• Published 10th May 2019
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Is a Shark Mare's Bark Worse Than Her Bite? - Robipony

You have come to Haywaiian to make some research for your next book. It is here in this island paradise that you meet the diamond dog, Holly and a shark pony named Jagged Nibble. Enjoy your stay.

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Day 5 - A Hui Hou

With a grunt, you awoke to find yourself, slumped over onto the table, a puddle of drool next to your face. Instinctively you pulled away in revulsion before looking around, praying to Celestia that nopony had noticed the mess you made. Fortunately, you were back at your hotel room and the only other person in the room was still lying unconscious in your bed.

After cleaning up your mess, you walked over to the telephone and called for room service.

"If you could just bring two cups and a whole lot of coffee," you ordered over the phone.

With your order made you walked back over to the edge of the bed and looked over Jag. The shark pony seemed to be at peace, slumbering beneath the sheets. It was such a shame that you were going to have to disturb her. You uttered a silent prayer, hoping that Jag would forgive you for what you were about to do.

Walking over to the window you pulled open the curtains, allowing the rays of the sun to come bursting through.

"Time to get up!" You said loudly.

Jag groaned, placing a hoof over her brow to ward off the light.

"My bucking head," Jag growled, "what are you doing on my boat?"

"We're not on your boat," you replied, "you here at my place."

Looking around the room, Jag's eyes went wide at the realization that she was in a stranger's hotel room. Slowly Jag glared at you with menacing eyes.

"You didn't take advantage of me, did you?" Jag growled.

"No, not at all," you said, shaking your head, "I just brought you back here because of the storm."

Jag eyed you a little longer, before giving a sorrowful nod, "Thank you."

You were certain that she was upset from the events that transpired yesterday.

There was a knock at the door that instantly caused Jag to cringe and clutch her forehead. Answering the door you saw the hotels receptionist stand there with a wooden tray, bearing a large pot of coffee and two white ceramic cups.

"Thank you, kindly." You said as you took the tray. The receptionist gave you a nod before leaving.

Bring the tray over to the table, you proceeded to pour two cups, one for yourself and one for the hungover shark mare. After filling her cup, you presented it to Jag.

"Drink up."

Jag took a sip and coughed, "It's black!"

"Of course it is," you answered, "that's the best cure for a hangover."

Jag let out an annoyed growl but continued to drink anyway. You slowly drank your cup as you watched her gulp hers down.

"That's disgusting!" Jag protested.

Instead of being offended by this statement, you choose to take Jag's cup and refill it.

"What did I do to deserve this treatment?" Jag chuckled, taking the cup.

As she sat there drinking in bed, you remembered something that Jag had said the night before. It might have just been a nightmare she was having, still you felt it was important to ask.

"What are the white rooms?"

Jag stopped cold, sweat dripping down her brow in response to your question. Her eyes burned into you as dread slowly turned to anger.

"How'd you find out about that?"

"You mentioned it while you were sleeping."

Jag watched you for a moment, her eyes red enough to burn a hole in your skull. Gradually her anger waned and her gaze drifted to the window.

"Neither of the other Aumakanni remember it," Jag answered, "but I still remember pieces of it. Of waking up in the white rooms, continually prodded by needles, giving and taking fluids as they pleased. The constant pain and agony as they used me."

"So it wasn't just a nightmare you've been having."

"I wish it was," Jag answered, "at least then it might go away. However even when I'm awake, I still remember."

"Is that why you started drinking?"

Jag looked down at her cup.

"Yeah and for a while it worked," Jag said, "however it seems like it takes more and more just to hold them off."

Hearing this you wondered if maybe this was part of the reason why Jag had been acting feral recently. One of the side effects of alcohol was that it weakened the parts of the brain that inhibited certain behaviors. This was why a stallion who was afraid of dancing might just step out on stage and dance after having a few drinks.

In Jag's case it was her shark instincts that were being inhibited, only to be set loose under certain conditions when she was under the influence of alcohol.

"Have you told anypony else about this?" You asked.

Jag shook her head, "I tried talking with the other Aumakanni, but they both looked at me as if I was crazy. I guess I thought everypony would treat me like that if they knew."

"I think you should give it a try. You stated yourself that the drinking isn't solving the problem. In fact, I think it might be what's been causing you to act so... Feral, recently."

Jag winced at the word. Admittedly you weren't too fond of it, hut it was really the best way to describe it.

"Even if I stop drinking, what about my memories of... That place?"

You let out a deep sigh, "I don't know, but clearly you can't fight it on your own. You are going to need to talk to somepony about it."

The room fell silent as Jag sat there, pondering what you had said. Taking a final sip, Jag brandished the empty cup to you, which you proceeded to refill.

"So what do I do about Holly?" Jag asked.

"Why not just apologize to her?" You answered, "I'm sure she would understand."

Jag shook her head, "No, I doubt she would even want to see me, considering what I've put her through."

Personally you weren't sure if that was true or not. Considering how Holly acted after the incident yesterday, you couldn't discern if she would want to see Jag again or want nothing to do with her.

Slowly Jag pulled herself out from under the bed sheets.

"I think I would like to clean up. Can I use your shower?" Jag asked.

"Sure. Go ahead."

You watched as Jag made her way into the hotel bathroom. Shortly after the door closed, you could hear the shower come on. As you sat there, you considered what Jag had said. Was there possibly a way to give Jag to opportunity to apologize to Holly, and if so, would she accept it?

The sound of somepony knocking on your door distracted you from your train of thought. Standing up, you made your way to the door and looking through the peep-hole and saw Fleur on the other side. Without hesitating, you opened the door and faced her. "Hello."

"Where is Jag?" Fleur asked, "Is she alright?"

"She's fine," you replied, "she is in the shower right now."

Fleur gave you a quizzical look, “Did you two share a bed?”

"No," you answered, "she had the bed and I slept in the chair."

Fleur's stern expression changed to that of confusion, "Don't you have a couch in your room?"

"Both my back and I wish it were so," you answered, "Apparently the Cracked Coconut Hotels rooms come with the bare necessities. Even the TV doesn't work."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's fine. That's what I get for having my publisher make hotel arrangements."

This elicited a light chuckle from Fleur. It was then that a thought occurred to you.

"Hey Fleur, do you think you can help me with something?"

"That depends on what you're asking."

"Well, Jag sort of made a mistake," you explained, "she wants to apologize to Holly, however because of certain circumstances she doesn't feel like Holly will want to speak with her. Do you have any ideas on how we could resolve this issue?"

Placing a hoof on her chin, Fleur began pondering your inquiry. Here eyes glancing upward for a moment before a smile graced her lips.

"I have an idea," Fleur said, "however I will need you to buy me and hour."

"I'm sure I can figure something out," you replied, "what is the plan?"

"Try to spend some time with Jag for an hour, then bring her to Turtle Beach. Oh! But she needs to be blindfolded!"


"Yeah, for the surprise."

"A surprise?"

"Yes," Fleur groaned, a little frustrated, "Turtle Beach is said to be a place of rebirth. Having both Holly and Jag meet there could function as the perfect way to restart their friendship. Don't you get it?"

You nodded, "I think I understand now."

"Okay, well I best be going then."

Having finished her plotting, Fleur went on her way. After closing the door, you went to your suitcase to see if there was anything that could function as a blindfold. Looking through your luggage you managed to find a black tie that could be used. You shook your head.

"Why did Fleur have to make me grab the blindfold?"

You heard the shower being turn off and shortly after Jag emerged from the bathroom, drying her mane with a towel.

"I think your shower is broken," Jag said, "the water was very cold."

Yeah, almost like everything else in this hotel. Looking over at the window sill you saw the gecko looking back at you, almost as if it were mocking you. Clearing your thoughts you turned back to Jag.

"Hey is there anywhere you would like to go?" You asked, remembering that you had to keep Jag preoccupied for an hour.

Jag was about to say something, before frowning.

"Sadly most of the fun places I know of involve alcohol."

"What about music?" You asked, "Don't you purchase music for you radio channel."

"Yeah, though most of it I have exported from the mainland." Jag answered.

"I see..."

This didn't seem to be working. Furthermore, given enough time there was a chance that Jag might figure out was going on. It was then that you remembered a little treat that you were fond of from time to time.

"How about some ice cream?" You inquired, "Surely there is a place that sells ice cream here on the islands."

Jag thought for a moment and smiled, "I think I might know a place."

The journey to the ice cream shop was an uneasy one. A few of the ponies and diamond dogs gave Jag odd looks, no doubt having witnessed or hearing about, the scene at the train station yesterday. Jag gave you a nervous glance, which you returned with a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry," you assured her, "everything will be fine."

The establishment, Jag brought you to was called the Haywaiian Brain Freeze, which boasted of having the best ice cream in all the Haywaiian Isles. It was a booth with a few tables out front, open to the elements. Both of you walked up to the audaciously yellow ice cream shop.

"So what type of ice cream will you be having?" You asked.

"I think I'll have the bubblegum flavor," Jag answered. "What about you?"

You looked over the board, at the various ice cream flavors that the shop had available. Out of all of them, one particular flavor seemed to catch your eye.

"I think I'll try the pineapple ice cream."

Jag raised an eyebrow.

"What? It sounds interesting!"

The eyebrow lowered and Jag just smiled.

"Oh, go right ahead."

There was something about that smile, like Jag was going to enjoy the outcome of this decision more than you would. Like she was challenging you to buy that flavor.

"I will." You grumbled.

After the two cups of ice cream were purchased, Jag and you walked over to one of the tables and sat down. A few of the other customers gave Jag strange looks from their tables. In response Jag seemed to focus her attention on you and the delicious treat in front of her.

Taking your plastic spoon you proceeded to scoop up a bit of your ice cream and ate it. It was... Sweet... Like too sweet. It was definitely pineapple, pushed to the maximum, it's strong flavor overwhelming your mouth.

Jag snickered in response to the reaction you made with your first bite. Slightly embarrassed by her action, you frowned and took another bite of the extremely sweet ice cream. Perhaps it would be a good time for a distraction.

"So, I know your mane was inspired, but," you inquired, "what about your piercings and collar?"

"Well, in my research many of the ponies who take on a punkish style have piercings like this," Jag answered, "as for my collar... Holly's family gave it to me."

The reminder of Holly seemed to make Jag sad. Sullenly she took a bite of her ice cream. Time for another question.

"Do you like your piercings?"

The new inquiry seemed to cheer Jag up a bit. Her frown turning into a toothy smile.

"I do. In fact I'm actually considering having my tail fin pierced."

"Wouldn't that inhibit your ability to swim?"

"Yeah, if it was riddled with holes it might cause trouble," Jag replied, "however a few piercings shouldn't have that large an effect. I'm also thinking of getting a tattoo."

"You don't say."

Jag beamed from ear to ear.

"I heard on the mainland there are some places you can buy a glow in the dark tattoo," Jag said excitedly, "though I would prefer one with fluorescence. That way it would glow in the dark under a black light, like at the club, but not deep underwater when I am dive fishing."

You could recall, Jag talking about how she liked to fish with her teeth when she was alone.

"I was wondering what is the biggest fish you've caught?"

Jag held out both her forelegs and stretched them as far as she could.

"I once caught a swordfish that was twice this long!"

You chuckled at the gesture, not too sure if she was being totally honest or if like some of the other sailors you'd met, she was exaggerating. Then again, she was a shark pony, a natural born huntress, so it was possible that she might be able to take down something twice her size.

Jag gave you a suspicious look, "Is there a reason you are asking me these questions?"

"Oh, no reason."

Her amber eyes narrowed; you were blowing smoke and she knew it.


It soon became perfectly clear that you weren't fooling anypony and you knew full well that Jag would be up figuring it all out, once you asked her to put the blindfold on. However there wouldn't be any issues if you gave her a partial truth, right?

"You got me!" You answered, "Fleur wanted to throw you a surprise. I'm supposed to distract you for an hour so she can prepare things."

"Oh, that's really sweet of her," Jag laughed, "Lis always likes throwing little events like that together."

Nailed it. Hopefully that information would tide her over and she would be completely unaware that Holly would be involved. That was the surprise after all.

"You've been friends with Fleur for a while right?"

"Yeah, she is one of my best friends," Jag replied, "she was one of the few who didn't treat me differently because of how I look?"

"Do others act negatively to your... Aquatic traits?"

"Not exactly, mostly just ponies. However it isn't necessarily the odd looks that bother me. Since most Haywaiians consider me to be a spirit of the sea, they do a lot to bend backwards for me, but I don't want that either. I just want others to look at me for who I am. Not because of my fins or my... Teeth."

Once more Jag's mood became melancholy.

"But Fleur treated you differently." You interjected.

"Uh, yes," Jag said, "she treated me like I was just another pony. I would say she is probably the closest thing I have to a sister."

"What about her husband?" You inquired, "you don't seem to be very fond of him."

"Oh, I don't mind him all that much anymore," Jag answered, "when we first met he annoyed me a little. However, he has tried to fix things up and he makes Lis happy, so I guess that makes me happy. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy teasing him from time to time."

You took another bite of your pineapple ice cream, "I really regret ordering this."

"It would probably go great if mixed in with a few scoops of vanilla," Jag suggested, "how about you try a bite of this."

Jag held out her spoon with some bubblegum ice cream on it.

"That really isn't necessary."

"Please, I insist," Jag begged, "it isn't really fair that I enjoy this ice cream by myself when you're the one who paid for it."

Seeing that Jag was going to take no for an answer, you took a deep sigh and opened you mouth wide.

Jag gave you a puzzled look, "What are you doing?"

"I thought you w..."

Right as you tried to explain your thought, Jag shoved the spoon of ice cream into your mouth. She brandished a mischievous grin from ear to ear.

With the spoon now crammed into your mouth you could now taste the ice cream. While bubblegum ice cream was sweet it wasn't as strong as the pineapple ice cream you had been eating. Slowly, Jag pulled the spoon from your mouth.

"Why did you do that?"

"Oh, just a little payback for trying to conceal Lis's surprise." Jag said sticking her tongue out at you.

"Isn't that the purpose of a surprise?"

"It is," Jag answered, "which means I will have to punish you for ruining it, later."

"This doesn't seem very fair."

"Nopony ever said it was." Jag gave you a wicked grin.

"Now why am I blindfolded again?" Jag asked.

"I told you it's a surprise."

When you agreed to Fleur's plan of bringing Jag to the beach with a blindfold, you hadn't fully considered how difficult the task would be. Fortunately, you were most of the way there. Now you just needed to descend the steps down to the beach.

"Well, it better be good," Jag joked, "otherwise I might bite your head off."

After what you experienced yesterday, you didn't find the joke all that funny. Jag seemed to sense this and her mood became more solemn.


You continued to guide Jag down the path until you reached the sand, the path fading into the beach. As instructed you waited here for a moment.

"Why did we stop?" Jag asked.

"Hey Jag, I'm going to need you to be quiet for a moment."


"It's part of the surprise."

Jag started to giggle, "Now this is just starting to sound a little kinky."

You rolled your eyes at the statement. Granted you had to admit it did feel a bit odd.

With Jag now silent, you began to escort her down to the beach. It consisted of a bay with large rocks and trees on both sides and on the hillside overlooking the ocean. As you more of the beach came into view you spotted Fleur, Fancy Pants and Holly waiting for you. Like Jag, Holly was wearing a makeshift blindfold.

After seeing Fancy Pants it took some effort not to snicker when you saw that he was wearing a hula dancers outfit and holding a ukulele. A look of annoyance on his face indicating that his wife may have put him up to this.

Following the motions Fleur made with her hooves, you positioned Jag a ways from Holly.

"Thank you both for your cooperation," Fleur spoke, "I just wanted say that I have learned many things here in Haywaii. One such thing being that at times relationships shift like the waves of the ocean, however even in turbulent times a few thoughtful words can settle a storm. Now I present to you both such an opportunity."

On cue, you removed Jag's blindfold and Fleur removed Holly's.

The two individuals gazed at one another, with shocked expressions. They both seemed to tilt their heads downwards as if they weren't sure how to react. There was a pause and you were gripped with fearful anticipation at how your two friends might behave.

Then some movement caught your attention as drops of moisture fell from Jag's face to the sand. A series of sniffling sounds followed.

"I... I'm... So sorry. I... Never wanted to..."

More tears joined the cascade, moistening the dry sand.

"Hurt you... I... I was being selfish... I focused on... my own problems... I ignored... Your advice and it... Ruined our friendship."

You watched as Holly stepped forward, tears welling up in her own eyes.

"I... I understand... If you want nothing more to do with me... You deserve... A better friend than me!"

It wasn't until Holly put a paw on Jag's shoulder that she even knew that her friend had walked over. Jag sniffled as Holly wrapped both her arms around her. Sobbing, Jag returned the embrace.

"Jag... I forgive you," Holly said, "however, I would be lying if said I could trust you again. I am still... hurt by what you did.

"I know," Jag whimpered, "I'll try to regain your trust. I'll work hard. I'll stop drinking. I just want us to be friends again."

The two of them stood there weeping as they exchanged words, before they broke the hug. Together, the two old friends wiped away their tears.

You knew that their relationship wasn't fully mended. Not yet. It would take time for Jag to regain Holly's trust, but at least it was a start.

"Well, now that all has been forgiven," Fleur said, "Fancy Pants and I brought some food and he is going to dance and play a song that I thought would fit the occasion."

"I really don't want to do this." Fancy Pants protested.

"Come on dear."

"This is humiliating," Fancy Pants growled, "do I really have to wear this attire?"

"If you wear it now, I will wear something very similar this evening, and..."

You weren't able to hear what Fleur whispered in her husband's ear, however judging by his blushing face and the eagerness by which he played the song, it was very enticing. The leaves of the hula dress swayed as Fancy Pants moved his hips and magically played the ukulele.

"Everypony's happy! Oh, so happy! Everypony's happy! Very very happy! Everypony's happy! Oh so happy! Smmiiillleee!!!"

There was a pause as Fancy Pant's song came to a close.

"Wow. That was just awful," Jag said smiling, "Please... Play it again."

Fancy Pants let out a sad sigh, before repeating the tune once more. Being a resident of Ponyville, you were pretty sure you knew who the original author of the song was.

While Fancy Pants performed, Fleur started pulling out supplies. These consisted of a few beach blankets, a large, white and blue umbrella and some food.

"Come on," Jag insisted, "once more."

"You're sure your not finding this a little monotonous?" Fancy Pants asked, most likely hoping Jag would cease her request. Instead she gave a mischievous grin.

"Oh, I'm finding it very entertaining..." Jag purred cruelly.

"Jag, why don't you let the poor stallion help his wife with setting up lunch?" Holly suggested mercifully.


Having been forced to stop her teasing, Jag giggled as she ran down the beach toward the water. It was almost like watching a child on their first trip to the beach... if said child was also part shark. Jag ran into the waves until she was up to her shoulders in water. Turning around, the shark pony gave a toothy grin.

"So what were you two thinking?" You asked Fleur and Fancy Pants as they prepared lunch.

"Well, occasionally some turtles will come to this beach," Fancy Pants answered, "so we were thinking that perhaps we could keep an eye out for them. While we wait, we can eat, enjoy the sun and swim a little bit."

Hearing Fancy Pant's statement, you could recall that you had done any swimming at all while on this trip. It wasn't that you hadn't wanted to, rather it just didn't seem appropriate the few times you were by the beach. Already, you could see Holly running toward the beach.

"Come on in!" Jag called out.

"Go on ahead," Fancy Pants encouraged, "have some fun."

Following Holly's example, you sprinted through the sand, down the beach toward the sea. Without thinking you ran into the waves to making a shocking discovery. Surprisingly the water wasn't as cold as you had expected, instead it was reasonably comfortable.

As you stood there, you were caught by surprise as suddenly a wave splashed into you, drenching you entirely. After gasping from the shocking experience, you soon realizes that it hadn't been a normal tidal wave that had soaked you. Glancing over at Jag, you noticed the wide, mischievous smile on her face. Watching her tail rear back, it became very clear that the initial splash had been done on purpose.

You managed to turn around just as Jag's tail crashed over the water's surface, splashing you once more.

Hearing Jag's laugh, you decided to return the favor, using your hooves you managed to make a really disappointing splash, which barely hit Jag. In response, Jag cackled hardly before a strong splash from Holly slammed into her. The shark pony sputtered as she was caught by surprise.

The two friends laughed as they exchanged water, Holly using her paws and Jag her tail. Seeing as the others were using appendages they were more accustomed to, you decided it was only fair that you use your own abilities.

You could feel your magic flowing through your horn as you telekinetically pulled up some water, forming it into a dripping sphere. Surely if you could throw an Ultra-Fetch ball, an orb of liquid shouldn't be that hard.

"Don't underestimate my power!" You shouted, as you gave Jag a menacing grin.

Carefully you propelled the water ball forward, hoping to give it the strength of a water balloon. However hurling an Ultra-Fetch ball is different than throwing a magically made aquatic orb. For one thing, an Ultra-Fetch ball is made of plastic and should be in a solid form one hundred percent of the time. A ball of water on the other hoof only maintains a solid form when magically suspended or frozen solid.

Thus when you released the sphere, it didn't fly forward like how you had expected. Instead it was more like popping a water balloon, with the water splashing outwards in front of you.

Now while it didn't work quite like how you had planned, it did still have the same desired effect. Jag's eyes shot open wide before the water from your attack splashed into her, knocking her backwards into the waves.

Holly seemed to find it rather hilarious because she couldn't stop laughing.

Jag didn't resurface.

"Ummm... do you think she is okay?" You asked.

With some difficulty, Holly managed to stop laughing and noticed that Jag was still underwater.

"I think so," Holly said, "I mean all you used was water, right?"


While you were sure that Jag could breath underwater because of her gills, you became very concerned that perhaps the magic you had used to create your water sphere may have injured the shark pony somehow. You watched and there was still no sign of Jag surfacing.

"I'll go check on her," you said.

As you began to move further into the water, a shape appeared out of the corner of your vision. Turning you watched as a gray dorsal fin advanced toward you from the side at shocking speed. There was a spray of water, as Jag leapt into the air and performed a flip before slamming her tail down into the water. The impact sending forth a large wave of water crashing toward you.

Resigning yourself to your fate, you closed your eyes and braced yourself just as the wave washed over you.

Your water-filled ears were greeted with laughter as you opened your eyes. Both Holly and Jag were having fun.

"I'll go grab us a beach ball." Holly said as she made her way back to shore.

Looking back at Jag, she gave you a bright smile.

"Thank you." Jag said.

"For what?"

"For doing this for me."

"I didn't really do much," you said, "Fleur arranged most of this. I just helped out a bit."

"Still you've done a lot for me, and I am very grateful."

"I found it!" Holly called out as she ran toward the water with a multicolored beach ball.

The three of you played with the beach ball for a while, bobbing in the water, the ball bouncing between each of you.

It wasn't long before Fleur disrupted the fun.

"It's time to eat!" She shouted.

The food that Fleur and Fancy Pants brought consisted of lettuce, cooked salmon and some pineapple slices. Considering your previous experience with the ice cream you were hesitant to try one of the slices. The fish was pretty good however.

Much to his disappointment, Fancy Pants was forced to dance a little while in his hula dancers outfit. As he danced, Holly offered him some advice on his dance moves.

"You need to sway your hips more and bend your knees." Holly suggested.

Fancy Pants let out a deep sigh, "All the things I do to appease my wife."

"Hey look there are some turtles coming in!" Fleur called out giddily.

Sure enough at the edge of the water line, three sea turtles could be seen emerging from the waves. Their dark green shells glistening with salt water.

You and the others circled around and watched as the turtles slowly crawled their way up the beach. The turtles' march went on for twenty minutes. After making their way up to a dry patch of sand, they began to dig themselves down, before using their rear flippers to part the sand behind them.

"What are they doing?" You asked.

"They're digging nests for their eggs," Holly answered.

After making the holes large enough, the turtles began to lay their eggs. Once they had finished depositing their clutch, the sea turtles used their hind flippers to push the sand back over the holes, sealing away their future young away so they could grow and mature. With their task complete, the turtles made their way back to the ocean.

Having seen the turtles nest, and as the sun was starting to set, the group began to pack up to return to their hotels. With smiles on their faces; Holly, Fleur and Fancy Pants began to walk home. For your final day here in the islands, it had gone by pretty well.

"Good night!" Fleur called out as she and her husband departed.

You were about to follow the others, when you felt a hoof on your shoulder. Turning you saw Jag looking at you with a nervous smile.

"Before you go," Jag said, "there is something else I wanted to show you."

"Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine. I just wanted you to see something special."

You followed Jag as she walked further down the beach, the waves light caressing your hooves.

It wasn't long before you came a section of the beach where the sand gave way to smooth stone. As you drew closer you saw that there were small pools filled with water, sand and other forms of sea life. Small fish, mollusks, barnacles, hermit crabs and sea anemones resided in the pools. The pink, blue and green flower like creatures almost seemed to glow in the lighting. Star fish of various shapes and sizes gripped onto the rocks.

On the edge of the tide pools was a large rock that faced the ocean.

"This one of the other spots I like to visit sometimes," Jag explained, "I just love watching the little critters as they play in their pools. For a time they are captive here, but when the tide returns they will be free once more."

Jag put her hoof in one of the tide pools, the tendrils of a blue anemone rubbing against her hoof as it drew near.

"Have you ever touched a sea anemone before?" Jag asked.

"No I haven't," you replied, "aren't they poisonous?"

"To smaller fish, yes. However for ponies the toxin is so minimal that it is mostly harmless."


"It can sting a little but usually it just tingles. You should give it a try."

Following Jag's example, you stuck your hoof in the pool, touching the small creature's tentacles. A tingling sensation radiated from the tendrils contact, it was an intriguing feeling.

"Most ponies think the Clown Fish is immune to the anemone's poison." Jag moved her hoof and began to rub against the side of the anemone's body. "However, it's actually the fact that the Clown Fish cover themselves with the mucous from the anemone's stalk. The anemone then recognizes the fish as a part of itself and chooses not to sting it."

You moved your hoof to the creature's side and felt the mucous that Jag was talking about.

"That's fascinating."

Jag raised her hooves and pulled herself up onto the rock.

"Come on up here." Jag cheered you on.

While a part of you knew that you needed to go back to your hotel to prepare to leave the next day, you also knew that this might be the last chance you would have to be with Jag. So with some difficulty, you managed to pull yourself up on top of the rock and sat down next to Jag who was looking out toward the sea and the setting sun.

"Today is your last day here isn't it?" Jag asked.

"Yes, tomorrow I have to return to the mainland."

"I thought so." Jag turned to face you. "In that case only me to share with you something very special."

Jag adjusted her position so now she was sitting facing you. She motioned for you to do the same.

"Oh... Okay."

"A long time ago it was customary for the natives to greet others to the island with an 'exchange of breathe,'" Holly explained, "however as visitors found this custom to be very strange, it became less common, reserved for special occasions among family and friends. I would like to share this custom with you. If you are willing."

"Why?" You inquired, "Why would you want to share this with me? You have only known me for a few days?"

"Because Lis told me what you did," Jag answered, "sure she orchestrated this surprise meeting, but you were the one who went out into the storm to find me and tried to find a way to rebuild my relationship with Holly. For that I am deeply grateful and so I will share my breathe with you."

"Well, if it means that much to you, then I will gladly accept."

Jag smiled, her cheeks a bright pink in contrast to her gray skin.

"Okay, so first we put our heads together so that the bridges of our noses are touching..." Jag instructed.

Jag held your head with her hooves and carefully guided your movements so that your noses made contact with minimal discomfort.

"Then we inhale at the same time."

Doing as Jag said, you inhaled simultaneously. Your lungs filling with the seaside air. Even as the two of you finished inhaling and exhaled, you felt very exhilarated by the moment. It was a very personal experience. With the 'exchange of breathe' completed, Jag released your head.

"So what did you think?" Jag asked.

"It felt... Kind of romantic."

"Really? It isn't intended to feel that way."


"This is!"

Before you knew Jag gave you a light kiss on the lips. Electricity seemed to flow through the contact as your lips touched. Your senses now on full alert.

Pulling away, the shark mare giggled, "That's the second half of your punishment."

After standing up, Jag jumped down from the rock and after running a ways, turned back, giving you a wide mischievous grin.

"Come on now!" Jag called out, "If you wait up there too long the tides going to come in!"

You were speechless as you watched Jag resume her trot. Perhaps some day you would be able to return to this paradise or maybe your paths would cross again.

Until then all you had were the memories of this place, not only of the struggles but of the good times you had been given. This trip had been a great blessing and that was something worth writing about.

The Fin... I mean, the End

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This guy is destined to have a monster mare/hybrid as a partner isn't he

Can we get a sequel? Also:

"Both my back and I wish it were so," you answered, "Apparently the Cracked Coconut Hotels rooms come with the bear necessities. Even the TV doesn't work."

It's "bare necessities".

"Wouldn't that inhibited you ability swim?"

Try one of these:

"Wouldn't that inhibit you ability swim?"

"Wouldn't that have inhibited you ability swim?"

See? Didn't those sound much better?

You could recall, Jag talking about how she liked to fish with her teeth when she was alone.


You and the others circled around and watched as the turtles slowly crawled their way up the beach. The turtles' March went on for twenty minutes. After making their way up to a dry patch of sand, they began to dig themselves down, before using their rear flippers to part the sand behind them.

Unless you're talking about the month, don't capitalize "march".

Having seen the turtles nest, and the sun was starting to set, the group began to pack up to return to their hotels. With smiles on their faces; Holly, Fleur and Fancy Pants began to walk home. For your final day here in the islands, it had gone by pretty well.

That looked like a word was either missing or added unnecessarily. Try one of these:

Having seen the turtles nest, and as the sun was starting to set, the group began to pack up to return to their hotels. With smiles on their faces; Holly, Fleur and Fancy Pants began to walk home. For your final day here in the islands, it had gone by pretty well.

Having seen the turtles nest, and the sun starting to set, the group began to pack up to return to their hotels. With smiles on their faces; Holly, Fleur and Fancy Pants began to walk home. For your final day here in the islands, it had gone by pretty well.

Anyway, can we get a sequel?

9668446 There is a sequel of sorts in the works. A certain avatar image that I had a while back gave a hint as to its nature. :raritywink:

I don't know why, but I hoped Reader and Jag would end up together.

Wow that was a shocking ending.

9733645 I hope you liked it. :scootangel:

I did enjoy it and I can't wait for more story's. :pinkiehappy:

You're welcome also your profile pic is adorable.

This was a very nice story and I can't wait for more.

9736171 Thank you. There is a sequel now available if you haven't seen it. :twilightsmile:

I am pretty sure New Zealand Maori have something similar Called Hongi In the hongi, the (breath of life) is exchanged in a symbolic show of unity. Through the exchange of this greeting, one is no longer considered manuhiri, a visitor, but rather tangata whenua, one of the people of the land.

Also do hope we see Amble again one day like maybe he meets her again and fall in love and go to Haywaii?

"Well, it better be good," Jag joked, "otherwise I might bite your head off."

Kinky, is she going to mate with him first or later? :trollestia:

9973741 Who knows. Admittedly, I'm still trying to think of a way to have Jag and the reader character meet up again.

Thank you for writing this. Its an enjoyable read, for someone who lived for a few years on Oahu, and only kinda managed to fit in, you've captured a lot of the mentality and mannerisms of a lot of the islanders I met, and became friends with. Some of the best friends I've ever had were there, and its as you've portrayed, as long as you aren't a jerk tourist, they're great people.

Fun fact: Shark ponies are what actually got me into the fandom. It was a old pic of the shark girls; Mayhem and Mischief, ponified, this was back part way thru season 1, when I found that pic while randomly browsing stuff, I got curious and looked into it, found that the old cartoon MLP was being revived, so I watched the pilot. Course, by the end of the night I had binged my way up to the current episode. The Sonic Rainboom was the first episode I saw new Saturday morning.

Jag took a sip and coughed, "It's black!"


For some reason, I never finished this chapter the first time.

Glad I chose to finish it, it was really good.

10641755 Some people like black coffee... some don't.

10680549 I'm glad you did. I enjoyed writing this story. :twilightsmile:

Still hoping to see this lovely shark in a future story

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