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You've always been a little bit on the scrawny side; you've been like that since middle school. It's now your sophomore year in high school, and things still aren't changing...

You could take years of being picked on and being shoved around the hallways by all the jocks in your school. You could take being constantly embarrassed during gym class too, but after getting rejected by Applejack to the Fall Formal, you've finally reached your breaking point.

It's time to change. It's time for Anonymous, the 140 pound bitch-boy to be no more!

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 121 )

I think "I'm" deluded if "I" think a new set of muscles will solve all of "my" problems..... :ajbemused:

and you step outside of the school, just in time to see your mom waiting for you in his car.

Here is a typo i found

Damn, I went this over twice and didn't catch that. Thanks a bunch.

Awesome chapter, you are doing a amazing job I can't wait to read the next chapter.


You try flexing, you're barely able to see your biceps pop upwards; in fact, you don't really see any......muscle at all.

Ha ha ha :rainbowlaugh:!! This is so right it fits Me to a T.

Just gonna leave...whoops accidentally clicked the like button and follow. Welp I came this far already

Ahhh hell, why not? Sounds interesting.

Nice start.

Awasome chapter,keep it coming!:pinkiehappy:

I can understand how "I" would get to thinking this after all you kick a stray dog enough times it will bite back.

dununununununununununununun FLUTTERSHY!!

Very interesting! I will follow this story.
Crayonpaste, please, keep going.

"I" keep this up, and "I" won't stand a chance.....

He should really get a trainer to learn the basics so not to injury himself. His should at least help with that

"I swear to God, Dad..." You wheeze. "I wasn't fapp-"

ha ha ha:rainbowlaugh:

"Besides......your mother told me about how that farm girl you've had a thing for rejected you to the Fall Formal."
Wait...how did he-

This confuses me, mostly because his mother told his father what was going on... so what is he/me? confuzzled about.

I don't even know how to hold a dumbell, Dad!

Really!? :rainbowlaugh: This dude is hopeless XD

Awesome job on this, look forward to more.

Comment posted by _Dawnstar_ deleted Nov 22nd, 2016

I can relate to this story actually. Good read so far. Like!

Amazing... he's Hopeless

His dad sounds like someone I would probably dislike because would like him.

Bwwwaaaahhhaaa!! What a idiot......wait thats Me shit.

Hahahaha! What a goob.

Nicely done.

Still as hopeless as ever. "I" haven't got a prayer.

He needs to make friends with Bulk Biceps and work with him. Bulk is a friendly guy.

7743341 yea "friendly" al he say is yea


Exactly what you want in a friend when working out. Positive energy.

You always have a spotter.

Sweet, it updated. This is the only fic I actively check for updates for a while now. Don't know why. Good job.

Sore loser indeed.

He can try all he wants, but he's just not cut out for this kind of thing.

I don't know why i'm expecting him to turn out like mugshot from sly cooper.
except without... y'know... the criminal history and without the bullying.

"I can't be with someone like you." She continues. "I...I want-no, I need to be with a man, Anon. Someone doesn't have more skin and bone than muscle on him. Someone who can run a mile without lookin' like a half-beaten mule! I......"

Jeeez AJ, dig and twist the blade deeper why don't you? :pinkiegasp: Chriiiiiist. No hate at all... but fuck you Applejack, jeez.
Anon seems like a pretty nice guy, and you'd be hard pressed to find a nice guy who's built like the way you want...


Nice update.
bros before hoes Anon! :yay:

7785637 Nobody is at first. The men who win titles and accolades for physical power weren't born like that.

As to Applejack in this? Bit of a bitch.

Tsk tsk AJ. I might tell your brother and Granny you treated poor Anon that way.

Well gee wilickers that was awkward. I'd only hate for anon to put so much strive into becoming fit that he loses shy's affections as well as still not gaining Jack's.


If he doesn't wise up soon, that may very well happen.

Didn't he already get rejected by her in the beginning? Why would he ask her out again expecting a different answer?


Oh no, it was meant to be the full scene of Anon attempting to ask her out. The first chapter was just a quick glimpse of what was supposed to be the full conversation. I don't know why I did it, but it just didn't feel right to me to have the entire scene in the first chapter.

7787783 you confused me. But now that you explained what happens makes sense. So next chapter will be about what he asks her I guess

Regretting that you were such a bitch when he asked you, Applejack? Bit late for that.


Is this really the impression I'm giving off with Applejack? I'm trying to make her seem like a generally good person who just happened to reject someone who she doesn't find attractive.

I'm not 7862627, but in general, whenever X causes the sympathetic protagonist emotionally pain, people's opinions of X are stained. Then, whenever X does anything, the reader sees that action through that lens. In other words, having had no time to build up sympathy for your rendition of Applejack, we as the readers have our entire perspectives tainted by the protagonist's thoughts; thus, a girl who's intended to be decent comes off as less so.

It's a consideration you have to face. How many words can you spare and how much are you willing to spare to make her sympathetic without bogging down the story too much? Or, is it good enough as is?

Way are you writing about Me? He's exactly like Me in real life no mucels and a Love for applejack. ;)

Love this do its so good!

7862644 It's in the way she went about rejecting him. She basically as good as said she doesn't even consider him a man because he isn't stacked with muscles, which was completely unnecessary, and why I say she acted like a bitch.

Maybe she is decent overall, which could explain how she looks at him with regret and sadness as he walks away, but that doesn't change the fact that she was unnecessarily harsh when rejecting him.

Things have to go right for Anon someday..... right?:fluttershysad:


Right now, in this story, I'm not exactly pleased with Applejack and the way she went about rejecting Anon.... which is why I'll be sorely disappointed if you keep him hung up on her through the entire story, because there's not really enough to show that she is decent.

Mmmm, this isn't how I would go about things, but eh... alas. Nicely done man, nicely done.

7863018 Agreed. Frankly, if her primary criterion for a "real man" is bicep diameter, then she's a bit shallow for my liking. Anon can aim higher, and should do so post-haste.

In any case, it's early in the story as yet, so let's wait and see where/how it goes.

Why would Shining ask Applejack? Zero chemistry.

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