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The desire to sail was in Fancypants' blood. His father spent more time on the ocean than on land and his best memories as a colt were on his father's yacht. With the recent boom of ships able to sail through the air, Fancypants wasted no time in purchasing two or three and taking them on a trip past Equestria's shores.

During one voyage, severe weather strikes, and Fancypants is thrown overboard in a terrible accident. Expecting to drown in the cold waters, he is saved by a rather exotic creature.

But by gum, she is gorgeous...

Written for Robipony

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His father lived far past the life expectancy for a unicorn

How long do most unicorns live?

Also, octopony instead of mermare. Didn't see that coming.

Does this mean Blue and Fancy are going to become besties now?

In my headcanon, the average life expectancy for unicorns is around 70.

Fancypants smirked behind his half-eaten muffin as Fleur poured over the magazines he brought, her eyes glimmering with fascination and awe.”

In this context, it's spelled "Pored over"

Well, other than that relatively minor and common mistake, I can say that this was a delight from start to finish. The whole sequence of events felt very natural and every character was used exceedingly well. I particularly liked how Fancy's dialogue conveyed his character - that his wit is something he's both developed himself and become so used to that he often uses it without thinking.

Also, if Fleur does want to resume her true form sometimes, well, there's nothing to say that the spell to turn an octopony into a land pony couldn't work in reverse. Just a thought.

So, yeah, an excellent story and I don't know why it hasn't received more attention. Well, I shall do what infinitesimal amount I can to rectify that with a like and a favourite.

Thanks for the kind words and for pointing that error out :twilightsmile:

Great story keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Really liked your Blueblood. It was good to see him not just spoiled brat, but actually quite a smart and professional pony, who cares about his country, just harsh and egoistic. That Blueblood really can be Princess nephew/

More please?

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