhere.

I am contemplating... should I check this out... or not?.. Are there horrible, unspeakable things, which poison the Internet?.. or quite the opposite?

"Yes" to what :rainbowhuh:?

This is, in your own words, one of the "horrible, unspeakable things, which poison the Internet."

Oh :rainbowderp:!.. Do I want to know :fluttershyouch:?

Assuming you haven't read the story;

RD drives Rarity to suicide over some ill-judged comments regarding trans ponies.

Well, that doesn't sound bad... except for the suicide :applejackunsure:... In fact, I can hardly imagine THAT happening in the show :rainbowderp:!

The person who wrote this doesn't really understand the show.

W-welp :applejackconfused:... This might as well do very well without involving ponies :applejackconfused:... You, dude, have the craziest ideas! Why would you write a fanfic with this much mindscrew? The characters you describe are not the ones I've known and loved! Minus point for profanity! Minus another one for the blood-licking! She's not a vampony, you know :ajbemused:.

In fact, the only sane thing here is Rainbow Dash's stating, that Rarity's still a mare (and who would even want to indulge in such debauchery, as what Rarity did :raritydespair:?).

...But then Rainbow's just happy Rarity committed a suicide :applejackconfused: :applejackconfused:... That's... uh-h-h...


What really made it was the lack of any punctuation at the end... So... abrupt!.. (Hint: it wasn't a good thing. At all).

Man, no wonder you are rumoured to be a bad writer :ajbemused:. I am even surprised you never failed to capitalise words in the chapter (but not in your author's note :ajbemused:).

This is not mere disappointment... I... don't even know :applejackunsure:... Wouldn't want any possible readers even to "proceed with caution"...

Oops :twilightoops:! Posted it prematurely, fixed now!

You've been right: I decided to give it a peek...


But more likely: :applejackconfused:...

What's he even doing here writing fanfiction on what has nothing to do with what HE is here for? I mean, have ponies anything to do with THIS :applejackconfused:???

Most of his work is nonsense, involving Sonic or Shadow.

Also, he seems to have this fetish for characters mastarbating.

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