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StormLuna's my name, shipping lesbians is my game.


The end of your senior year has arrived and at the spring formal, you are dancing with the girl you've had a crush on ever since you met her. Memories of the past flood your mind and then the unexpected happens, an event that was truly wonderful and magical.

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This is good.

Sweet, short, and well-executed. I only wish there was more of a buildup to the kiss in real time, and not just memories the whole length of the story. Apart from that issue, I loved it.


Well I do plan on doing a sequel at some point involving "you" proposing to Fluttershy, I'll keep that in mind when it comes to the question being asked....and after that the wedding.....for now though, I plan on getting back to work on my big project that I've been working on and battling through writer's block with since last July.

D'awwwwww :fluttershyouch::heart:


Glad you liked it. At some point there will be a sequel involving the proposal and then the wedding. Those however will not be tied into memories so much, it will be more tied into the events leading up to the special moment. When the sequels will be written though, I'm not sure.

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